Got Questions? Silence your mind and consult your heart. It’s your direct line to the ‘God’ within you.

— Joe Keane

Loving Kindness Is A State Of Being

Good Morning Saul My Dear Friend. Thank you for your last message. My pen awaits your guidance.

Good Morning John.

When you sit down to write I can help you relax to receive our communications, as you well know. It’s important that you do not try to intuit or guess where the message is heading, as it interferes with our channel. I know you know this, but you still need to be reminded because you tend to get anxious and feel inappropriately responsible for the substance of what you write. So remember we are both only links in the divine chain of communication ― I am the messenger and you are the scribe. Just allow, and the flow will be quick and effortless.

Loving kindness is a state of being

Life is eternal because it was given by the Father to His Son and nothing that He creates will ever end or die. God is Love, infinite, unconditional, and eternal, and that is what you are because everything that He creates is like unto Himself. The perfection that is God completely envelops and suffuses His Creation, because He is His Creation, All That Is.

Consequently, every sentient being is perfect unconditional love. However, in the illusion — the dream state in which humanity has chosen to hide itself — this is not apparent. Occasionally, loving acts occur which inspire those who become aware of them to do their own loving acts. But what needs to happen is for humanity to move out of the illusion, to awaken from the dream, so that their lives may become once more lives of continuous loving kindness.

Loving kindness is a state of being. It is not doing good deeds, offering help, treating others with respect. Those are activities that flow naturally from that state, but they are also frequently undertaken for the benefit or honor that the person undertaking them hopes to receive.

It is a state in which what you think, what you say, and what you do is directed by the energy of unconditional love that flows through every sentient being who allows it. You are all unconditionally loved by our divine Father, but in the illusory reality in which you appear to have your existence it is very difficult for you to accept that infinite abundance of love. If you accept it, it flows through you without interruption and with tremendous vitality, washing away all grudges, resentment, judgment, unacceptability, and suffering, replacing them with peace, joy, and the inner knowing — not a belief — a true knowing that you are one with all sentient beings and with God.

Knowing this, it is no longer possible to live in anything other than a constant state of love, acceptance, and peace because you have become aware of the oneness of all. Any state other than this is obviously insane, because any form of judgment or attack would be judgment and attack on yourself — if that were possible, which it is not. It is the state into which you are to awaken when you become fully conscious, and its brilliance, its vitality, its enthusiasm, and its joy will fill you with infinite delight. It is your destiny — the divine destination at which you cannot fail to arrive.

So relax, allow the abundance of God’s unconditional love to flow through the conduit that you are, as you and He have always intended. When you do so, miraculous things happen, just as they should. The power that suffuses your entire being and flows through you as you live in complete acceptance of and harmony with the divine Will is astounding. There is nothing to which it can be meaningfully compared as it is far more efficient, effective, and finely focused than anything your most brilliant scientists could possibly imagine.

You are truly powerhouses of infinite potential through which your Father can create universes. Yet while you hide in your tiny illusory reality, doubting God’s power and existence, you effectively limit the flow of energy through you to little more than the drip of a leaking tap or faucet. Turn to your Father, to the inextinguishable divine flame within you, and allow the warmth of His love to flow through you freely and without restriction once more, as He and you have always intended. Then watch with joy as miracles occur!

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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