You were infused with unlimited potential.

You Are Immortal Beings Of Infinite Perfection

God’s love for you, for all His children, is infinite, continuous, eternal. You will awaken from your terrible illusion into the brilliant light of eternal day. You do know deep within yourselves that this is the Truth, because that knowledge was placed there by your heavenly Father and will never be lost. You are One with Him and can, therefore, never be separated from Him; you have merely chosen to remain unaware of this. Yes, it truly is a choice you make in every moment during your human life in your illusory reality — and you will stop making this choice. When you do, the illusion, which has never existed, will be gone.

What you are seeking — the eternal Love of your divine Father — you already have and can never lose. Although it seems that you do not have it, or are unworthy of it, this is not the case. That is the illusion — namely, that you have to seek and earn your Father’s Love. In the illusion you are constantly judging and finding fault, and so you assume that your Father does the same on an infinitely larger scale. But of course He does not; He could not, because He is infinite, unconditional Love. He will never forgive you because there is absolutely nothing you have ever done, or could do, that requires His forgiveness. He created you perfect, and you remain perfect, eternally. Consequently, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — you can do either to offend Him or to make yourselves worthy of His Love. If there were, it would mean that you are less than perfect, and that is impossible.

In your illusory reality, where there appear to be vast oceans of sin and uncountable multitudes of sinners, you keep immersing yourselves in doubt and fear, and then you attack, betray, and deceive one another in a meaningless struggle against death. You cannot die — you are immortal beings of infinite perfection, and yet you continue to hide this knowledge from yourselves as you project your fears and see them reflected back to you from every direction

You have unlimited assistance from those in the spiritual realms — saints, angels, and guides — and from the many enlightened teachers and guides who have chosen to come into the illusion as humans to help you. You are not abandoned or lost, but you are choosing to wallow in unreal sensations or moods that try to persuade you that you are. You know that moods do pass when you don’t hold onto them but allow them to pass on naturally. You can be feeling down, and then some unexpected and uplifting event occurs, and your mood changes dramatically for the better.

Focus on what you have — the divine gift of life — and engage with it fully. It is the flame burning eternally within you — and listen to those loving ones who are with you always to help you awaken. Let go of the illusory distractions that attempt to convince you that life is an unending series of personal and planetary setbacks and disasters. They lower your energy signature and encourage you to engage further with those distractions, until you almost succeed in convincing yourselves that the illusion is real.

It is not. And you will never totally succeed in convincing yourselves that it is; nevertheless, you can keep re-engaging with it, playing with it, and focusing your attention on it, almost undividedly. It is rather like watching a horror movie, a war movie, or the news, and becoming emotionally involved with what is going on. It is exhausting and unsettling, and after you have ceased to watch, it can take a considerable time to shake off the negative energy or mood that you absorbed while watching. And if it really captured your attention you may find yourselves recalling or replaying parts of it in your mind, and sinking back into the same dismal mood.

You need to let go, to move away from those distractions, and to make a firm intent to focus on the beauty and wonder in your lives. They are always there — it is just that you often pay them no attention. So start to do so. Make a point of seeing the beauty and wonder; drink them in thirstily, enthusiastically. As you make a point of doing so more and more of the time, your ability to focus there will strengthen and intensify, and you will find it easier to hold on to that awareness. Then they will lead you out of the illusion in preparation for your forthcoming awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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