The secret of making something work in your lives is first of all, the deep desire to make it work, then the faith and belief that it can work, then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought or doubt, or disbelief.

— Anonymous

Soul Mate Relationships

“The term soul mates is often used to mean twin souls; but there is an important distinction. Twin souls are two sides of the same soul, whereas group souls, though intimately related, are separate. We have many soul mates but only one twin soul…”

“Twin Souls”
P. Joudry & M. Pressman, M.D.


Soul mates can be lovers, parents, siblings, relatives, best friends and other individuals in our lives who are usually very close to us. As I understand it, four different kinds of soul mate relationships are possible.

“Karmic” soul mates are two individuals who have come together during a given lifetime to heal something from a past life or previous lives. Their relationship with one another can be very profound and loving, or it can deteriorate into the same negative situation that was created in a previous life. Another possible outcome is that the karma may only be partially resolved, leaving both with more work to do during this or some future life together.

All the negative karma we’ve incurred during any of our previous lives will eventually be healed through decisions that are based upon unconditional love and forgiveness. This will not happen because we are forced to do so as a form of punishment. Rather, our choices to bring healing will be based upon free will, which we and we alone will make.

This is what the universal law of karma is about. And we will have as many lives as we need to eventually balance all we have caused others to feel through fear, anger, hatred, bitterness, jealousy, and other ego-based choices.

The second kind of relationship we can choose to experience with a soul mate is one that involves important life lessons. For example, during our in-between life stay, we might plan to have a relationship with another while in physical body that would teach us the value of patience, forgiveness, tolerance, openness, acceptance, honor or another personal behavior that would foster our inner growth and spiritual awareness. Keep in mind that it could take many lifetimes to appreciate the importance of such qualities, and even more to make them a permanent part of our human nature.

The third type of soul mate partnership between a man and woman has been generally referred to as a “companion” relationship. These are individuals who join together in a bond of deep love to work on a project together. This might involve the formation of a spiritual center or the creation of an art gallery. Or perhaps the couple will compose music during a prolonged union.

The decision to accomplish a project through this kind of union was made by the two individuals prior to entering the earth plane. And their choice to do so was arrived at freely. This type of partnership may endure for part or all of a lifetime. Having made plans for their coupling prior to entering the Earth plane, the intent may have been for healing karma, for experiencing life lessons that come from partnership, or both. And life-plan contracts, made with spiritual growth in mind, always override man-made laws or religious dogmas.

The fourth soulmate relationship we almost always have is a close friendship or relationship with a relative. We join such individuals while in physical body simply to enjoy their love, company and energy. Not surprisingly, these individuals have been part of our previous lifetime experiences on many occasions.

It is very important to keep in mind that all soul mate relationships help us to remember who we really are, return us to God-centeredness and prepare us spiritually for the eventual reunion with our twin. As such, they can be extremely valuable and should be honored and respected for these very blessed reasons.

A dramatically different kind of relationship exists that is considered to be the most profound and compelling of all. This is the twin soul or twin flame union that will eventually transcend all others. However, because it is so highly charged with energy, the two individuals must be spiritually ready for it to last any meaningful length of time. When fully prepared, this union is meant to endure for eternity, because of its relationship to the ultimate ONEness we will all seek with our Source.

It is important to realize that any relationship you may now be having, whether it be soul mate or twin-soul, has the potential to be a glorious, fulfilling, extremely loving and very rewarding one, assuming that is what both individuals are striving for.

The coming together of twin souls does not guarantee fulfillment any more than a soul mate relationship might bring. What increases the chance for lasting twin reunion is that the two twins must be spiritually prepared for their relationship and then constantly find ways to make it work on that basis. The key ingredient is unconditional, unselfish love and the desire to base the union on a spiritual rather than a ego-based foundation. Only spiritually mature couples can deal with the influence of the ego in relationships. And that is a major reason for their success.

Always remind yourself that all relationships have a higher purpose. God created them to inspire us to understand and remember who we really are. After all, if you had no one to relate to, how could you know yourself? That is why all relationships are sacred.


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