Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

— Anaïs Nin

All of you are on the same journey.

You move in the direction that fits your needs and provides the required experience to continue evolving. It is a very personal journey and no two are alike, but you will normally gravitate towards those who have a similar level of consciousness.

The magnificence of the changes to your Universe indicates the power and intelligence behind all life forms. As you look up into your night time sky you may ponder the vastness of what you see. Yet it is only a small fraction of what really exists, and all functions according to perfect Universal Laws. As you see it, it is too incredible to fully contemplate that there is The Creator holding All That Is, and that it stretches into Infinity. You could be forgiven for feeling small and insignificant yet you also embrace it all, and are gods in your own rights. Whilst it is true that your consciousness is very restricted, you have the potential to grow into full consciousness. The first major step will be the great upliftment that will come with Ascension. Once you reach this stage, the difference will be quite staggering and it will seem that you are already a godly Being.

Dear Ones understandably you are focused on your own problems, as survival is still very much your instinct. Sure, there are threats around you and necessary changes lead you ever onwards, but understand that those that leave the Earth before Ascension planned to do so. Intuitively you may sense where you stand in such matters, but in general if you have set your sights on Ascension and are working towards it, you will see out the last days of the old dimension. The vast majority of you have nothing at all to fear, and if material changes affect you, remember that in the end all will be made good. Indeed, it will prove to be a glorious time when you take a great leap into the future. That will bring you everything your heart could desire, and spiritually you will become more aware than you have ever been.

Personal loss of your belongings will result in some grief, and where family and friends are concerned it is inevitably an occasion of sorrow. However, you will meet up again with them, as they can also ascend from the higher levels. In the ultimate process of Ascension when you take your place in the higher dimension, you will have a different outlook where ownership is concerned, as material possessions are no longer necessary. You create exactly what you want and re-create again if desired. That means that you can create from memory anything that existed previously. You can therefore allow matters to follow their path on Earth, knowing that in real terms you cannot lose anything at all. As a result of Ascension the quality of your life will increase a hundredfold, and you will be surrounded by beauty and perfection. Not least of all you will be at One with everything, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Those of you that remember visiting our craft will agree that they contain all possible creature comforts, and in some instances such as the Large Motherships are self-contained cities. They are an example of what you can expect, and it will be a quantum leap into the future. We know you are ready for such an upliftment, as you have grown very quickly into your understanding of what is expected of you as spiritually evolved Beings. It is the key factor where your Ascension is concerned, and you cannot reach it other than being of a similar vibration of Light. The “heavenly” pictures we create are clearly an attractive way of life, and are only fully possible when you have completed the cycle of duality. Your present vibrations do not otherwise lend themselves to achieving a permanent level of creation, as there are continual changes taking place. You are so to say, always going up and down the scale and until you overcome the dark energies it will remain so.

Face the future with confidence as we are accompanying you all of the way. It should give you a greater degree of security and certainty of safely reaching your goal. Let us repeat that there is nothing to fear, your future is absolutely assured – and that is by Divine Decree. A Universal edict has been served on all creation that has responded by preparing in readiness for the great change to the higher dimensions. You have to be helped, which is why we are here in great numbers. Now you can see why we work incessantly with our allies, as we are keen to get started through direct contact with you. That is not far away now, but we shall choose our time well when it is most suitable for a successful open first contact. All of the immediate benefits that will move you along and out of the legacy of duality, are in waiting and ready to be implemented quite quickly. It is a matter of gradually changing your life pattern so that it moves nicely into a level that is more suited to the final changes.

No individual can be left behind as there is no such thing, as each soul determines there own path and is always progressing. You move in the direction that fits your needs and provides the required experience to continue evolving. It is a very personal journey and no two are alike, but you will normally gravitate towards those who have a similar level of consciousness. In duality that is not necessarily the case, as sometimes you learn more from working with those of a lower vibration. They often present a greater challenge that will serve your interests. We know that some of you in partnerships feel little in common, but be assured that nothing happens by chance and there will be a good reason for it. Duality is a tough dimension in which to find your true Self, yet so many of you have continued to move into the Light and Love. The result is that you have acquired strength of character, and a spiritual understanding that will take you far.

All of you are on the same journey, and it will benefit you to help others along as they cross your path. Sometimes it is only a brief encounter with another soul that may be a karmic connection, but each one is very important and has a lasting effect. Families repeatedly incarnate together in different roles to evolve as a group. They are often recognized by their tight knit relationships, and ability to be as one unit going through life. This is the freewill choice of those concerned who treasure their many lives together. Away from Earth you feel more a free soul and less inclined to incarnate with the same souls each time. However, as we have stated in the past, if you have a love link it will remain, and you can reach such souls at anytime you wish.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like all souls have earnt my place in the higher dimensions. You stand at the same door to freedom, and the Galactic Federation will ensure your opportunity is presented to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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