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You are not your Body

You are not your Face
You are not your Name
You are not your Hairdo
You are not what you Do
You are not your Address
You are not What You Eat
You are not What You Drive
You are not what you Look Like
You are not your Driver’s Licence
You are not your Social Insurance Number
You are also not what you Have or Own or Owe

! … You are none of the Above … !
? … So who or what are You … ?

You are also not your Feelings
You have Feelings like you have Breakfast
Feelings and Breakfast pass through you to enable you to experience Human Life

… You Are Universal Energy …
… You live in a human body in order to experience a matter World …

Your Body is a Spacesuit that enables Spiritual Beings to live in Matter
You are a Consciousness experiencing a Human Condition
A Consciousness is what the religions call a Soul

… You Are Your Own Master …
… You do not have to be saved by Anyone …

You are a Free Universal Being brainwashed by the Teachings of the World
The Lies of the World have been pulled over your Eyes
Your Beliefs have become your Blinders

The society in which you live has fooled you into believing that you are your Body
You are the Force of The Universe dreaming that you are Human

You Are Universal Indestructible Energy
You have already lived thousands of previous human Lifetimes

It is time to awaken and investigate the truth of these Statements
This is completely up to You – You may also keep on Sleeping

… Awaken …
To The Truth of Your Existence

? Who or What Are You ?

Source: SoulWise

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