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You Are Spiritual Beings Who Are Continually Learning About Duality.

We are at the stage when the picture is becoming clearer where your immediate future is concerned. Many actions are reaching a conclusion, and with your support we are progressing very well. The whole issue is completely bound up in creating all of the conditions needed to ensure completion; it means Ascension that is an ongoing process. The consciousness levels on Earth continue to expand and the Light is also increasing exponentially. All in all, the time approaches when a series of changes can start, and once its purpose is understood Man will be more than willing to take part in it. Since we offer solutions to long existing problems, and our objectives will be clearly explained we expect very few signs of dissension amongst you. Naturally it will still be too much for some to grasp, but we shall be making many announcements to clarify our actions. The beauty of our plan is that with our advanced technologies, we can quickly take action so that the inconvenience to you is minimal. We simply have immense support and equipment to carry out our tasks.

We welcome your attention and efforts to see our craft, as by intention we have progressively increased the number of sightings within your atmosphere. Our very large Motherships keep well outside of it, as they would cause some disruption because of their size. We are busy maintaining a level of observation that ensures your security, as the dark Ones still plot actions against you and indeed also us. We also continue with our program to minimize the effects of pollution both on and off Earth. This is something we have been involved in ever since the first experiments with nuclear devices. A considerable amount of our time has been cleansing your atmosphere of radioactive fallouts, and in more recent times the chemtrails. We have always kept watch on Mother Earth and her human population, and where allowed have often limited the effects of earthquakes. As you should know by now we only go as far as the higher Councils authorize us, and we would not do anything that could be seen as interference. You have created your reality, and it is not our place to prevent you experiencing the consequences.

You are spiritual Beings who are continually learning about duality, and when you become enlightened you can take a new viewpoint that leads to a greater understanding. Your aim is to exist in physicality and have such an understanding, that you can transmute the lower energies and lift the vibrations. It is all part of your evolution, and by being able to carry out such work you are assisting the whole of Mankind. Eventually you will reach a point where you can exist on Earth, and be totally centered and focused so that nothing outside has any adverse affect upon you. Your consciousness will exist in a higher dimension and you will have a link with your Higher Self. You become a Lightworker upon Earth, and your help is most important to the upliftment of your civilization.

What is most pleasing about those who have found the Light, is that they do not have any ego that tries to place them on a pedestal. It is a fact the when you become enlightened by the truth, it becomes almost a personal discovery that you keep to yourself. However, in understanding your position in being able to help others, it is given where it is requested. It is never the way of those who have such strong beliefs, that they are prepared to force their opinions upon others. Yet in days past people were put to death for holding opinions that were not in accordance with the State religion. It still happens today, but on a much reduced scale than previously. When enlightened it becomes clear that no one on Earth knows it all, and it is spiritually correct to allow souls to follow their chosen path. Everyone will eventually reach an advanced level of understanding, and be naturally drawn to those souls that are of a similar vibration.

Loneliness is not something that Lightworkers normally experience, even if they are in the minority amongst family and friends. Serving others is a great joy and brings happiness, as you share your love with all you meet. That alone is sufficient reward and by the time you are ready to return to the higher levels, you will have no doubt that you have led a very satisfying useful life. Many in older age look back and feel that they have lost out somewhere, and have unfulfilled dreams. However, there is never a wasted life as you will almost certainly have followed your pre-life plan. Often what happens is that you come into a new life, with strong memories of recent ones where you had enjoyable experiences. The memories are near the surface and you yearn for more, but the problem is that your life plan has not included for such opportunities to be repeated. There is as a little repetition as possible, in the interests of pushing your evolution forward. Of course there are exceptions, but these mostly occur where a previous lesson has not been fully learnt.

Life is not meant to be a random experience and where someone appears to have little in the way of challenges, it may for example be one that gives them a break. You need a restful one at times, yet it will still prove beneficial and the opportunity is not lost to find some spiritual gain. An idyllic life may be one where you spend a lot of time away from the cities and all of the activity, to be next to Mother Earth in the countryside. There is much to be learnt from mixing with the nature energies and elementals. They too evolve as indeed all life does, but they tend to be invisible to your eye and their contribution to Earth is often overlooked. However, as the vibrations lift even further, they will be seen more easily and happy to communicate with you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have traveled far and wide, and you too will do the same when you have the freedom of the Galaxy that is coming to you as ascended Beings. You will travel to other systems where life forms are astonishingly different to your own. The thought of it may at present be daunting, but remember that all life comes from the Source. Therefore you can relate to any form at its spiritual level, regardless of the outer appearance. Also Love is a Universal energy that you will register wherever you go, and in the ultimate that is All There Is. Love is the energy that we share with you quite freely, and it bonds us together in the Oneness of All Life.

Thank you SaLuSa,
© Mike Quinsey.


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