You have been created for great things. You have not been created to just pass through this life without aim.

— Mother Teresa


Opportunities for growth.
When we release the past and let go of fears of the future, we come to see that everyone is our teacher and that every circumstance is an opportunity for growth in happiness, peace and understanding.

History lesson.
My reality is more about my history than what you are saying or doing. As I observe it, your reality is more about you and your history than it is about anything I am doing or saying. When I observe an event, what meaning I give to it, what feelings I generate and what I do about it, is about me and my history.

An awareness of past programming.
As you grow in awareness, you’ll be able to watch your ego-mind trigger your own addictive programs, but you will no longer identify yourself with them. You will be able to identify them as programs that were put into your mind sometime in the past.

Insightful awareness.
With growing awareness you’ll gain insights into distinguishing between a person and their programming, disliking their behavior perhaps, but still accepting them as an evolving human being.

Letting go.
Once your analytical mind lets go of an issue, your internal wisdom has a chance to take over. Your thinking is freed and can start to evolve into higher awareness.

Awareness brings change, but the change need not be only about what you’ve learned, it can also be about what you’ve let go . . . limitation.

Harmonious future.
Living your life in growing awareness is creating a future filled with direction, intention and harmony.

Awareness of the lesson.
The moment the true cause of any imbalance or problem is recognized and faced, the symptom has served its function and ceases to be.

Crisis awareness.
Awareness first enters into an unaware personality through the experience of a crisis. The awakening of the personality to the potential of the higher self sometimes requires the loss of a mate, the death of a child or the collapse of a business, or any other situation that renders the individual powerless.

Be aware of the difference.
Be aware that love is of the soul, fear is of the ego-personality.

Doorways to awareness.
The pains you suffer, the loneliness you may encounter, the experiences that are disappointing or distressing, the addictions and perceived pitfalls in your life are each doorways to awareness.
Within each experience of pain or negativity is the opportunity to challenge the perception that lies behind it, the fear that lies behind it, and to choose to learn with wisdom. When fear ceases to scare you it cannot stay. When you choose to learn through wisdom, to evolve consciously, your fears surface one at a time in order for you to exorcise them with greater awareness. That’s how it happens. You exorcise your fears — your own “inner demons.”

A matter of choice.
A reaction is automatic. It draws upon fixed beliefs and expectations, images of past pain and pleasure residing in memory, waiting to guide you in future situations. If you were bitten by a big dog as a child, seeing a big dog today will make you draw away. Memory has reminded you, in a fraction of a second, that your reaction to big dogs should be fear. Overcoming this or any reaction requires an act of awareness. Awareness doesn’t resist the imprint of memory — it goes into it and questions whether you need it now. When faced by the big dog, awareness tells you that you are not a small child any longer, and that not all big dogs bite. Being aware of this, you can ask if you need to hold on to fear. Whether you wind up patting the dog, ignoring it or withdrawing is now a matter of preferential choice.
Reactions result in a closed set of options; awareness results in an open set of options.

Turn around . . . look at you.
Others are others and you are you. Focus on uplifting your own awareness of self, and yours alone. Polish your own character. Heighten your own spirit. Foster your powers of observation. Until now, you have been focusing your thoughts, energy and sensitivity on other people’s unsatisfactory traits. Turn your focus around 180 degrees and observe yourself. You need not concern yourself with the perceived rights and wrongs of other people. You must awaken to your own identity — your own truth.

Good intentions.
People easily see their own good intentions, but have difficulty seeing the good intentions of others. You achieve trust, by realizing that, like yourself, other people mean well.

What you are, and what you are not.
You are not your body, you possess your body. You are not your mind, you think thoughts with your mind. You are the consciousness that created the thoughts. When you become aware of that consciousness, you become aware of your true self.

Hope is wishing . . . faith is knowing.
Hope is a pessimist looking at things optimistically. Hope is a wish for something better. Those who seek to better their lives through hope seldom witness any improvements. Hope is wishing. Faith is knowing. We are sure of the physical things we see, feel, hear, smell and taste. However, we have less faith in the reality of the power of mind and the forces of spiritual existence because they do not register within our sensory range. We hope they exist and timidly experiment with them, but because they do not fit into the same patterns of reality of the physical world, ego quickly suggests we abandon them when our first tentative attempts at understanding end in disappointment.

All is One.
One mind, one spirit, one Self pervades the universe, and its purpose is to know Itself. It is primal stuff, the first cause of all things, and is constantly engaged in a work of expanding consciousness.
Neither space nor time exist within it, for it is infinite. Nor does it adhere to any form, for it is all form. It is forever becoming things, and becomes all things; and each form it creates is an expression of its knowledge of itself. It is the eternal Now, which is all times, past, present and future.
It’s one place which is all places and anyplace.
It is invisible. It is spirit. It is intelligence. It is mind. It is love. It is All That Is — it is God.
Incarnating into form, it becomes that form. It is this in man which is immortal — not the body, not the ego, not the personality, but the Self. He who strives to attain awareness of the Self, attains to power.

Let things be.
Higher awareness sees an event as it is and lets it be.
Lower mind sees an event and colors it with the perceptions and interpretations of the ego.

Evolutionary awareness.
Each individual is at a certain evolutionary point of consciousness. Consciousness is an awareness of the truth of yourself or of life. However, because consciousness or truth cannot really vary or have degrees, it is more accurate to say each individual is at a certain evolutionary stage of being less ignorant and less unconscious.

A growing awareness.
Through a renewing of your mind and its attitudes, you will begin to understand that everything that happens to you, no matter how horrendous it seems to you at the time, can be turned into a positive learning experience.


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