You are a magical child in a magical universe. And when you reach out and touch someone with Love that is magic. May the magic and joy of your true essence fill the world with Love, that it may reach beyond time to touch forever. We Are One with the light.

Partnering With Your Divine Self

What is the Higher Self?
Candice Creelman

When we talk about our Higher Self, it tends to conjure up all kinds of images of some kind of angelic, mystical being located in some far away place. Though there is a small amount of truth to that image, the Higher Self is a lot more physical and most importantly, local than most people tend to imagine. It is true that there is an aspect of us that does exist beyond our physicality. This is the unseen part that helps to get us to where we need to be – the part that is a manifestation God / Goddess / All That Is. She acts as a guide, counselor, best friend, parent, and many other aspects depending on what we need at any given moment.

What most people don’t realize is that there is also a very physical component to this higher part of us. Our physical self, which includes our life situation, relationships, and so on, is the outward reflection of what is going on at a higher level, that is filtered through our egos.

What I mean by that is, our Higher Self will communicate with us in various ways: through intuition, hunches, sudden unexpected life changes, etc. We may or may not choose to listen or act on those communications. But in essence, it is our physical self that is the “receiver” of these messages, just like a fax machine or a telephone. If one chooses to receive and follow that guidance, the potential is that one would become the physical manifestation of his or her Divine Self. If not, then the opposite is true to the varying degree at which one chooses to accept and follow the divine guidance brought through from the Higher Self. And because our Divine or Higher Self is an infinite being, our own potential is also infinite.

Besides someone who acts as a guide for us, who is this Higher Self? What is her function and what does that have to do with us, in our day-to-day experience?

In order to understand her function, it is important to know one very important concept. Every single one of us has a blueprint, a kind of “divine template” that holds a tremendous amount of information. This blueprint exists in every single atom of our beings, physical and energetic. The amount of information that this blueprint carries is phenomenal, covering every aspect of who we are, what we are doing here, every lifetime we’ve ever experienced, as well as all “potentialities” of what we are meant to become.

The main function of our Higher Self is to help us gain access to the information that resides within this blueprint. In essence, she is that blueprint personified. Any answer to any question we could ever have, could be answered by her. Every problem can be solved and every obstacle can be overcome. She is our inner voice, spirit guide, best friend, mother, father, tour guide, entertainment director, and so much more, all rolled into to one very magnificent Divining Angel. She is not only part of us; she is us at the core of our being. We only need to become aware of her and ask for assistance. She is waiting for us to call upon her and will never leave us.

Communicating With Your Higher Self

We can all learn to have a very real and physical communication with our Higher Selves. The process is not as difficult as one would think, it just takes a little bit of practice and patience. When we develop a two-way communication with our Higher Selves, we can learn to follow this guidance so that we can live to our fullest potential.

We’ve all experience hunches, or gut feelings that seemingly come from out of the blue, telling us something that doesn’t always appear to be logical. We’ve all experienced moments when we choose to follow that guidance, even if it didn’t make any sense, only to find out, there was a reason why we were guided in that direction. This is our Higher Self talking. These knowings that we receive aren’t coming from nowhere, they are coming directly from the part of ourselves that is in Spirit who can see the full picture even when we cannot. If we could learn to tap into that knowing part, we would be able to bypass many difficult lessons and the flow of our life would be much freer and fluid than otherwise possible.

I’ll share with you a personal experience of what I’m talking about. My partner and I were looking for a new place to live. We began the process in the usual way; looking through newspapers, online listings, etc. We spent a lot of time and energy making phone calls, driving to potential new homes, talking to potential landlords, all to no real avail. Nothing that we saw would really suit our needs and wants. After several weeks of frustration, we made a conscious choice to be divinely guided.

One day, I suggested that we should just start driving around the area where we wanted to live, and if one of us got an intuitive hit to turn down a particular street then we would follow that.

Within a few hours or less we had found four apartments that would have suited what we were looking for. Finally, I had a hunch to turn right. After driving a block or two, we finally came across two duplexes that had For Rent signs out in front. We wrote down the phone numbers for both, but the second one felt like it was “the one.” We were looking for a place that had a “healing vibe” to it because we are both practitioners of energy work. Even from the outside, this house had this energy, and we were excited. We knew from that moment, that this was the place.

About an hour later the landlord called us back. We went to check the place out and it was perfect! We knew from the moment we walked in, that this was the place we were looking for. We gave our new landlords a deposit, signed the lease, and went on our merry way. Three weeks later we took possession and started creating our healing space, and have been happy with our new home ever since.

Following Divine Guidance

When we first were looking for a new home, we just did the typical things that people do when looking for a place to live, and it didn’t work. We spent weeks of looking and getting frustrated by the process. As soon as we consciously decided to follow divine guidance, we found a place in literally a few hours. To top it off, we not only found our new home quickly, but it was a very enjoyable experience in the process as well and completely stress-free.

This is what can be accomplished when you partner with your Divine self and trust that it will guide you to where you need to be. The benefits of developing a conscious communication with your Higher Self is not only useful, but absolutely necessary if we are to even come close to becoming the glorious being that we are all meant to embody. This is the goal of every soul incarnate and nothing less.

Once we accomplish this we can begin to live as we were meant to: As spiritual beings, having a human experience. We can then live our fullest and grandest expressions of ourselves anytime we choose and learn to manifest our reality simply by choosing our experiences. We can develop our true gifts and find fulfillment beyond our imagination. The only way to achieve this is to get to know and accept ourselves for what we truly are. This takes time, patience and diligence. It is not something that is just handed to us. We must make the choice and do the work and heal the parts of ourselves that believe us to be limited and small. This is not always an easy process, but is the most rewarding one that any of us could have, and it is the reason we are all here. This is what enlightenment means.


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