I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

— Albert Einstein

Are You Aware of Your Higher Consciousness?

What do you really want from life?

Are you aware of the amazing faculties and skills locked within you? Do you have instant access to your marvelous inner wisdom? Have you discovered the power to make yourself significantly more successful? Are you aware you have a higher consciousness capable of helping you overcome your worries and problems while improving your health and making you a more prosperous, happier person?

What is higher consciousness?

Simply said, higher consciousness is the universal power which sustains life. This consciousness not only maintains you physically but at every level — spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and materially.

Moreover, you have direct access to higher consciousness at all times. With patience and application you can discover dozens of life-enriching abilities in this protective and nurturing consciousness. With relatively little effort you can attract numerous opportunities for a finer life. You can establish an ongoing sense of well being and self-esteem that is endlessly satisfying.

The Importance of Self-Knowledge

Suppose someone deposited three million dollars into your bank account this morning but did not tell you about it. Despite having three million dollars, you would spend your whole day normally, unaware of your great wealth. Unless you found out about that three million dollars, you would live your life as if your millions didn’t exist. You wouldn’t have the benefit of using your treasure or the security of knowing it’s there. Unless you were already by some other means a millionaire, you would live your life spending each day with no concept of yourself as a wealthy person, nor of your nearby opportunities. You might even live as an extremely poor person, worried about the next meal or the utility bills, while at the same time being, in fact, extremely wealthy. Feeling poor, you would undoubtedly live a life of frustration and anxiety, sensing failure, believing yourself unable to meet your needs or the needs of loved ones.

Not knowing about your great treasure is an immense barrier to the fulfillment of your life. Ignorance of your treasure is, in effect, as powerful a limitation as not having any treasure at all. For unless you are aware of your phenomenal resources, you don’t use them. Unless you have access to your great wealth, it may as well not be there. Days and years might go by without your life or outlook having the benefit of this wealth. You would likely call this ignorance of your true economic stature a tragedy, wouldn’t you? A costly tragedy.

A Great Inner Wealth

Great wealth has, in fact, been placed within you and every person — such wealth that three million dollars looks like a petty or incomplete treasure when compared to what is within you already. This treasure is called higher consciousness. It also has other names like superconsciousness, cosmic consciousness, or spiritual awareness, but most commonly it is called higher consciousness. Yes, it is a reality to thousands upon thousands of dynamic, creative people who draw upon it every day. But have you experienced it? Can you turn to your higher consciousness at will and find, with delight and ease, an especially wonderful energy and insight flowing through you and your world? Look far and wide, you will find there is no greater treasure available to you for happiness and fulfillment than your already existing and available higher consciousness. Also, with the aid of this consciousness you can solve your problems, know love, and be of great benefit to your fellow man and woman.

Though it would be a tragedy to die of poverty while actually and unknowingly being a millionaire, a greater tragedy — and the strangest paradox of all — is that most people have astonishing resources for happy lives and a better world; but, instead, they ignore these great capacities of their higher consciousness. People let their hopes remain fantasies rather than discover the means to make dreams real. What a strange situation! Yet people tend to chase all over the world, often behaving like beggars in search of small benefits which will tide them over until the next crisis in their lives. Imagine having the capability for great satisfaction already within reach and yet not turning toward it. Imagine not being able to raise your awareness to numerous — yes, infinite — possibilities that can make your life richer and more satisfying.

What Are Your Priorities?

Another case in point: what would you think of someone who had millions but died of a heart attack when the cost of living rose five percent? Twenty percent? Such things have happened. Have you heard about immensely wealthy people who were so frightened of poverty that they lived in incredible misery? Remember the woman in New York who slept in most meager rooms, starving herself, hiding from the cold in an old fur coat? When she died, stocks and bonds totaling tens of millions of dollars were found inside her coat and ancient mattress.

Similarly, an old farmer in North Dakota felt he could not afford to heat his cabin, even in the middle of Dakota winters! Every evening he would visit a friend who could afford heat. Then, late at night, he would take some coals from his friend’s stove, carrying them to his own cabin in a bucket. The warmth of these coals enabled him to survive until morning. When he died it was discovered “the man of miserable winters” was, in fact, a wealthy man. One part of his fortune, fifty thousand dollars, was found under his floor boards, an entertaining nest for the mice!

You may laugh or weep at that farmer but what are your priorities? Where are you searching for your fulfillment? Where have you traveled in your hopes? Higher consciousness awaits your attention. Infinite possibilities for fulfillment already exist within your higher consciousness. Most people search everywhere and often their memoirs reflect they did not achieve what they’d hoped for in life. Their years didn’t build into permanent well being.

