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Multi-Dimentional realities

The variety of dimensions you can incur will overwhelm you and stagger the imagination. All we have to offer you about dimensions would be a volume in itself. First let’s begin with the vibratory rate of the various dimensional levels within your physical universe. There is a multitude of experience in this universe alone. If you add them to the other universes you begin to correlate the total information and form a network of vibratory links that can communicate with one another when the principles are understood.

If you wish to contact someone or entity on another dimensional level, first you must equate your own personal vibration to that of the receiver. Once this is done the communication can take place. For instance, if you wish to astral communicate, you must bring the level of your physical form up to the level of this plane. You can do this by simply intending it to be so, then contemplating on it. This increases the intention in vibration and attracts an additional link to this plane. Continue to place your intention upon this goal. Now, as you do, you will begin to feel the transitory nature of the focus. It will begin to change before your very eyes; your minds eye that is.

As you continue to process the information as it grows and you maintain the original intent, the vibration of your body will alter and you may notice a feeling in the physical vehicle that is changing. It begins to vibrate or feel like it is vibrating. Continue the focus. The longer you can maintain the clarity of focus, the more in tune you will be with that which you wish to communicate. Now as you bend your thoughts to encompass the incoming information, it may be difficult to keep the doubts at bay. If you come back to the original intention when this happens you will feel more supported.

As you increase your vibration, accept what is coming in about this intention. It will begin to alter, yet become even more than the original intention. You will feel the expansion within your center of focus. If you overlay another and greater intention upon the original, other thoughts emerge and increase in magnitude from the original. Now sit in front of your intention and feel it enter into your physical form. This is something that you must feel to be wholly accepting. It will change your physical feelings.

The secret to attaining this frequency is in accepting that you already have it rather than coming from a place of not having it. When your attention is re-directed to it not being there, that is the intention you are embellishing. See the completed picture and feel what it is like to communicate in this casual manner.

Dimensions are nothing more than vibratory levels. These dimensions are overlaid upon one another in the ever present Now. It is the intention of this information to assist you in presenting your intentions in order to travel in the various levels of reality. This is not your imagination, nor is it a ploy to discredit your present belief system. It is only to allow you options to experiment with other reality forms. Upon exploring these levels should you refuse to accept it as a reality for yourself, so be it.

In the everyday process of existence you are continually changing your vibrations by the manner of your thinking. In so doing, you are altering the experience in which you find yourselves. If you increase the level of your thinking to that of higher thoughts and feelings, your reality will follow as night the day. If you allow these continual thoughts of lack and unhappiness to dominate, it will be the reality in which you experience until you elect to change your causal thinking.

Realize that you are the processor of the thoughts. You are the one who orders your existence and reality by the sheer volume of thinking that you do on a regular basis. Not only do you project the thoughts but also they are supported by the feelings that accompany the emptiness you feel on a continual basis. The feeling that something is missing is a common one among you.

The first stage of altering your experience is discovering your thinking habits on a regular basis. When you are alone, or in a compromising situation, what is your common thought pattern? Are you maintaining the focus upon the situation you desire or is the fear of or doubt that you can have the experience, blocking your ability to feel positive outcomes and belief in miracles? What would happen if it became exactly as you desired? Have you thought about this? Do you find this a frightening possibility? If you were given all you wish for would your life be as you desire. It is important to explore this subject carefully, for you may be resisting the changes that accompany such desires. It may be you really do like the place in which you find yourself due to its feeling of comfort and familiarity. Carefully examine the motives behind your desires.

Dimensions are nothing more than alternating frequencies in overlapping realities. If you want to discover new states, you must first explore the possibilities of alternate realities from the one in which you find yourself living. If this reality requires change, it must first occur within your own personal universe. To do this, simply go within and ask to be shown the other realities available to you.

The tendency to eliminate the possibilities of change is the first to be conquered. Tackle this obstacle before you begin by allowing the potential within yourself to emerge victorious. Take within the reality you wish to reach. It is already there awaiting your access by matching vibrationally with it. The overlapping realities are only a perception. It must be accepted in order to become your dominating reality. Nothing you doubt or disbelieve can come to you. It is simply not in harmony vibrationally.

Dimensional shifts occur when an entity decides to move into another potential. It is only a matter of closing the door on the present existence and opening to the possibility of another. As one does this it establishes a contact with that other realm and through the vibrational match, communication begins to occur. Once the connection is made it is only allowing the existing information to reach your conscious awareness. At this stage, one begins to believe. As the communication becomes more steady and the knowingness develops, the reality becomes more stable in the belief system. It is only a matter of establishing the belief of the reality and it thus becomes so.

Now if you sustain this belief, universal law supports it. It is simply a facsimile or picture being placed over your present belief. This does not alter the reality of the existence of such a realm. It is a paradox in that all reality perceived in the lower worlds is an illusion made up of belief systems and patterns of attitudes. One can experiment with all these realities and make them as real as one chooses. Don’t underestimate the power of the illusion, for it has real impact upon your present form. It is a vibration to which you apply form and color and depth. Anything you can imagine or conceive does exist somewhere awaiting your vibrational match to it.

However, do not dissuade your attention from your ultimate purpose, which is to rise above all these realities into the worlds of infinite source where nothing exists in duality. Duality is only a product of thinking and judgment in the lower worlds of reality. Does the word illusion distract you from believing? All is real in the eyes of the beholder. Remember that. It does have an effect and a power in your physical form and in the present realm of your existence. Destroy not the belief in your god source within. From that source comes all your reality and all your experiences. When you focus upon this internal force, the illusionary becomes the solid and steadfast. The most powerful of all energy. Rising above the duality of physical judgment..the power of the one in the many.

When this super source of energy is accessed, all realities become pale by comparison. For in this world above the dual worlds exists love. Love is the bottom line of all experience. Love is all there is. When one discovers this magnificent truth his world begins to change. When love is the motive and the driving force behind all action, worlds change with ease. There is no longer a need to focus on more pleasant realities for love is all there is. Love is the sustaining force behind life and the most pleasant and blissful of all experience. The lower worlds are only the testing ground for soul to perfect itself into this magnificent state. The state of divine love is unexplainable and indescribable.

The illusion in which you find yourself is no more than your thought, beliefs and expectations. It is the sum total of all you think as your potential or your limits. If you underscore limits you may feel a sense of familiarity. Since this is the one place you put most of your waking attention, it stands to reason this will be the hardened reality you have created to experience. Now realities are as illusionary as dreams. It is only a matter of decision and attention. Alter the attention and follows is a new reality.

Nothing more can alter the reality except your own change of attitudes, supported by those in agreement with it. When a number or a multitude support the same belief systems a reality exists that is more difficult to change. One can alter ones own personal universe, but to change the agreeing illusion takes a unified decision and focus. Focus then is the key to altering the reality. Decision, then thought, then focus of attention. Without intention, nothing changes. It is all in the intention..the intention to change.

Of course, one can always come back to the first reality at any time. It is all a matter of choice. What do you choose today?

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