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God Has Shared His Power With His Son

Full consciousness — humanity’s divine destiny — is that state of wonder and joy which comes from experiencing your Oneness with your divine Father. His Love for you is eternal and boundless because you are His children, created perfectly in His likeness, and consequently, you reflect back to Him in every moment the glory that He is. We — all sentient beings — are eternally and inseparably One with Him.

Humanity — God’s beloved Son — chose, at the dawn of time so many eons ago, to play an imaginary and painful game of separation from Him. It was an insane momentary thought, which had great power — because God had shared His power with His Son. And so the illusion was made, and God’s Son seemingly split into innumerable, independent beings, which is why that is how you experience yourselves within the illusion. This impression of separation that you have created, which feels like total abandonment by your Father, could never happen. It leaves you feeling tiny, insignificant, and helpless. If you were truly as you imagine yourselves to be, you would indeed be utterly insignificant in the vast illusion where you appear to have your existence. But you are not as you imagine yourselves to be! You are God’s perfect, divine creation — of infinite beauty and excellence, eternal and incorruptible — like your Father.

Your belief in the reality of the illusion is all that maintains it. When you cease to believe in it — as is your intent and God’s Will for you — it will fade back into the nothingness from which you made it, taking with it all the pain and suffering that it contains. Truly there is no “real” happiness, permanence, or beauty of any kind in the illusion. In fact, it contains nothing at all, and when you awaken from your nightmare it will be gone.

God created you to experience eternal happiness and joy because He is your loving Father, willing only the best for you in every moment. Your choice to depart from that state into your miserable and depressing pain-filled illusory environment was insane. The seeming immensity of time you have spent in it is drawing to a close; and as time and the illusion are inextricably linked, when one dissolves so will the other. Time is running out. It has served its purpose of showing you the inadequacies of the illusion, and when it has done so, you will experience once more the wonder that is God. He is the Reality in which your eternal existence is always occurring, uninterruptedly.

Your Oneness with your heavenly Father in infinite joy can never be — and never has been — broken, taken from you, removed. Its constancy is everlasting, and your experience to the contrary is but a momentary, imaginary blip that could never occur.

Rejoice in the knowledge that you remain forever in the loving Presence of your divine Father where no ill can befall you, and that you will awaken from what seems to you to be an endless succession of horrible events. All — truly — is well. You can come to no harm, and what appears to be your reality of pain and suffering can only dissolve into the nothingness from which it seems to have been created.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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