Your Life Is Being Changed, Right Now…

Greetings to all. This is Androlonos.

Many of you are feeling intense vibrations within your being. This includes the mind AND body (the physical one). As your consciousness expands from the individual ego, to planetary, to galactic, to cosmic, you are each attuning to higher and higher vibrations that inherently bring forth alignments in all bodies that resonate with each level.

The cosmic higher dimensional continuously upgrading energies being in-ported into the planetary population, brings with it “pushes” to open to the higher awareness. These “pushes” may come at different rates and with different intensities individually, and they may come in one at a time or in bunches, all at once. The latter [“bunches” or “all at once”] is currently the main process.

Cascades of changes within each of your bodies from this life cycle, plus all previous life cycles you all have experienced on this planet, are occurring. And these cascades are from “top down”, from the higher dimensions down to the physical. All aspects of your so-called physical body hologram are aligning with these higher frequencies, so that in the physical body hologram, the alignments “push” into each cell, each molecule, each atom. This naturally upgrades the system of every being on this planet, whether comprehended individually or not.

Physical discomforts often intense sometimes seemingly unbearably painful are occurring. Be not surprised if every single “part” of the body experiences some discomfort, especially during the next 7 days.

Another piece of this is that most who read this are assisting ALL of the planetary population to awaken to, and clear, any hidden incongruities in any parts of individual and group consciousness that are not in harmony with the frequency increases (ascension) that are ongoing. And these are intensifying moment by moment.

You may thus be experiencing “pains” that are not your own, but rather the pains or discomforts that are being experienced throughout the planet, or in individual regions of the planet.

We encourage each of you to go with this flow, and be aware that each discomfort felt, in any body (can include mental, emotional, or indefinable), is a part of clearing and assisting this planet in its ascension process.

Clearing is also occurring through ALL previous time-lines, that is, all “past lifetimes”, which in reality are now non-existent and completely irrelevant to ascension EXCEPT as they are continued (hidden) in individual minds. ALL TIME-LINES-LIFETIMES ARE BEING EXPOSED, PURGED, AND CLEANSED NOW. This must be done prior to the upcoming equinox of March 20, 2010.

There is currently only one time-line operative, and that is the “ascension of the planet as a whole” time-line. All else is being “shaken” off. People, places, ideas, things, concepts, are all leaving now. Rapidly.

Much of this comes prior to March 20, 2010, equinox so the balance may be tipped over into “downhill” mode at the equinox moment. Timing is “critical”.

So all that arises within, allow it to occur, allow it to “be” present with you, do not resit, but rather follow the lead, and allow all blockages and in-harmonics to clear. Be an observer, but not a “judge”. The concepts of “good/bad”, “right/wrong”, “healthy/unhealthy” do not apply, nor did they ever.

We are grateful for your participation in this preparation for the planetary party. The dance floor is being swept and cleaned. The dance is about to begin. Be in joy. Be in your passion.

With deepest gratitude, I am Androlonos.

Source: Andromeda Command of Androlonos

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