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March Channelling – The Cosmic Heart Speaks

Cosmic Heart Speaks
through Sarupa Shah

A collection of energy coming together that beats a pulse of love through the Cosmic Heart.

It is I who speaks at this time. For so long now we have been associated with the energy of love, from the cosmic sublime and divine to the romantic and joyous. It was thought that the love angels originated from me heart and that dear ones is true. But it is not a lesson in angels that I am here to give or to share about.

It is about what is occurring for you in your world right now. For my collective being is being connected to your earthly grid, and connecting with the Mother Earth frequency as there is a union occurring that has been unfolding for sometimes. It is what has been creating the new earth energy, the new frequencies which have encouraged and made possible many new connections and many new cosmic occurrences. It is that these new frequencies are travelling from a far allowing new and renewed connections to be formed, imagine it like a legion of angels, of cosmic beings, of masters of light and other assistants traversing down the beams of light that are breaking from the earth’s heart to me and from me to the earth heart. It is such a glorious sight to see and be witness to.

So it has been 3 months of this earthly year and much has been put into place. I assure you that everything is working to timetable, because you need to know and need to hear that there is nothing out of place and or as it shouldn’t be from a Divine perspective. The journey has been forging forward and it has been a powerful start to what you call so lovingly New Earth. I speak with the authority that is bestowed upon me, I speak with knowledge that you cannot yet see.

I come because I can and because I am here to reassure and guide you. There is enough of the new earth connection and energy for it to gather a momentum of its own. So if you have been feeling like you are steering a ship in high seas it is because that has what the Earth has been experiencing. She has been rebalancing, harmonising, adjusting. It has been a delicate operation that has been overseen by many including myself. You see the planet cannot topple or tipple, the balance has to be observed and maintained at all times. Even the tiniest imbalance, a fleck of dust be it even a cosmic fleck would not do. It is harmony above all other things.

The harmony became possible when the Earth had her heart opened, when her Golden Angels reappeared, when her grid lines were reconnected. A process many of you observed and participated in over the years that have been.

This dear ones has made my connection possible, because yes, I am the voice of the Celestial Heart. I am the energy of pure Divine Love, as Mother Earth is the energy of earth. I am here part as a collective to bring forth teaching and to act as overseer of planetary growth. You see heaven and earth have collided in the most beautiful way, there is no separation. The energy is set to expand and continue to unfold while enveloping each one of you that steps up. There is no question about that, no doubt in the frequency around you.

The struggle is over and that illusion has gone and that is my first teaching to you. Hear the words of joy dear ones, the time that you have been searching for over lifetimes, and most within this, has come. There are no caveats to this, no ifs and no musts. There are simply choices that only you can make, decisions that you can move into or move away from. It is a question of placing trust in the process, trust in your own feeling and sense of direction.

You see there are many more streams of energy that are going to be revealed each being an attunement of the Earth Mother, requiring the same focus on maintaining her harmony.

The time you see of the Earth Mother reflecting your action has evolved, she has become her own. She has been given the life that was hers as she has done her service and now it is time for her growth.

So how about you, what are you to do? We can hear that question over and over ringing through your being. Open your heart and then open your heart again. The disconnect from the heart to the lower energy centres has been repaired in the Earth Mother and you can experience the same. You see she can now lead you as a Mother would.

Simple ways are to create with love and for love. Do not create for fame, for money, for other accolade; create for love and with love. If you are not feeling the energy of love in all that you do, stop and make your adjustment and rebalance the activity to be in the name of love. Love you see has stood the test of time; it has not faltered or been hidden or forgotten. Misunderstood, yes. But the heart centre is where it is at; this is where you hold the keys to your own ascension and transformation. This is the path of bliss, the journey to love your gateway to your own heavenly transformation.

Love was the question and love was the answer. This is our mantra we share with you. When you feel lost, without direction, without purpose, when you are questioning your way forward, know that you were asking about love and the answer was love.

Here we have our first conscious connection and it has been an honour to love you at this time. There are beautiful occurrences on their way, being created like puffs of smoke mixed with cosmic infusions. Yes, it is the language of love, of mystery, of excitement, play, of freedom, liberation, joy and bliss that you walk towards.

This is the time of your heart initiation, the time for a remembrance of love and of the truth of you be. This is the time that the True Self can make a significant stride forward. Divine energy is abundant; your assistance is here open your heart and follow the path of love as it leads you to your growth. Uncharted territory, undiscovered joy, it is an adventure, the story of you.

Clear mind, clear heart, clear path, be that your motto until the next time we connect. I am the energy of love, the cosmic gateway to Divine Love; I bring together the flames of Divinity, the Mother and the Father, Mary and Jeshua, the feminine and male, all in the name of love and in memory of you.

I am beating my heart for you.

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