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Sananda: A Time of Great Release

Beloved Lightworkers,

I come to speak with you this day about the reconnection of the Great Crystals which have been lying dormant within the Earth awaiting the exact timing to be re-ignited. This has occurred and heralds the beginning of the Great Awakening of the sleeping masses of Humanity. This will bring many to your websites and your daily lives for they will be seeking to discover the truth about themselves and their purpose here on Earth. While the Awakening is occurring, it will be done in waves, spreading across the surface of the Earth and along with the Awakening will come a tsunami of Love energy that will impact everyone and everything upon the Planet.

The energy of Love is a very powerful force and there will be no place left within each Soul that can longer hide that which has remained hidden and the truth will begin to surface within each mind and heart. It will be a time of great release of the pent up emotions that have been suppressed for too long and since most of you have already been undergoing this process and are almost through this, it will fall upon you to lend a stabilizing hand wherever you see the need. Be alert and aware to those around you who are stirring into wakefulness and know that this is now your time to be of greater Service to the Light. Hold fast and ground into the Earth and radiate your Love and peace outwards each day as this will assist with the recalibration process.

Events now will transpire with rapidity and life will take on a surreal element as many changes take place in every corner of the Earth you live upon. The Earth is changing minute by minute and soon this will become more and more apparent to all. It is a wondrous time to be on Earth and in the forefront of the Great Awakening. Hold to your highest visions for peace and goodwill, harmony and abundance for all to anchor into the Earth, as it is your Light upon the Earth that is needed at this time. Gather together in your groups and send out daily great waves of Love radiating outwards and visualize this energy entering into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child upon the Planet. See everyone feeling joy and happiness, for these are the higher frequency emotions that uplift the vibratory frequency of the Planet itself.

Be open to many scenarios taking place within your own lives that may seem to come out of nowhere and take you by surprise. Know that these are the final stages of the completion of your individual contracts and agreements and that it does not necessarily mean the end of a relationship that is in completion, it merely means that a certain aspect of it has now run its course and that there can be new beginnings for you with the same person if there are mutual feelings of Love between you. All personal relationships are now being tested and tried because of the higher vibrations of Love that are now entering the atmosphere and all that no longer serves that which your Souls have chosen to experience at this time is being recalibrated in the same way as the Earth.

The most important thing to remember is that you are Love personified and that you walk the Earth as a blessing to all. Radiate that Love to all around you and send your blessings forth. You are the Ambassadors, the Light Emissaries and your time is now to anchor this great Love into the Earth so that all may Awaken and remember the Light that they are. Be the steady pillar of Light and have faith that you will all come through these days into the new way of life that has been destined for eons of time. All is well and we sincerely and humbly thank each of you for the role that you have been and are now playing as events begin to unfold. You are each honored and revered for your dedication to Service in the Light. We send blessings.

I AM Sananda

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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