The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.

— Dalai Lama

A Message From You

I can say many words to motivate you and drive you to extraordinary actions. Anyone who knows the power of words and suggestion can manipulate their audience to understand the point that they are making. If you look at history you can see the truth in that statement. So, lets suspend the words of the writer and acknowledge the message of the spirit.

I am sympathetic to the lies you have been told. I am even sympathetic to the experiences that may have scared you. Even though nothing that happens too you is by accident. It is all created by you and for you and a your grand purpose. When you pull the veil of illusion of your eyes you will see you were never in any danger and never will be.

Listen to your spirit yelling and screaming for you to return home. It asks you to stop putting so much faith in words and start feeling your way through your life. It asks that you contemplate more, ask more questions and direct them inward. Understand that all the knowledge you need is inside and TRUTH is not going to come in any other way but inward. The entire Universe is with-in you LITERALLY!!!

Everything you perceive outside is inside. Understand that you have 100% control of your Universe, which is floating in a never-ending sea of Universes and possible Universes. We are a part of something so vast that understanding of it is impossible from this perspective but you can get there. It all starts right here with your desire to be more and do more. I can not choose this for you despite my overwhelming desire to do so. Its all up to you and what you believe!!!

Your strongest moments of belief have come from a place of desperation. All your downs have always been the first step on the way up. All that is true was first an misinterpreted of truth. Find purpose in the ups and downs for this is truly a divine mentality. Do not fall for the illusions of reality. Shift your consciousness into the world you wish to live so you can begin evolving the spirit to move into the next level of its progression. Start by taking hold of your god powers and create with power and intention. If you can not find enough belief in yourself to create your ideal universe follow your intuition and let it lead you to that place.

Take inventory of how this message makes you feel because that’s truly what matters. Does it send you up or down either way their is great purpose in this message.

Blessings to your divine path
Joseph Anthony

Joseph Anthony is the author of “15 days to a beautiful life” and a member of the New Thought Movement Publishing Family. Http://

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