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Second Contact In Algeria, NORTH AFRICA

Message of Yeshua and Yahveh: “New contact in North of Africa, Argelia” Message transmitted by Cosmic Telepathy communicated to the World through RAFAEL On March 21st of 2010 Transmited at 23:30hr. Spain’s time


The following contact has taken place between human beings and beings of the Intergalactic Confederation of the Interstellar Light. Said contact has taken place in a region of North Africa, in the country of Argelia.

Soon we will give you more details. For now this information, which is being given at the same time contact is happening, will suffice.

From soja Yeshua, Planetary Prince of Urantia (Spanish -La Tierra)

(I, again ask Yeshua to clarify the conditions in which this contact is happening)


Well, this contact is taking place on this zone of north Africa, in the country of Argelia by Beings of the Intergalactic Conferation of the Interstellar Light. These Beings also come from the Contellation of Sirius, and everything is being organized by our beloved Brother Ashtar Sheran, who ultimately has put together all the details into completion for this new contact to take place.

We would say that humans have been selected for contact, and soon others would have the opportunity to participate in these encounters with the Brothers of the Stars.
The encounter is taking place on firm ground. The ships remain in space to not cause any suspicions, though the crew have descended by the ship’s light door down to firm ground where contact has taken place with the brothers of earth.

Soon this will happen again and you will be duly informed. Meanwhile, do not forget that although these messages are informing you of the contacts taking place without any news in the media, I urge you to not loose trust, since the massive encounter is being prepared to be executed in a short time.

Don’t let doubt restrain you I, your Brother Yeshua, communicate with you from The Star Ship of the Intergalactic Confederation Of The Light. I Love and Cherish you.

Thank you and blessed be all.


I AM THAT, I AM, your Eternal Father, Yahveh of Tsebaoth, in direct communication with my beloved son Rafaél of the surface of planet Earth, who is transmitting to you the encounter that is taking place which My Son Yeshua has confirmed to you.

Cheer up and go on. Because all is happening as planned. Do not be afraid and do not doubt. These contacts are in readiness for what is coming forth, which has been already announced by many, before being transmitted by this channel via Universal Cosmic Telepathy .

I, Your Beloved Eternal Father Yahveh, Love , and Hold You Dear, in direct communication with my beloved son Rafaél who’s contribution I appreciate enormeously with all My Heart for all he is doing for Me, for my children of Earth and for his service to The Divine Plan which I have programmed.
Thank you and blessed be all.


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