For it is who you all are at the very core, and so are created from love all the time.

Invocation Given By LORD MERLIN For These Times

The warmest of greetings extends to you now for the well of love within me, such a prestigious occasion and honour to be able to present my thoughts to you in a physical form that you may grasp and accept with open hearts and minds.

I am Lord Merlin; I am an ascended master and a light being, a devotee to the Earth and the growth of humanity. I am working closely with Archangel Michael and Master El Morya, we are concentrating upon the will of the Creator and it is my mission to decipher the will of the Creator bringing teachings to the nature kingdoms and fairy kingdom. So many changes are occurring within humanity and this is affecting Mother Earth. I have been working closely with the soul of Mother Earth activating certain qualities from within her soul so that essential and needed energy may be integrated from and through her energies into the Earth. It is akin to building foundations or a network of support to stabilize the energies of the Earth. I am not alone in my mission; several light beings who are devoted to the Earth are achieving this also. You may assist us in activating the energies of Mother Earth by sending your support and loving energies into the soul of Mother Earth, imagining her goddess energies cradled in the purest form of love. The fairies are also achieving this; they are devoting nearly every thought to supporting Mother Earth because they are aware of the work that is being achieved.

I also wish to remind you to send your thoughts of love and support to humanity as change is inevitable due to the activations of Mother Earth’s energies. These activations take place when guided by the will of the Creator. It is akin to receiving a message from the Creator that an activation within Mother Earth’s energy is needed with an explanation of the qualities that must be ignited. These activations make it easier for humanity to then influence the Earth due to the changes that occur within them. On receiving the message from the Creator several trusted light beings are appointed to work with Mother Earth. You may wonder why Mother Earth is unable to achieve these activations on her own but you must remember that her energies are vast and she is also changing physical or slower vibrations which requires a great deal of strength and power. When you achieve activations or periods of growth in your reality you always have your guides close by to you to offer you support, Mother Earth needs the same support, as do we all, until we are able to gain that support from within us, rather than seeking outside influences.

The activation that is taking place now within the sacred chamber of Mother Earth soul is in preparation for the 10/10/10 energy shift on the Earth. Although I cannot explain to you the qualities that are being activated from within Mother Earth’s soul I can explain that this activation beginning now will span over three months until the end of May so you may see changes in the energy of the Earth and transitions of release occurring on the Earth. Mother Earth is acting as an example and in many ways you may find that in the time period of 10/10/10 you will be mirroring or achieving a similar activation as she is experiencing now. It is at this time that the qualities of the Creator will become realized by your mind and will then begin to activate on the Earth. The time period leading up to 10/10/10 from June will allow the activations that Mother Earth has achieved to integrated with the Earth’s vibration and the support network of the Earth. As new qualities of the Creator’s soul flow forth from the soul of Mother Earth these can react with old energies causing results of conflict, confusion and sometimes chaos. This will pass, please understand that it is simply a symptom of change.

The reality that humanity creates due to the energies within them being projected onto the Earth does affect the soul of Mother Earth, she is similar to a bridge holding all of humanity and allowing them to exist within their own realities learning and growing. Sometimes healing is needed and a process of release must occur which brings greater balance to the Earth and between humanity. The balance that manifests which is most essential is the balance and peace between the realities that each person creates, this assists in uniting the energies of humanity as one. When conflict or friction between people, ideas and thoughts is dissolved then people are able to see the truth of the Creator within them with greater clarity and appreciation. Please do not be fearful, simply follow the lead of the fairies and focus as many thoughts and intentions as possible into surrounding Mother Earth and humanity in the love and support of your heart. You cannot comprehend how much this can assist, but your love will influence your reality, the realities of others and the soul of Mother Earth in a spiritual and physical way.

The consciousness and intentions of many are much more powerful than one at this level of the Creator’s universe so allow yourself to adopt my proposal, knowing that you are adding to the positive consciousness that already exists on the Earth. I believed that it was essential for me to bring forth this information to you as with an awareness and understanding of the work that is being achieved you are able to devote yourself to be of service to Mother Earth and humanity.

While it is important to devote as many thoughts as possible to supporting and sending love to the Earth and humanity, it is extremely beneficial to create a routine which allows you to express your love at the same time every day for a similar amount of time. This action is very powerful as the energies that you create and express become continuous; therefore you are constantly recharging the Earth and humanity with love. The action of repetition truly allows the energies of support and love to manifest into the physical planes and builds an energy of determination and success in what you are concentrating on achieving. I wish to offer you an invocation that you may use to allow yourself to devote your energies to be of service to Mother Earth and humanity.

‘I call upon the pure and powerful light of the Creator to flow through my being and ask to receive the Creator’s qualities of love, healing, peace, balance and powerful supportive energies. Surrounded and supported by my guides I allow my energies and heart chakra to open to the light of the Creator, absorbing these sacred qualities deep into my being. Let me embody the Creator’s ability to accept and express light free from limitations or hindrance but with perfect ease. It is my wish to be of service to all by anchoring the Creator’s supportive and loving energies into my being and simultaneously expressing the Creator’s light from the depths of my heart to support Mother Earth as she experiences an activation and period of accelerated growth not just for herself but for all. I honour Mother Earth’s constant glowing presence and respect her for the beauty that she manifests within my reality.

Mother Earth, I speak directly to you now, you are loved so deeply and purely by my soul and by humanity, we are so honoured to be connected with your blissful energies and respect the wonderful opportunities that your presence and manifest offers to us, not only now as we learn on the Earth but also when we return home to the soul of the Creator. I am here as a pillar of light and love for you, please accept my intentions and love.

I now speak directly to every soul on the Earth, please understand that we are one, I love you as my brother and sister of the light. I am here to support, love, inspire and heal you. You are never alone, let us exist as united pillars of light on the Earth, let us understand that change must come from within therefore we must re direct the focus of our minds into our souls.

I open my heart to all and allow the pure and powerful light of the Creator to flow to wherever it is needed.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.
(Sit for as long as you feel is necessary to allow the energy to flow to where it is needed.)

I thank you for being you and for your acceptance of my energy and thoughts,

I am Lord Merlin

© Natalie Glasson  @ Wisdom of the Light

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