Your power is proportional to your ability to relax.

— David Allen

The “A Team”

The ‘A’ Team
Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas

Greetings to you all from the ‘A’ team which is as ever ready to communicate with you in these trying and quite testing times that you are working through. There is much to be taken on board and yet much more that will be presenting you with even further moments of shock and/or associated heartache. These ever continuing shifts and the repercussions of same are always challenging to the soul whose heart is open to the pain and ensuing discomfort to others. As you are now working mostly on a collective level are you then sharing the load of seeming catastrophes, so in one aspect are the pains relieved to a minor or minimal degree. Many hearts creating a cradle of loving support for your fellow travellers whose role it is to honour perhaps the ultimate sacrifice.

Greater scenes are to be experienced and supported collectively by planetary light workers, whose unconditional love and firm inner resolve are the healing balm and foundation of these mighty rescue efforts, equalled ‘man to man’ by the numerous fleets of light/mother ships that are lending their collective love, light and expertise. Seen with the ‘mystical’ eye would it be quite some ‘light show’ in the heavens, as all are double parked and overseeing that which is taking place, thus lending their supportive spiritual and technical muscle as the occasion so permits. Their work, unobserved by planet earth dwellers at this present or now moment of time, is of a true guardianship role that silently and surely awaits in the heavens in the shape of the Galactic Federation of stars and planets,and the intergalactic / inter dimensional councils or Flight Commands.

Time, as known upon beloved planet earth, is rapidly collapsing and ever in a continual filtering into a ‘no time or null zone,’ which is par for the course. The heavens are filled with our beloved fellow travellers, they whom we call the Ascended Masters and/or the Great White Brotherhood. Archangels, Angels, Devas, Fairies and Elementals, with multi-energies of other Lords and Ladies within the great hierarchal structures and with the Elohim, Time lords, Karmic Lords and so forth. All merge and blend into an exceedingly multipurpose and competent ‘A’ team that patrols and animates your mighty local universe with an air of pure unconditional love. They light up the ethers with an harmonic pulse within the sacred geometries of the day, embellishing the great tapestry of life in and with its myriads of life-forms and multi universal life equations.

Metatronic Keys of mystery, enhanced more so by the Cube of Metatron with dynamic crystalline energetic’s that are spiraling forth into life’s eternal dream, and thus reinforcing the soon to be receding Merkaba. This is to be systematically transforming into more refined, more precise relevant crystalline light bodies which will be more appropriate for the ever heightening energies of crystalline expansive light bodies.The three expansive steps will be to the Merkiva, then to the Merkava and then further to the Merkana. Crystalline and crystal clear as the Metatronic Keys play out in perfect precision and momentum, and as ever in perfect harmony, expansive into ever greater climes and geometries.In days of old when so much was in transition and progression, was the deity of Metatron linked with an ultimate reverence to him being called the ‘Father’ figure!

Archangel Metatron is also one of the deity whom channeled through to our scribe of today, Alec Christos Gabbitas, and along with Sanat Kumara and several other deity’s of the day was shared in detail the location of the crystal portals that were closed down at the end times of Atlantis. In precise, intrinsic manner were the exact locations transferred through, giving him the sequence and times of the 18 dimensional and 9 inter dimensional crystal portals to be reopened or rebooted.He (we) redefined in precision the crystal grid system of the planet and it was once more ‘up and running!’ The first portal to be open was Ithica in the Greek Islands, supported by Maitreya and Melchizidek and Michael, and the many beings of Greek deity and the hosts of heaven itself! The trigger point of the Crystal Portal Activations was in Alaska in 2000 AD.

Life is but one continuous sequel of events, in harmonic momentum and all in the great divine scheme of events, in highest good. When you accept whom you are beloved friends, you will recognise the beauty and the perfection that you truly ARE, and in total truth you have such a ‘pedigree of grandness’ that you will be overwhelmed with whom you really and truly are! This is no way an egotistic or heady acclamation but a simple introduction to you of beauty and love that is your central function of being.You are the chosen ones, yes, we have shared this with you before, and we shall again as we together enjoin and walk this pathway home.You are beautiful – warts and all! See your selves just shining from out your eyes, feel yourself in every call of a bird in the trees, listen to yourself as you tarry awhile by the stream as it’s tinkling melodies echo on the ripples. Recognise yourself as you observe the gull in happy flight perceiving it’s elegance and rhythm flight upon the thermals. See yourself in the eyes of the little child and it’s purest laughing innocence beaming back at you. Allow yourself the gift of feeling JOY – for JOY is the so precious love that enhances every atom of your wonderful pristine being!

You are the most loved commodity in the universe, believe it ‘cos it’s true! Believe in yourself as we believe in you, for in you do we see a mirror image of ourselves. Allow yourself the love that you so easy gift to others in so many unplanned little things, for you my friend are truly worth it…who says?..God says..and he told me so! You have surpassed all that was ‘expected’ of you and you are in fact quite a bit up front, paving the way,clearing a path, making splashes or ripples where NO ONE has ever before achieved! You are the sunshine in our lives and you are the moonbeams to so many others.You are the star that continually shines putting to shame the stars up in heaven. We think that you have done A OK, ‘cos ’til now you’ve held your ground and paved the way. There’s no one has the ‘up’ on you, because your blooming wonderful and THAT IS TRUE!

Your light and grace is ever evident and as the sun rises on another glorious day and opportunity, the skies fill with a rich ambiance and a special kind of love that reflects the beauty and the gift that you, yes YOU, have co-created! A time has come when the forces of the universe watch and wonder at the joy that is in store for you. A time has come when the muscle and spiritual power of you all, the lightworking fraternity with beloved Mother Earth, has held forth on high the true divinity of your sacred prowess and the sheer grit that has no equal and no cause to regret or rue the day.Word flows around the universe(s) that a new day is being born, a new start is being prepared, a new life is seen to be in the making and a new Being will surely manifest out of sheer pristine love and understanding. For so it is… and so shall it surely be….

We are the A team, we are your fellow travellers who assist you in Ascension.

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