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You have the right and the ability to redirect your energy

by John Smallman

As you know, we in the spiritual realms are looking forward with delighted anticipation to humanity’s move into its natural state of full consciousness. It is time to move out of the illusion where you have been playing an unpleasant and frightening game, and where you have chosen to hide from yourselves and forget who you really are — divinely created sentient beings of infinite love, knowledge, and power.

The illusion is just that — an illusion. And the game you are playing, in which it appears to you that you are powerless victims of circumstances, would, if it were real, be an insult of gross proportions to the glorious divine Reality of which each one of you is a beloved and essential member. But of course the only thing that truly exists is that infinite, holy, divine Reality, powered eternally by the energy of God’s Love, where all live in harmonious acceptance and cooperation.

To continue to remain in the illusion playing horrific games — in which you futilely attempt to convince yourselves that you are independent, separate entities living in an environment that can destroy you, and where you can destroy one another — is to suggest that your infinite knowledge and intelligence has dissolved into nothingness. How could that be? God is infinite, eternal existence, and all His children share that Reality with Him.

What you experience in your ilusory reality is what you have chosen to experience. As apparently separate, individual beings it most certainly does not seem to you that you possess any significant power of choice. You feel small and inconsequential, at the mercy of an environment that is vast and powerful, where you experience natural events of such violence that many are frequently destroyed in an apparently random and merciless fashion.

But you are not separated beings, and your thoughts, your desires, and your intentions connect and aggregate in a variety of ways, rather like cooking, or mixing a cocktail, and the outcome is dependent on the ingredients. Nothing you do, think, intend, or desire gets lost. Everything is connected and interactive.

More and more of you are consciously attempting to change yourselves into beings of love, compassion, honesty, and integrity. The results of these intentions can be seen everywhere, as you contribute to charities, attempt to change laws or governments that do not honor these values, and lead lives in which you make a point of accepting and respecting others who, you are starting to realize, are indeed your divinely created sisters and brothers.

You are changing the illusion. It is being rebuilt in every moment, as it always has been, by your beliefs and intentions. But recently, many more of you have been intending love and peace instead of power and control. Those intentions are opening your awareness to the utter inadequacy of the illusion and to the motives and intentions on which it is built. You are beginning to understand that it is an illusion and that its characteristics and assumptions make no sense whatever, as they bring only pain and suffering to those who believe in it and support it.

These changes are leading to its dissolution. It needs massive support to maintain its apparent existence, and that support is being undermined and withdrawn as your personal attitudes move beyond fear and anxiety and reach for love and acceptance. The less you see others as threats or competitors in an ongoing fight for survival, the less energy you provide to support the illusion. And as love and acceptance for one another grows, your belief in the illusion declines, weakening it and making it more obvious to you that it is indeed your power that maintains it, and that you have the right, the responsibility, and the ability to redirect your energy to dissolve it and lead you home.

You truly have enormous power, which you can either give away to the maintainers of the illusion — who delight in controlling you, largely by means of your belief in it — or you can share your God-given abilities with your sisters and brothers to floodlight the way home, leaving the illusion to dissolve into the nothingness from which it seemed to arise. Every day more of you are becoming aware of this, and adding your power and energy to increase the radiance with which your path home is illuminated. You are homeward bound, and there is no way you can be stopped!

With so very much love, Saul.

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