You Are On The Road To Enlightenment.

Always You are Enfolded in the Wings of Love and Protection.

Beloved Ones,

The World you see before you is undergoing transformation on all levels of existence. All is in a state of flux and one’s truth is changing from one moment of existence to the next. This is so for every Human Being upon the Earth, within the Earth, and every sentient Being who lives in symbiosis with All That Is. As the Earth reflects to you what you are experiencing, a greater and greater cleansing is occurring and much change is transpiring. Humankind’s consciousness is expanding daily, all are undergoing deep levels of self analysis and deep reflection and coming to the truth of their selves and acting upon it.

This is painful for many of you but the end result will see peace re-established upon the entire Planet. Now is the time to go with this flow and experience fully what comes up for you, as it is needing to be addressed and balanced within you. This will be the theme for this week and many more to come. The winds of change are upon us, release what is necessary to release in order that you may stand steady and set sail upon the storm tossed seas. Do not waste time in endless regrets as realizations come upon you, simply experience them and move on, ready for the next wave. You are surfing your way to Freedom, Dear and Beloved Ones!

All across the face of the Planet these changes are creating and forcing the old ways and paradigms to dissolve into oblivion. The dimensions are shifting and in a state of flux so it is very important to concentrate and focus upon what you want, not your regrets, your pains, your sorrows, your struggles. All of those are just a dream from which you are all Awakening. Take heart in this and gather your strength about you. Know that we are always available to give you solace and assistance, as we have always stated. We hear your every thought and experience with you your every anguish and sorrow. We dry your tears, Beloved Ones, and do our utmost to lift you up and help you to remember the mighty Beings of Light that you truly are.

Understand, Dear Ones, that the new way of living is dawning. Can you feel it within yourselves? Can you see that your understanding of yourselves and those around you has been undergoing radical changes? Each of you is more willing to let go of ego based desires and intentions and allowing the basic truths of yourselves to unfold. You are the transmitters of Love. You have held this great and powerful force within your entire Being through millennia of being accosted at every turn, of the great Light that you are in actuality and you forgot the glory that is your Divine birthright. Now, that knowledge is returning, as you release and let go of all that no longer serves you. The end result of all this deep introspection shall be the untold joy of freedom!

Continue to help your brothers and sisters as they have been buffeted and will be buffeted by the winds of change. It will begin to feel tedious to you because of the frequency of events that continue to transpire and we ask you to remember the whole picture of the Great Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her. The changes within Humanity’s consciousness now is increasing daily, more and more are Awakening to the realization that they are so much more than they previously believed and that they are deserving of so much more than has been their lot. This realization is powering these individuals forward and they are speaking their truths in increasing frequency and by doing so, they are enabling their neighbor to do the very same. This impetus cannot be turned back and will continue to propel events forward to establish a better way upon your Planet.

We are working unceasingly with each of you and we ask that you begin to accept this and start consciously communicating with us each day. We realize you are busy and distracted by all that you are processing but we want you to remember the great resource that is available to you and that is our help, guidance, insight and assistance. Always you are enfolded in the wings of Love and protection. Compassion flows to each one of you at this time in the history of your World, the ending of the old and the birthing of the New which you and we have been working together on for millennia. Keep on keeping on, Beloved Ones!

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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