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You were born to heal …

There are so many words in the world, so many languages and modes of expression, yet to most, the Truth of Man remains indefinable and seems elusive. It is not that words lack meaning, rather it is that for such a long period of time, various thoughts and ways of being have become far removed from Man’s intrinsic state of being.

The ‘conditioned thought process’ is the basis of the structure around which your lives are built. This thought process is both an expansive one yet also a limiting one. It all depends on how far you are willing to allow yourself to explore.

Most deny they even have a body!

The path to Self Growth is one of exploration and of removing limitations. These exist as both conscious and unconscious body beliefs that the thoughts of the minds of Men have created over not only this lifetime, but over many, many lifetimes and centuries, so that eventually they have become genetically encoded within the body.

It is as if Man, through the power of the mind, has placed wire mesh around each cell in the body to prevent it from changing and moving; only some of Man’s shaping of the mesh is not accepted by the body and so disease is the result.

The body does not need the mesh in any shape or form. Man thinks and the mind dictates that it is the governing factor of the human being.

  • Disease or ‘dis-ease’ is the result of the mind, through the thought process, strangling the inherent intelligence of the body.

The body is an intelligent being

Many people have forgotten that they have a body. Some see only that their body is something that their head or intellect walks around on. Man has forgotten that the body itself has, laying dormant inside it, an intelligence of it’s own. The body itself is an intelligent being which is capable of directing it’s own processes without the imposed mesh restrictions set on it by Man.

In recent years there have been many changes in the world of medicine. There have been many changes in the way things are looked at and are dealt with. Many small boxes are used to place all the various parts of the body in; even glass jars are used to put body parts in that are no longer functioning within a body.

What is not being addressed is the wholeness of the body and the interrelationship between body intelligence and mind intelligence.

The Mind and the Intellect

This interrelationship had been ignored. The minds of most will not even contemplate that such a relationship could even exist. It is the mind intelligence that is given the accepted role of intellect and nothing else. It is not recognised that the mind is the governing factor of our reality.

The mind perceives and so gives the impetus of creation to that which is perceived. The mind is the window through which perception is viewed and the mind can choose and create all the we perceive.

If we allow the mind to create through conditioned response, then the world of our parents will be our world. We may then, by modification through our own thought processes and emotions (which are the result of thought process) pass this unconscious behavioral response pattern on to our children.

  • Involution is the genetic spiraling inward growth pattern resulting from Man’s denial of his Truth.

The reality of what we allow the mind to create is dictated by what the body cells have had dictated to it during the first months of our lives before we are even born. It is during this time that the mesh structure, the limitations of our ancestors, are place within each and every cell of the body. This is part of the genetic process. This is the mind conditioned structure on which we base everything we are in this life.

In truth, in taking human form, we deny the basic intelligence of the body, which is to heal itself. We bombard the body with mind untruths and invasive substances, but do not allow that the body has the intelligence to deal with these substances by renewing itself every three months.

  • The human body has the process of rebirth and renewal built into it, but our minds keep this process of renewal at bay preferring to hold onto conditioned notions of “Oh well, such is life.”

It is up to you the individual, whether you will allow the mind conditioning and the thought process to govern your lives or whether you will allow yourself to change your mind and allow yourself to explore fully the Truth of Man.

In any exploration, Man sees that there must be courage, that there is fear and that he has to be brave or stupid to overcome that fear. This again is a conditioned response.

  • If you accept that your mind creates your reality,
    can you not create a reality without fear?

Just as a child learns that there is nothing to fear in the dark of night, so the adult can learn that there is nothing to fear on the path of self growth.

Your fear of what might be, when your remove false concepts of you, is the same fear that led you to ask your parents to leave the light on in your room at night. It is the same fear that led them to ask their parents to do the same. It is one of the mesh patterns that you have inherited. The blind, so called, do not ask for a light to be left on because their conditioning has not had a chance to be made real; they do not fear what the mind cannot perceive.

It is the mind that brings the conditioned response into consciousness. So it is the mind that creates realities based on the encoded mesh structure. To move beyond this structure is to reprogram the mind, or perhaps rather unprogram the limitations that exist in the known reality of the mind.

This is the reason for the course. You will be given keys, tool, ways and means of removing the limitations that are perceived by man to exist. You will be able to make real the understanding of the false nature of human existence and begin to reach an existence beyond the consensus reality confinements of humanity.

The farmer ploughs the field, moving along until he reaches the end of the field. Then he moves on.

The next field may take a different pattern as is appropriate to it’s contour. So is the nature of repetition from one life to another.

If you take the pattern from a past life and try to superimpose it on the contours of the present, in general, little of nothing is achieved. There may be an erosion of lessons learned.

But where you take a pattern appropriate to the life being lived to the contours, and fit it, develop it with awareness of all past patterns as a background knowledge, then and only then can new patterns be integrated, their value ascertained and lessons learned.

So become like the valuable farmer who works the contours of the land
without causing erosion to the nurturing soil, Rely not on repetition of the one pattern and all shall be well.

Source: http://www.anunda.com/lifeskills/whole.htm

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