I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. ANd because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something I can do.

— Edward Everett Hale

Preparing for the Cosmic Tsunami

More excitement is on the way. There is a restructuring of the cosmos about to occur. Just as the earth moved into a new space in the cosmos a few months ago, it is now time for other celestial bodies to move into very new energetic spaces as well. Thus, there will be a restructuring of the cosmos. This enormous mass movement will create a massive wave of energy, or rather, a cosmic tsunami. This massive wave of energy, or wave of light, will then wash over the earth. Being that we are now in much higher vibrating energy than we were only a few months ago, the wave then, will be comprised of higher vibrating energy, or light…and this light will then envelope all of the cosmos.

The Haiti earthquake signaled a massive heart opening for the planet. It was the precursor for the energy of the new earth…the heart energy. In this way, it jump-started the creation of our new reality. The massive earthquake that occurred in Chile yesterday was for very different reasons. And it will not be the last earth movement on the planet, as there will be more.

The Chile earthquake was a precursor for the wave of light. This earthquake and others are preparing the palette for the wave of light to enter. The earth is formulating a new “bed,” or restructuring itself so that she can better receive the new light that is soon to arrive.

When this wave of light arrives, it will wash over anything and everything, seeping into every nook and cranny, washing away any density or darkness that lies in its path. This is all part of the process for creating the new reality. In Creating the New Reality/Finding Your True and Authentic Space (the newest Emerging Earth Angels e-book just released), part of this process is explained in greater detail in regard to moving out our personal energy and overtaking the prior Earth blueprint. This preparation period we are now experiencing, along with the new wave of light, are phases that are necessary in assisting us with moving out our own personal energy in order to create the new planet earth.

What is occurring now, is that we are ready for this stage. We have anchored into the earth in weeks past, creating a release of any old and denser energy deep within the earth. This occurred so that the light could take its place, and so the true and rightful stewards of the earth would now be in their true and rightful positions for the arrival of our very new reailty.

After we anchored fully into the earth, we began to push our energy outward. In times past, before we separated from the old world, darker energies were pushing out and taking over. Thus, many of us were pushed out as far as we could go, with seemingly nowhere left to reside. With the advent of a very new earth, things are now reversed. We began with an overlay of Earth One, so then, much of the old was still in place. Now, we (the light) are pushing out-ward and taking over the old earth reality.

In this way, we began to bump into a lot of old energy causing friction, frustration, anger, and tightness, with seeming nowhere to go without hitting an energetic ceiling. At the same time, we are still experiencing the up and down roller coaster scenario with one great energy day/days, alternating with other not so great energy days. The fog can seem to lift seemingly out of nowhere, and then we can find ourselves back in quicksand after no time at all. We are literally creating one piece at a time. In this way, we create just enough to sustain us, use it up, and must then create more. In time, as we formulate more and more of the new reality, this will change. But know as well, that we are holding a lot more of the new energy ourselves, and in this way, our positive thoughts and visions can keep us in better spaces longer than ever before.

As the new wave of light began its preparation period, we were energetically removed from the scenario we had experienced up until then. This meant that we were suddenly held in safe spaces or rather removed from being affected by anything due to occur on the planet that might be disruptive. So then, during this time (roughly beginning around the middle of February), all that awesome energy that had been pouring in through our crown chakras halted. This created feelings of emptiness, hollowness, depression, a big dis-connect and separation, and also, a period of waking up pre-dawn for awhile with an inability to get back to sleep.

So where the heck are we now in this strange science fiction movie?

We are still being “sequestered” until the more massive changes and re-structuring are complete. I am told by higher level beings that there are “protocols” in place for events such as massive natural disasters, and being sequestered in protective spaces is one of those protocols. In addition, the new wave of light will wash away much, so that there will then be “room” to expand out-ward much more easily. So for a while now, we have been in a big airplane, circling the planet, without being able to land. Or perhaps still sitting on the bus with all our suitcases, waiting eagerly get off and unpack, but still unable to get out of our seats quite yet.

When the wave of light arrives, much will change. Things will fall into place much more easily, we will be elevated to a new higher level way of living and being, and we will be much more connected to the rest of the cosmos. Yes, the connections will be nothing short of profound. Higher level beings who come from this wave of light, arrived in my home last night to explain this process and to say hello to the earth and her inhabitants, as these higher level connections will be so much easier now. Being “one” will take on a very real meaning, as so much will now come together. These higher level beings also wanted to say, “Welcome to a very new reality of new ways of living and being. We are so very glad that you are here in this very new and different space.”

Connections, connections, connections. The e-book Creating the New Reality talks a lot about how we are so very connected to everything when we reach the higher realms, as this way of living and being came into my space in full force and in some very interesting ways in recent months. It is an experience and reality that I can only say is like no other. It cannot be explained in words and feels absolutely awesome and truly amazing. The love and gratitude for everything we are connected to (as we become very aware of this reality of “connections” when we begin living in it), becomes a norm and way of being, arriving like a warm tonic surrounding every living thing on the planet.

As this process of restructuring continues, we will feel things beginning to fall into place in a very new and different way. So then, the earth herself is re-structuring at very deep levels, and this process will continue for a while. And know as well, that there are higher beings of light holding the earth in their loving arms, while they monitor and assist with these earth changes that are occurring now and in times to come. The earth will be “molded” into a new shape, and it will be a shape that will be perfect in all ways for receiving and embodying the wave of light that is on its way. (I’m sorry, but I do not have a specific time-line for its arrival. But like all things that fit together in perfect and divine ways, it will simply arrive when it will. All we need do is enjoy each step of the process while being in the moment of each of these divine and miraculous steps that are unfolding for us now.)

Yes, a very new “bed” is being prepared for us now, so that we may begin a very new life in a very new reality of our own making.

With much love and gratitude,

© EmergingEarthAngels

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