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10 Truths Revealed On the Path to a Happy Purposeful Life

Lifting yourself out of one reality into a lighter, more joyful reality is no simple task. However, it is the life work of all human beings to allow ourselves to continuously evolve to higher levels of authenticity and aliveness.

The list below serves as a powerful reminder that it is within your own command to create new habits that support your ever-expanding capacity for joy, love, and abundance. You have the ability to effect change and live the life of your dreams. Here’s some powerful insights that can help make your journey realistic and rewarding.

1. Confidence comes from trusting your heart, your soul, and your true feelings.

2. Expand. E x p a n d. E x p a n d. Expand your vision of what is possible. Use your imagination to point you in the right direction, but don’t limit yourself to how you think things should happen. Breathe, relax, and be receptive to good things happening in the best possible way.

3. Using force to reach your goals is an out of date process. Use grace and imagination to create new potentials. And when opportunity knocks, remember to answer the door.

4. Choose will over willpower. Will contains life and joy and what you “want” to be doing. Willpower contains the emotional burden of what you “should” be doing.

5. Setbacks are truly disappointing and disheartening. But they are only setbacks – not reasons to give up.

6. Tell yourself it’s okay to have emotions, even painful ones. Emotions often indicate what is – not what can be. But once you gather up the wisdom from your emotions, tell yourself it’s okay to feel better.

7. Enjoy this present moment. Feeling good involves having a dream, and being actively involved in the creation of your dream, not just having the outcome of the dream.

8. Always keep your word to yourself. That’s how you build trust and confidence to live your most rewarding, fulfilling life.

9. Overnight success? Instant results? Quick change? There’s always the exception, yet as a rule it’s not exactly going to happen that way. There are no secret ingredients to success. The truth is that having what you want takes time, persistent effort, and willingness to experiment, learn, and adjust the plan.

10. Be gentle with yourself. Your life will unfold as it should. You will find your way. It’s in your bones. It’s in your soul. You have so much inside of you that you have yet to discover. Be at peace and know that all is well.

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