Ignorance Is Costly

The possibilities of higher consciousness ride within you wherever you roam the earth’s surface in search of satisfaction. Without sensing your higher consciousness you may feel you have to force your will on others or outsmart them so you can get what you want. But your inner wealth already exists and the wisdom of your higher consciousness can show you how to fulfill bigger dreams than you ever dared dream.

Ignorance of your higher consciousness is very costly. Not only are you robbed of its tremendous ability to help you with your life, but you live cut off from the source of your strength and insight. Without the help of your inner power and wisdom, you feel cut off from others. Relationships are difficult to sustain, or even begin. Loneliness and a sense of separation from others is commonplace because it is your higher consciousness which provides the sense of harmony and interrelationship in life. Without awareness of your higher consciousness, your life will often seem without meaning and, indeed, without purpose.

In ignoring your higher consciousness, the stress of life will wear away at you and significantly shrink your number of years. Without the underlying sense of interrelationship which higher consciousness reveals, life becomes mainly conflict. With conflicts come the effects of victory — more battles, more stresses as you struggle to keep what you’ve gained — or of defeat, which often brings suffering, a sense of worthlessness and much enfeebling brooding. The cost of ignoring your higher consciousness is so extreme that no one who understands the cost would ever want to pay such a price.


Suppose, due to some accident, a tenth of your mind was lost. Suppose, too, that some highly-skilled surgeon could restore to you the missing one-tenth of your mind. Reclaiming that lost part of your mind would be worth any price, don’t you agree? You would be inclined to do anything, pay any fee, that this one-tenth might be returned to its rightful owner, wouldn’t you? Now, are you ready to hear this?

When we are talking about higher consciousness, we are not talking about discovering a missing tenth of our mind and our overall capacity for life. We are talking about nine-tenths. nine-tenths! When you do not have access to your own marvelous and magnificent higher consciousness, most of the qualities and aptitudes for success, in any degree, are missing. Without your higher consciousness, life is filled with disappointments. There is no lasting contentment. The consequences of poor judgment keep burdening you and adding to your problems each day. Of course, contacting your higher consciousness doesn’t mean an end to all problems but a refreshing intelligence and power is unleashed which enables you to solve problems and accomplish goals much, much more effectively.

The claim that when you are not in contact with your higher consciousness you are missing a whole nine-tenths of yourself, and of your capacity for a fine life, is not yet provable in a laboratory. However, those who have left their limited consciousness and discovered superconsciousness find so much benefit and enrichment that they commonly agree nine-tenths is a fair estimate of how much aptitude for fulfillment was missing. Many feel they were as if dead — dead! — before finding their higher consciousness. Now, immeasurably uplifted, they feel they have left that dead, limited, mechanical way of life. Living attuned to higher consciousness makes life heaven on earth.

Great life-enhancement awaits you, too, if you will stop ignoring your higher consciousness — the other nine-tenths of your faculties for a finer life.

An Experiment

Perhaps you can experience a little of your higher consciousness sooner, rather than later.

Try this experiment if you are of sound mind and physical health, and not given to an overly vivid imagination: Think of someone you love who is in a distant city or town. Sit calmly and feel in your heart — actually, in the center and front of your chest — how much you love him (or her). Sense the emotion of love.

Now feel that from the center of your chest the light of your love, the energy of your love, is reaching out and touching that beloved one. Have no desire to intrude. Be perfectly willing, if you feel a blockage, to abandon the practice until another time. Usually, however, people love to feel your love. They welcome it. So, very likely you’ll find you can extend, from the center of your chest, the feeling of your love and appreciation. You can contact a far-off person — even though you are separated by thousands of miles.

You will notice, as your love subtly touches that person’s life, that you will receive — with practice — a sense of what that person is feeling and, even, mentally preoccupied about. Notice, as your love flows, whether you feel he or she is emotionally “up” or sad and at a loss. You may even find that on the mental screen of your forehead you will sense some images or concepts from your loved one’s mind.

After a period of attunement, write down your experiences and impressions. Then, if you can, phone the beloved one whom you have contacted with your heart and learn whether your love has revealed a faculty of knowing, which is far beyond the normal. You may find that even in doing this practice for the very first time you have sensed at a superconscious level many emotional and mental activities of a dear person thousands of miles distant. You may conclude that in this manner you can know someone more compassionately and fully than ever before.

Prove To Yourself

While it takes years for most students in this field of knowledge to become adepts, you can likely prove to yourself within a few weeks that you have the consciousness which reveals the condition of another person a great distance away.

Often people who live in the same house do not use their resources for truly knowing how a dear one is thinking and feeling. This “love contact” experiment can enrich your relationships immediately, in addition to establishing — when you find yourself successful — that there are higher levels of awareness that become readily available to you if you simply love.

These supernormal, or “sixth sense,” experiences are only a small part of the whole field of higher consciousness which awaits you!

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