To your senses, you are just a drop in the ocean. But in truth, my friend, you are the ocean itself.

— Philip Arnold

The Time for Doing Things Alone is OVER: the Reunion has Begun!

The energies are flowing quite intensely for all of you right now. Normally these energy waves come in for shorter bursts of time, but these are more sustained. More and more of you are capable of handling these longer “downloads” of energy and as such all of you are experiencing more intense energies. Unlike schools which at times play to the lowest common denominator in a classroom, the energies flow into the earth plane in sync with the leading edge of your ascending beings. And any and all of you experiencing the energies experience as much of them as you are willing to open yourselves to. If you are willing, sometimes you will receive energies that will indeed challenge your focus, your ability to do anything except simply bring them through and feel quite tired most of the time. If you would like more balance during these times, simply choose to have less energy coming through. All is unfolding perfectly and there is no need for you to experience discomfort to a degree that you are not happy and feeling in control and an active participant in this process.

Freedom is the essence of love and there is no receiving of these expansive love-energies without the free choice on your part to do so.

What’s coming next?

For those of you who have been bringing in these enormous energies, you have often been experiencing extreme exhaustion, pineal gland activity with an active third eye, pressure and tension in your neck and shoulder, odd and sharp pains in your abdomen and intermittent digestive difficulties. Forgetting to eat has been more common rather than the intense hunger of times in the past.

Now you will begin to encounter the information, the conversations the synchronistic guidance that will create more awareness in your day to day life of the collaborative nature of your experience. In each of our messages, we often encourage you to call upon us. This is not said just as words of comfort and for only those dire moments when you feel you need the help of an ascended master, for example.

We ask you to call upon us for the time of direct collaboration for even more of you is approaching. You will soon begin to have the abilities to feel and hear us. Your pineal gland awakening will liberate your abilities to hear non-physical guidance and to open up to direct connections if you chose to do so and are not already doing so. We ask you to call upon us because we reside in a non-physical dimension that is unified. Our energies are not split nor conflicted, and as such our ability to create is immediate and our confidence in our abilities is also not conflicted. This is the kind of experience we desire for you to have—to know yourselves as powerful creators and to have the ability to manifest quickly and easily that which you desire.

The focus in this lifetime and in so many human lifetimes for so many has become confused and misled by the camouflage of your experience and so the question often being consider is: HOW? When indeed the purpose of your specific focus is to simply live in the world you encounter and bringing your unique perspective into play, and choose WHAT. WHAT is it you wish to experience? WHAT would balance what you experience? WHAT would compliment things more? WHAT would bring the situation into more harmony? WHAT would bring more freedom? WHAT would allow for us all to freely love each other? WHAT would assist you in experiencing a high quality life full of all the things, experiences, and ideas which would stimulate your creativity and your joy? You were meant to enjoy everything which you have the capacity to enjoy. There is no limit to what you can enjoy except as you place it upon your experience. It is natural for you to want things and to want to experience things! We feel the same way, although what we manifest is a reflection of the dimension in which we reside as is your creativity.

As the new moon approaches in March and the Spring Equinox, you will find yourself in a highly creative space. Sit in the driver’s seat! Choose where you are going. I am expansive and unlimited and can bring this to bear on whatever you choose to create and together we are powerful beyond measure. That is why I encourage you to call upon me. You yourself will benefit from rapid manifestations as your confidence will increase and it will also give you more personal experience of tapping into the non-physical beings that you enjoy collaborating with. This is the way of the emerging world!

In the new world paradigm, there will be collaboration and co-creation with other beings across dimension. You will have a circle of friends which will include angels, guides, ascended masters, God, the earth, or whatever combination you desire, and then there will be your friends, your family, other Lightworkers, animals you connect with, trees you love, the planet you live upon—all of this has consciousness and is something with which you can attune and relate! This is the world to come. One in which love and spirituality and our interconnectedness liberate boundless joy and Earth Masters create and co-create confidently! With no hesitation and no sense of conflicted points of view. Follow your hearts. Create what you desire and most of all collaborate with all who can bring your visions to light more beautifully and compliment and harmonize with them to bring a cornucopia of life into being as suiting this beautiful and abundant planet in which you reside! EXPAND the universe as only you can! By focusing your point of view and being the CREATOR you are!

The time for doing things alone is over!

You must awaken NOW to the reality that not only do YOU, dear one, embody far more energy and far more creative power than you are using. But the time to notice what’s not working is ALSO OVER. Choose more. DO less. Collaborate more. DO less. Tune in and listen more. DO less. You cannot maintain the activity levels you may have had in the past and also be active in all these other spheres of reality. Times have changed and the new structure of things responds much more quickly to your efforts. Choose more. DO less.

Let the love-filled energies which are now residing within many of you; fine, delicate, perceptive and aligned with your soul signature, your highest perspective and therefore, keenly aware of what will liberate you and facilitate your thriving! Let these energies do the work for you, and enlist me, The Archangel Michael—as a trusted soldier in your efforts! Along with any physical and non-physical companions who share your interests and who align with your focus!

The time for doing thing alone is over.

Choose more. DO less. The days of ease and the emergence of a modern paradise are upon you NOW. Awaken to the possibility that this reality exists with just a slight shift in your understanding. Now that you know it’s there…perhaps you would like to move in?

{Smile} Heaven on Earth: available for immediate occupancy. Enlightened beings wanted.

Joy! Joy! Joy! The reunion has begun!

I AM the Archangel Michael and I will be available for all parties celebrating this wonderful time and to help create the decorations or anything else, as you so desire. At your service my beloved ones. Enjoy!

Channeled by © Meredith Murphy |

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