Never finish a negative statement; reverse it immediately & wonders will happen in your life.

— Joseph Murphy

Your Purpose As Humans Is To Serve As Planetary Guardians

by John Smallman

Humanity’s future is assured because your divine Father created you out of infinite unconditional Love, and what He creates is eternal and immortal.

Your present experience of life in a turbulent and unforgiving world has changed very little since the apparent separation from God occurred long, long ago. Technology and science seem to have made startling progress over the last few hundred years, with the pace of development accelerating enormously over the last fifty. Yet despite appearances to the contrary — wars, unconscionable weaponry, economic crises, greed, and other unloving behavior — the underlying attitudes that have driven human life styles for eons are most definitely changing.

Cooperation and assistance were offerings you made only to those “on your side” — family, friends, religious organizations, political parties, nations — while attempting to disadvantage, disrupt, or destroy those on “the opposing sides.” This way of living in arrogant and thoughtless self-centeredness is starting to show its inadequacies more and more noticeably as you see the results of planetary despoliation and the never-ending succession of wars.

The effects of your selfish behavior, on a personal as well as on a global scale, are finally getting your serious attention. It is impossible for you to be able to remain unaware for very much longer that all are one, and that what one thinks, decides, and does affects all. This is an absolutely essential opening of your awareness that is occurring planetwide, and causing you to reassess your life styles and your basic attitudes and concepts about who you are and why you exist.

As many have been telling you, your purpose as humans is to serve as planetary guardians, and to work with the planet and all the life forms she supports to ensure that she maintains the beauty and wonder with which she has been so generously blessed. Finally you are beginning to understand that in your insane race to embrace every new scientific and technological development as soon as it becomes possible, you have been forgetting your primary duties and allowing unconscionable damage to be inflicted on your charge — planet Earth and her immediate environment.

However, the tide has turned; your awareness is unfolding and expanding to encompass your responsibilities, and you are taking steps to repair the damage you have caused and to restore Earth to her former state of beauty. There is enormous assistance available to help you with this daunting task when you choose to ask for it. And it does seem most likely that you will avail yourselves of it, as you learn once more how to cooperate intelligently and lovingly for the good of the planet and for all who rely on her for life support.

Never before has your planet been so inundated with and enveloped in such a powerful field of divine energy to ensure that you withdraw from the path of planetary pillage and destruction on which you seem to have been hell-bent for so long. You have turned round and you are beginning to make serious progress towards the full restoration of your beautiful planet to her shimmering jewel-like status in the cosmos.

Keep up the good work, strengthen your intent, and all will come to the magnificent conclusion that cannot and will not be prevented. Peace and abundance will indeed be yours.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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