Indeed my dear, we are surrounded by angels, and i hope your see yourself as One.

— Gisl

Why Choose to Struggle?

So many times we see souls get frustrated because they do not fit into a box of what they think others expect them to be. These type of opinions and expectations can create much inner turmoil within an individual. Each soul came for a unique experience, to be the individual they choose to be, not to be a cookie-cutter version of someone else. What a boring world that would be!

Often times souls feel frustration and struggle because they feel that the world does not understand them. Yet they are also so fearful of expressing themselves, that they don’t allow others to get to know them. What a paradox this creates.

Learn to understand yourself completely, so that you can freely express yourself appropriately and allow for others to understand you. If someone else tells you to change your views because they don’t like it, that is their problem, not yours. When you express yourself from a place of Love and in accordance with your inner Truth, you are giving the highest honor to yourself and therefore to God.

There is no need for judgment of the actions of another; because from a singular perspective, you won’t always understand the life path that the other soul has chosen and why they decided to go through a certain experience.

Sometimes you will not always understand why you are going through a difficult time yourself. But often, years later when you look back at that situation, you are able to see that you either gained some valuable experience, increased your self-knowledge, spiritual growth or even capacity for Love.

Going through the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences on the Earth plane. And yet, it can also prove to be the most enlightening. There have been many souls who have dramatically changed their lives after they have experienced the death of a loved one.

No soul dies in vain, and you can rest assured that there is no place called “Hell.” All souls, regardless of what they have experienced in life, are Loved by the Ultimate Being (God, the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in) and all are given the opportunity to go into the world of Spirit once they leave their earthy bodies. It is only the Judgments and fear from humanity that scare souls into believing that they do not belong in the world of Spirit.

No soul is, was, or will ever be lacking in any way. They only person that can make you feel that way is you, if you choose to believe what others tell you.

So, why not choose to believe that you are a beautiful soul that is filled with Love and compassion? Why not believe that the Ultimate Being and those in the world of Spirit love you dearly and are working diligently to help release you of your pain and struggle?

Once you decide that life doesn’t have to be so hard, you will begin to see opportunities around you that your Ego had blinded you from. You will begin to see that things are only a struggle if you let them be and that you always have power over any fear.

You have the power to change your perspective. You cannot be a victim when you are the Master of your own Life!

Love, Aurora

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