What has gone has gone! What matters is what you make of your life from this moment onwards.

— The God Light

There Is Only One Of Us Here

You are the One Infinite Creator and all knowledge is not hidden from you… it merely waits for you to awaken and remember who you are.

Time is an illusion. Everything is happening now in the dream. The reason we only see the present physical surroundings is because we are so focused on this part of the dream we believe there is nothing else.

If we were to allow our beliefs of separation and ‘living in time’ to leave us, we would see all possibilities and all timelines. In the dream, there may be a scenario where some catastrophic event takes place in 2012 (even though that is NOT what David is teaching at all). In another timeline, everyone experiences nothing in 2012. In yet another timeline, the world was over before 2012 was even allowed to appear to come about. And in an ancient timeline, the world was over the instant it was thought of. No humans were born.

The Courses teaches that there is no world. It also states that the world was over a long time ago. How can these two statements be true?

There is no world

There is no world because everything that is seemingly outside of Oneness is illusion… it is not real. We believe it is real and we seem to be able to see, smell, feel, touch, and hear it… but that does not make it real. It only makes it seem real to us… it is something that we perceive and believe is real for us right now.

Remember that perception is a step away from knowledge. To truly know something is to BE it.

Knowing Oneness, you ARE Everything. Remembering Oneness you see glimpses of light surrounding everything you see with your body’s eyes. Believing you are a body shows you a world without meaning.

Perception requires a perceiver and the perceived. You cannot experience that illusion unless you believe the separation is real and also believe you are something you are not.

With this understanding, one can see that the world is an illusion because for it to be real would require that you be something that you are not. One cannot be something apart from Everything.

Everything is Everything and nothing else exists. The world can only exist as an illusion in the Mind of Everything. It can never be real.

If the world were real, then separation would have to be real also – but this is impossible as Everything can only BE Everything. Everything can never be simply part of itself.

But through judgement, one can appear to separate parts of Everything from Itself. It is not real, but your perception makes it appear to be real to you.

The world was over a long time ago.

As far as the world being over a long time ago, this is true because time is not real. The instant the mind of Everything considered it, the big bang appeared to happen (but didn’t) and Everything continued being Everything without missing a step. A thought was considered, but reality was not affected in the slightest.

The idea of separateness (i.e. the dream of “I wonder what it would be like to be something I am not”) appeared and was gone in an instant.

It offered us a chance to seemingly live in a universe apart from Everything – a place where we could experience NOT knowing Everything and be an INDIVIDUAL! (notice – in, divide, and duality are roots inside of individual)

Truth is True regardless of your belief in it.

Since you are the One Infinite Creator and your Mind is all powerful, what you believe is true for you. But it doesn’t make it REALLY True. In fact, what you believe does not affect Truth in the slightest. If it did, it would not be True as Truth is always true regardless of one’s belief in it.

The world is a projection from the mind of Everything and has no form but what we give it.

“Faith can move mountains” can also be expanded to be “Faith can make mountains appear to be”…

However, children eventually tire of playing with toys – and eventually awaken to the Truth of who they are and what their purpose is.

Time is a projection of Thought.

There is no time but NOW! There has never been anything BUT now. Although you are free to ‘dream’ of other times all you wish.

We are experiencing the ‘passing’ of time because we are shifting our focus from Everything to part of Everything. We have seemingly divided Everything into slices… But all possibilities exist NOW and our attention to what we think we see comes from that which we focus on.

Literally our thought collapses intelligent infinity into what we call matter as we think it. But we have projected the responsibility for this thought onto something we believe is outside of ourselves. Something other than us.

In essence, we have confused cause and effect. We are the cause… not the effect. And it is time we own up to the responsibility of our thoughts.

In a sense, we are addicted to our separated lives. There is nothing wrong with our beliefs… but we have been focusing on the past for a long long time now. And the time is now for us to awaken from our slumber and remember who we are – to awaken from the dream of separation and remember who we are.

The way out of this seeming hell is through forgiveness.

