God is Love. Love is comprised of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

More about the Higher Dimensions

Dear Ones,

We speak to you from the eighth vibration. We are of Arcturus. Upon our level of density, there is no need for names. We are merely—our Planet. Some have called us a Planetary Logos. The seventh dimension is the Oversoul, the eighth is the Planetary Logos, and the ninth and tenth dimensions are the Solar Elohim. The eleventh and twelfth dimensions are the Stellar Elohim. While your consciousness has been in the Violet Flame, you can more easily understand the presence of realities vastly different from your physical world.

The concept of individuality, strongest on the third dimension, diminishes somewhat in the fourth dimension, and is a choice in the lower fifth dimension. By the mid-octaves of the fifth dimension, individuality is known only as the lives you live in the lower worlds. The sixth dimension is the Realm of Possibility and the seventh is the World of Oversouls. Neither of these realities have any concept of individuality. The sixth dimension embraces entire possible realities, whereas the Oversoul embraces the many Souls that it oversees. By the eighth dimension, even the dimensions blur into each other.

You on Earth first began as twelfth dimensional Stellar Elohim who were, and still are, ONE with the Source. Elohim are the holders of form in the Multiverse, and the Stellar Elohim is like the Great, Great, Great………..Grandfather. This Elohim “Grandfather” wished to expand its family, so it sent many portions of itself out into the multiverse to experience life in the myriad lower worlds and dimensions. This process of fragmentation is much like a Star spinning out planets to encircle it.

Since from the perception of the twelfth dimension there is no separation, every experience that each fragment of SELF has is a portion of the Elohim’s experience. Gaia, is a Being who has evolved to such an expanded consciousness that only a planet could contain it, shares ALL experience with Sol, the Sun. The Sun, a being with such an expanded consciousness that only a star could hold it, shares all experience with the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun, a being with such an expanded consciousness that only a galaxy can hold it, shares all experience with the Stellar Elohim who is the “grandfather” of that Galaxy. The Stellar Elohim, however, is actually more than a star. It is the generator of stars. Therefore, instead of spinning out planets, it spins out stars. The Stellar Elohim who is the Grandfather of our Galaxy shares all experience with the Stellar Elohim of the entire Milky Way. This “Great Central Grandfather,” the Stellar Elohim for the Milky Way, is the higher dimensional concept of form and the “Great Central Grandmother” is the form itself.

Elohim, as “holders of form”, are the matrix through which the “un-manifest” can become “manifest.” Your Bible says, “In the beginning was the word”; the Elohim are “the Word,” or the matrix of sound that traps cosmic light into manifestation. The Stellar Elohim spins out Star systems and the core of each star system is the Solar Elohim. The Solar Elohim vibrates to the ninth dimension and spins out seventh dimensional Oversouls. Your Oversoul could be analogous to the planets, but they are not planets as they are not manifest. Therefore, the Stellar Elohim spins out Star systems, the Solar Elohim spins out Solar systems, and the Solar systems spin out Oversouls for the beings who will eventually take on form within the Solar System.

The Oversoul is the Soul’s Soul, and it is responsible for all its Souls that inhabit all of the lower dimensional worlds, realities and planets. Once the Oversoul spins off Souls, it acts as a guide to these Souls. The Souls, in turn, act as guides to their incarnated ones. Just as every Stellar Elohim has many galaxies, and the Solar Elohim has many solar systems, the Oversoul has many Souls and the Souls have many realities incarnated in the fifth through third dimension.

The fifth dimension still has a concept of individuality, but the sixth dimension functions in terms of possible realities. The seventh dimensional Oversoul functions in terms of Souls. The eighth through tenth dimensions, which are not separate in the manner of the lower planes, function in terms of solar systems. And the eleventh and twelfth, also combined, function in terms of galaxies.

Just as the Oversoul assists in raising the awareness of its many Souls, it also raises its own awareness by downloading portions of its SELF from dimensions above the seventh. When an Oversoul decides that it is ready to expand its consciousness, it calls its Higher SELF and asks for an emissary from the planes higher than the seventh, which, for lack of better words, is one of its ancestors, to come into it, and direct a portion of it into the lower planes. For example, when the call was sent out from Gaia at the time of the fall of Atlantis, many Oversouls answered that call.

The Oversouls knew that the challenge of saving a planet from extinction would be great. Because of this, many of them called for a higher vibration to radiate into the Oversoul and down into the lower vibrations to become manifest on third dimensional Earth. In this way, the Oversouls acted as step-down transformers to the highest dimensional beings to answer Gaia’s call for help.

Just as the Oversoul had responded to Earth’s call from the third dimension, Solar and Stellar Elohim responded to their Oversouls on the seventh dimension. The Arcturian Stellar and Solar Elohim were very receptive to this call, as it is their Mission to guard the Corridor into and out of the third dimension. Stellar and Solar Elohim from Sirius and the Pleiades also responded, as they had been especially active in the original “star seeding” of Earth. These Elohim spun portions of their being into their Oversouls. From the seventh dimension, the Oversouls then sent portions of their Being into the fifth dimension where they were prepared to be lowered into the fourth dimension, to await entrance onto third dimensional Earth.

To facilitate the activation of your vertical axis of awareness of your many Higher SELVES, it is helpful to remember the third and fourth dimensional lives that precipitated the life lessons in your present life. The life lessons of this incarnation can often best be completed and healed if you address them in your first life, also known as the “causal life,” in which each life lesson initially occurred. The third dimension is a “pass/fail system” and every challenge will be repeated, in this life or another life, until it is successfully “passed.” All of you have prepared for many, many incarnations for this lifetime of planetary ascension. You have had scores of lives to work out and practice what your service will be in this life. Your challenge now is to “fine tune” those problems that have been repeated, over and over, in your many other lives. Addressing the “causal life” of each problem can afford you enough objectivity to release it, once and for all.

Most repeating issues come from the primary fear of separation—separation from loved ones, from possessions, from health, from happiness, and from life. The causal life for this primary fear of separation is when you first took embodiment on the third dimension and experienced the terrifying separation form your SELF. This wound is relived, in some fashion life, after life, so that you will have the “urge” to reconnect with your SELF in the higher dimensions. This pain can be healed by reconnection with the higher dimensional aspects of your SELF, especially your Divine Complement. The reconnection of your male and female polarities, and the return to your true androgynous Soul/SELF, is the act that precipitates your ability to meet, and download, other aspects of your multidimensional Essence.

Remember, the separation from “All That Is” is an illusion. This illusion only exists in the lower worlds of the third and fourth dimension. It is the pain of this separation that holds the matrix of the physical hologram in place. When the illusion of separation is released, the pain is healed and the illusion no longer has a structure to hold onto. It then “pops” like a soap bubble. When the illusion of separation is released, you can begin to remember your true multidimensional SELF and ground it in the third dimension.

Blessings to all Earth Beings in their process of Awakening,
We are Arcturus.

© MultiDimensions

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