Life is intended to be an eternal experience of infinite joy.

— Saul

Love, Heartbeat, Connection to Earth

Ah yes, my friends, I am here. It is Archangel Metatron once again. I’m so pleased that you are here connecting now. I remind you that from within your open heart, you are able to connect with me fully. You are now surrounded in a vortex of unconditional love energy. Feel this from within your heart, as your energy is lifted. Your frequency is expanding now, and this all happens from within your open heart. Know that you are able to access the energy of your higher self and the energy of Archangels, your guides and your angels, all from within your heart.

Your heart, yes, is an amazing organ but it is more than that. It contains consciousness and intelligence. For too long now, your species has become disconnected with following the guidance of the heart. Thinking that the mind is able to lead, that the mind will show you and tell you what you need to do is an outdated belief. While the mind once served you greatly, and still can on occasions, for the majority it is now leading you astray. Your mind, as a collective, is stuck in thoughts of fear, lack, and scarcity. These are things that you are ready, and wanting to move beyond… and to release, but it is challenging when your ego is constantly bringing you back to them.

Shifting into your heart and living your reality, your daily life from within your heart, and following the guidance of your heart, is your next step in your evolution. As a human being, humanity, is being asked to evolve at this time. This is something that has been predetermined, and each of you has chosen to be on earth at this time to take part in this, to be a part of this great shift. The shift is called by many different names. Many prophecies, and calendars and people are talking about this great shift that is happening. Your planet is changing, and you can see evidence of this in the earth changes that are happening. The weather patterns that are altered. The natural disasters. Mother Earth is cleansing herself, purging that which is no longer serving her. This is necessary and it has been forecasted. You chose to be a part of it, and in many ways she is modeling the process you too are currently undergoing.

I want to get back to your focusing on your heart, for your heart will be able to help you to navigate through these changing times. Take a moment now to connect with your heartbeat. And now if you need to take your pulse, do this. Feel your heart beating inside of you. This rhythm, this beating heart, allows you to keep living, without any thought on your part.

Your earth also has a heartbeat. This is proven scientifically, and I will say now that your heartbeat is connected to the heartbeat of earth. You’re very connected to your earth. This is why if you go for periods of time without connecting to nature, you start feeling bad… because this connection is truly, truly important for your well being, and for your health. Heart health, yes, but your entire being as well. Emotionally, energetically, and physically you are connected to Earth.

So when you are in nature, when you are closely connected to the pulse of nature, the rhythm of Mother Earth and of the universe, you are in a state of balance. And this feels good to you. When you get into the hustle and bustle of daily life… in routine, monotonous jobs, in a place where you feel as though you must use your logical mind and act from your ego, you are out of this state of balance.

There are simple things you can do to return to balance. Going into nature and connecting to this pulse of the universe in its natural setting, is very powerful. If you are unable to do this, due to your location, or other reasons, your mind may be feeding you – there is an alternative, though, connecting directly with nature cannot be replaced, make time for it. Make it a priority. Even if it is just standing in a patch of earth, and visualizing yourself being grounded into the earth, connect in this way. It’s powerful. It helps you in more ways than you are aware of. But even within your house, indoors or in your office, or in your car… you are able to connect with this heartbeat, to this pulse of Earth. You do this by focusing on your heart as you are now. Opening your heart, and feeling your gratitude for your planet, for earth. Reach out from your heart and send love to the earth. With your intention, this connects you.

You live in a world of duality and of opposites, contrast, lessons and challenging experiences. But remember, you are one with earth. You are one with all that is. It is from within your heart that you are able to realize this connection. No matter race or religion, or belief systems… it doesn’t matter. You and every other human being and even every animal, originated from the same source, the same spirit. It is from within your open heart that you are connected to this oneness.

Choosing to live your life with an open heart is not the easy path by any means. But it is the path of mastery. Abundance, joy and peace in your world and your life are possible with your open heart. The path to success in any of these areas is love. Powerful emotion and feeling. I urge you to get more connected. Feel it on a deeper level, you are connected to all that is.

Your language has one word for this love. Though there are million of ways to express it, share it, even feel it. This next week, truly take on the challenge of responding to every encounter and every situation with love, with yourself, with your dealings with others. Notice the different forms love can take.

You are surrounded now with my love. And your own angel and guides are with you. You are becoming more aware of their presence. Know that as you continue to choose love, this awareness and connection will increase even more. Do you want to clearly hear the messages from your guides and from your higher self? Love is the path that leads you there.

Do you want to have more abundance in your life, more prosperity? Love is the path that leads you there. Do you want to experience a healthy body, a joyful life, fulfilling relationships? Yes, you already know the answer. It’s love that leads you there.

In this very moment… right now, affirm to yourself; “I act with love”. With this affirmation, you are lifted. Your vibration is raised to the frequency of the fifth dimension, the realm of unconditional love. The realm that your species is moving towards inhabiting always. I am happy to assist you, whenever you ask, by lifting you into this place. You may also find your way here on your own from within your open heart. Just intend it. Remember your thoughts create. And with the quickening of time in your world, you are moving towards instant manifestation. In some areas, this is already happening. This is the case in experiencing the higher realms…simply place the intention, and so you are here.

Notice now, a web of light beams beginning to form around you. We are sending these beams towards your auric body to repair. Patching your aura and repairing any places where it has been damaged from cell phones, computer rays, airplanes… all of these things.

Light rays are surrounding you, rebuilding your auric body for health, and for your evolution. Feel this or see this. For just to know whatever works for you, it will be OK. Your aura is being healed, with light and your light body is being built. With this, we now return focus to your heart. As you are lowered down back into your physical body, connect again with your heartbeat. Recognizing its tie to the earth. Take a moment to express your gratitude to earth. And now as you come back into your physical body, allow yourself to feel your body, your amazing vessel, and give thanks for you. In your choosing love this week, remember that to truly love another, self love is the prerequisite.

Do all that you can to love yourself. Love your body. Love your heart. And as you do this, you are able to love your world. Love is able to bring great change. It is bringing great change as you choose love, you motivate another to choose love.

Remember this, choose this. Know that you are supported by your angels and guides, and by me, Archangel Metatron. I leave you now in one sense, but remember, I am but a thought away. I love you, good bye for now.

© Melanie Beckler

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