First, we must forgive everyone and everything we perceive as ‘outside’ ourselves. Then we must forgive ourselves for ever believing that we could somehow be separated from Everything. It is impossible to exist outside of Everything. Only in dreams can one imagine being outside of Everything.

In the dream, there seems to exist resonance.

The resonance phenomenon causes similar objects to vibrate when they are brought close to each other. This attraction of ‘like’ objects quickens with higher frequencies and slows with lower frequencies – both directions continue until the two objects appear as one – the Alpha and Omega ARE One!

As we forgive, the attraction time of one object to another is shortened and thus raising the frequency of the vibration of the entire universe… up past the frequency of light and into Love. We see this effect in watching people, electricity, matter, planetary rotation, and seasonal changes… whether they occur every year or every 75000 years or every microsecond.

What is not well known is that forgiveness collapses time by changing the vibratory rate of objects that appear to be in the dream. Objects appear to reduce their ‘mass’ and ultimately this causes a reduction in the amount of ‘mass’ appearing in the universe.

Objects, (whether appearing as matter or energy form) resonate by molecules, atoms, or strings getting closer to each other for a while then oscillating farther away from each other at seemingly other times.

The more ‘mass’ they have, the lower the frequency of the attraction and repulsion. The less ‘mass’ they have, the higher the vibration frequency.

The same appears to be true with light also… and it goes higher than our senses can perceive it. The energy of the cosmos, dark matter, or ‘ether’ is vibrating so fast it appears invisible to us.

As we forgive, the attraction time of one object to another is shortened and thus raising the frequency of the vibration of the entire universe… up past the frequency of light and into Love.

The higher in frequency matter appears to vibrate, the shorter time objects spend close to each other in their oscilllation and the longer the distance they can communicate with each other. In other words, matter transmutes from what we would call physical into light.

Forgiveness transforms matter into light.

When the Course states that Atonement might be equated with total escape from the past and total lack of interest in the future, it is stating simply this:

If you have forgiven the dream, then it does not matter what your body, eyes, or whatever seem to experience. And if you are truly not interested in the past of the future, you are totally focused on the present. Your frequency is raised (or actually you ‘remember’ who you are and your apparent ‘body’ transmutes into light) to the point of returning your apparent existence from the seeming physical to your home – the non-physical.

In the present are presents for you…. presence!

We cannot experience them if we feel guilty of the past and are afraid of the future. These are lower vibratory thoughts and tend to keep us focused on 3rd dimensional existences.

I speak in metaphor here… in reality none of this exists… vibrations, bodies, and light are thought forms. They are not real.

Forgive and be happy… Love everything and everyone because that is who you are.

Time Travel

Time travel is merely shifting our focus from one part of the past to another part of the past. The world was over a long time ago. It is not here now.

This is how psychics can ‘predict’ the future. They are merely remembering the past and ‘predicting’ a probable next step. But none of it is real – it’s only illusion.

There is no David, there is no Larry and there is no You – apart from the One Infinite Creator. (“I am not a Body, I am free as God created me” ACIM)!

This last statement does not have to be a fearful thought. But it does require that you ‘give up’ your ideas about who you think you are. In fact, in order to fully experience it, you must not think anything.

Thinking IS the problem!

You and I are the same being… the One Infinite Creator who has chosen to ‘forget’ who he/she is and believe in a false dream. We only ‘appear’ to be separate from each other in this dream. But as we awaken, we remember the Truth of who we are – One.

Healing/Holy Spirit was brought into the dream as a ‘protection’ device.

One cannot forget who he/she is totally and completely… there is ALWAYS a lifeline back to source that knows the Truth.

We need only quiet our logical minds and let Spirit gently remind us of who we are. It is inevitable that when we let go, we fall back into Truth. There is no where else to fall if we truly let go.

Release and let go… and remember the Truth!

There is no place one can go that is outside of Everything… Everything knows that nothing does not exist.

This is why:

Nothing Real can be threatened
Nothing Unreal exists

© DivineCosmos

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