It’s not what you call me, but what I answer to.

— African proverb

Archangel Uriel about Ascension

Angels are found in religions around the world: Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam all have their Angels. Angels are Universal, they are the love and light embodiment of an energetic expression. They have fully integrated the male and the female. They are the Divine Spark within Each One of Us. They are here to Guide you, you must always Ask and Allow.
How is this done? It is a good practice to learn to speak to the Angels. Call your Angel Guide by Name, invite them into your quiet time, into your meditation. Ask them questions, wait and see if you hear answers. Ask them to show you Guidance by obvious signs, a call from a friend, an email, something you see on tv. If you feel these nudges, follow them, this is the Allow part of Ask and Allow.

Angels each have their own Soul Signature. Ask when you call them, to show you, by feeling, who it is, that is there. You may feel a tingling in a certain part of your body, or different feelings in your hands. Ask each Angel to show you their individual vibration when they come to speak to you.

Certain Angels are specialist in certain areas. Ask the different Angels to help in their area of expertise. Call the Angels throughout the day, if you desire. When you feel comfortable talking to the Angels, you will find they have a great sense of humor, and they enjoy helping. There is no limit to the help they can bring. Angels tap in to Divine Mind and bring the information to you into your Local Mind. This is how the Guidance is received. Angels help keep Ones on their Mission and reveal sacred mysteries. Angels may help in healing. Ask for an energy vortex to work on clearing and cleansing the body of anything which is no longer needed. This will occur on the electromagnetic level of your Light Body and in time it will manifest in the physical as improved health.

Each of the Angels works with their own Divine Aspect of Loving Intelligence to implement the Master Plan on Earth.

The Angels can help open your heart, ease your mind, and keep you on the path of your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. I have brought my flame of Love, the fire of God, the Light of God, which purifies emotional and mental understanding transmuting the lower vibrations into frequencies that can assimilate Spiritual Understanding. I can help Guide you in Your Mission. Ask me and I will show you new inspiration you have not considered before.

I work closely with Archangel Chamuel. Archangel Chamuel will Guide you matters of the Heart and World Peace. Invite Chamuel in for Guidance on these things.

Archangel Michael teaches of Awakening Consciousness and may be called on for this Guidance.

Archangel Raphael is working with Annubis and the 4 M’s (Metatron, Mother Sekhmet, Lord Maitreya, and Archangel Michael) in the Separation of  Worlds and establishing  Terra Nova.Ask Raphael for help in healing with love.

Archangel Gabriel is the Lord of Gods White Ray of Ascension. Call on Archangel Gabriel for your Ascension work. He will help you increase your light quotient and increase your love quotient.

Archangel Ariel is the Keeper of Sacred Wisdom. Ask for help from Ariel to Guide your Wisdom as you Ascend.

Archangel Metatron is considered to be the Most Supreme of Angelic Beings.Metatron works with the Language of Life, he can Guide You regarding connecting your I Am Presence with All That Is.

As you continue in the Ascension Process, find comfort in your Unseen Friends, The Angels. You are never alone. You are most Beloved.
~Archangel Uriel
Mark and Beth

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