Hate is toxic to your body, it destroys all beauty & goodness! Heal & eradicate Hate with the cleansing antisepic of Love!

— The God Light


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I AM the mother of your Heart
and the father of your Mind.

I AM the presence of Light for which
you have hungered your entire incarnation.

I AM the Hope you seek
and the Promise you fear.

I AM the Perfection which is calling
and the Caution which holds you still.

I AM your fingers, your toes
your breath and your heart.

I AM all that you have ever been
and all they you shall ever be.

I AM that I AM and
I AM now entering your Body.

Welcome me as a mother
welcomes her first born.

Embrace me as a lover
who has been away and just returned.

Hold my thoughts ever in your Mind
and my emotions ever in your Heart.

Know me ~ as I AM you.
Love me ~ as I have always loved you.

Yes, I AM the One,
the One whom you have always sought.

I AM in you, over you
around you, and through you.

I AM that I AM and I AM
Your SOUL.

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