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You Are Never Forsaken, And It Is Quite The Opposite…

As you might expect like a play you may see at your local theatre, you can thoroughly immerse yourself in it, but when the final curtain comes down your reality returns. Dear Ones, you are all the actors that have written your own scripts for the purpose of experiencing duality. Now the play nears its end, and you are becoming more conscious of your true reality. You are becoming aware that you are more than you appear, and that your destiny is to return to your real home amongst the stars. You have been attached to Earth for so long, that you have almost forgotten how special you are. Regardless of the many lives spent on Mother Earth, you did not originate from it. As the end time of this cycle comes into sight, you are preparing to move back to the higher dimensions from whence you came.

The end times are clearly bringing the changes that you are experiencing now, and it is becoming more apparent that you cannot maintain the old paradigm. All that has no place in your future will fall away, and that will momentarily cause you discomfort and upheaval. It is unavoidable as the cleansing takes place but you are assured that it will be replaced by conditions, more suited to the new Man emerging with an ever-expanding consciousness. It has all been planned well in advance and cannot fail, and we as the Galactic Federation are playing a vital role to ensure the perfect outcome. Do not be distracted from your goal by the turmoil that may touch you, but know that it will be short lived. Keep looking to the future and the great upliftment that is coming to you.

The final events may not manifest exactly as you might have expected, based upon many prophecies relating to physical changes. The benefits of NESARA have become a part of the general changes, and embodied in the plan that we are working to now. Debt has been deliberately forced upon poor countries as a means of control, and taking their assets in the form of oil and other precious commodities. In a similar way Man himself has been subjected to laws that have often been illegal, and have ensured that he is only able to live with financial help. Thus both the countries and their populations have been kept in debt. Therefore steps are in place to reverse that situation, once your existing governments are replaced. It has only been through the decimation of the Laws of your Constitution that it has happened in the U.S. However, the financial controls and problems arising from them have permeated most of the world, and that must change to bring about a fair and just distribution of wealth.

Many benefits are lined up for you, but a priority exists where the Third World is concerned. Hunger and lack of adequate water facilities have caused much misery and death amongst them. Their quality of life is artificially kept low, as there are sufficient resources upon Earth to ensure everyone has a decent standard of living. Before the end time there must be upliftment all round, and a bringing together of all people so that they become as One. You are already souls of equal status having come from the Source, and you all deserve to share a happy life where lack has been eradicated. As Ones with the capacity to be all loving, would you really have it apply differently to your other brothers and sisters? We believe that you are recognising your Divinity and see life differently to what it was previously, and can see beyond the outer physicality.

Past history will show that your leaders promoted the idea that some people were nothing more than lesser beings, and could be used as slaves. Instead of helping them to become literate and raising their standard of life, they were kept down and denied the basic requirements to survive. Can you see how karma has been built up by your forefathers, and why there is much to put right before this cycle ends? It is as you might say pay back time, and as you grow in consciousness you will understand that every action causes a re-action. Karma is something that has to be cleared both as individuals and as the Human Civilisation, and it is embodied in Universal Law.

Most of what is happening to you on a personal level is known subconsciously, as you planned for this time and the opportunity to ascend. Regardless of your experiences, if you feel that somehow progress is being made then you may be sure you are heading for fulfilment. When you reflect on them you might admit to needing the lessons involved. Many revolve around personal relationships, and it is wise to leave the Earth having resolved any differences. More importantly, in making your peace with others remember that forgiveness also involves yourself.

What you perceive as the most evil people are still sparks of God, and they need love to awaken them to the truth of their essence. As you are working towards Unconditional Love to become a Christed One, it is never too early to put yourself to the test. It starts with compassion and the ability to be non-judgmental. “But for the grace of God go I” is a powerful statement that is worth remembering, as without exception you have all spent lifetimes where your light has dimmed. Such experiences are not a stain upon your character that remains forever, and the opportunity is given to everyone to make them good. There is no such thing as condemnation that damns you forever, and if God can forgive you is it not for Man to follow suit.

Some may read these messages feeling unworthy, and doubting their ability to open their awareness to allow the Light in. However, once you start to consider such prospects you are opening up to the Light, and if you start to believe in yourself help will also come. Like anyone else you will have always had your Guides with you, and they will open up opportunities for you to progress. You are never forsaken, and it is quite the opposite as fallen souls are given every attention to get them back into the Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that we are looking forward to being your teachers. Our experience is such that we are well placed to understand your problems, and gently lead you into your new lives as Galactic Beings. For the time being we send you our love and wishes for a speedy conclusion to your time in duality. We draw nearer each day, as First Contact looms large and what a celebration we shall all have.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

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