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Self-running 2000 watt fuelless generator by WITTS

WITTS has posted a video that appears to demonstrate a self-looping system in which a standard motor turns a quantum-harnessing generator that self-loops with enough power lef over to light fifteen 100-Watt incandescent bulbs.

by Sterling D. Allan
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A few days ago, World Improvement Through The Spirit (WITTS) posted a three-part video that was filmed in March of last year, allegedly demonstrating a self-looped WITTS generator powering a bank of fifteen 100-Watt incandescent bulbs, which actually pulled over 2000 Watts.

Timothy Thrapp, who founded and heads WITTS, is shown powering up the generator using a standard motor that is plugged into the grid. Once the system is up to speed, Thrapp disconnects the grid power, and the generator starts spinning down. Thrapp then flips a switch which allegedly loops the output electricity back to the driver motor, and the system comes back up to speed.

Thrapp then begins turning on a bank of fifteen 100-watt incandescent light bulbs, screwing them in one at a time, to demonstrate the power output.

The excess energy showing up in the system is said to be derived from the quantum field.

The introductory text in the video claims that this same generator has produced as much as 40 kilowatts before.

The video description states: “This is only one example of numerous technologies ready to be manufactured to help the earth and its people.”

Part 1 of 3 (YouTube; Jan. 21, 2010)

Part 2 of 3 (YouTube; Jan. 21, 2010)

Part 3 of 3 (YouTube; Jan. 21, 2010)

The video urges people to get involved in helping the technology come forward, donating to the ministry in whatever amount they feel prompted.

Thrapp and the WITTS ministry have a very unusual approach to business, which explains largely why the technologies haven’t yet created a flow of revenue for the company to make donations unnecessary.

Source: http://pesn.com/2010/02/07/9501610_WITTS_self-looped_2000-watt_demo/

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