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Timelines and Future Selves — The Founders

The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

Sal Rachele

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This channel and a few others have discovered the benefits of healing the timelines of the soul. One of the ways this is accomplished is by traveling through time to assist those aspects of the soul that seem to be stuck and not moving forward. While ultimately, this is an illusion because time is an illusion, in the short term it is extremely helpful to offer your own soul healing in this manner. The next section will briefly explore the idea that some of the ET visitations you are experiencing are actually future versions of yourselves and others who have come back in time to be of assistance.

Future Versions of Yourselves Coming Back to Help

Time is a curious thing. In our realm it appears as a tapestry of finely woven realities intertwining and interfacing into infinity. (You can see we are having difficulty finding adequate words to describe this in your language.)

Your mental state is based on what you call “linear reality,” or the seeming progression of events through a time/space medium. The nature of your psychological time is where things get confusing for you. For example, you have a mental construct that tells you what five minutes feels like. You can imagine what you were doing five minutes ago and it seems to have a continuity to it. Yet from a higher perspective, that continuity is an illusion.

In truth, all time is happening now. The past, present and future are all unfolding simultaneously, and they are all changing, while at the same time existing within a changeless background. Again, we must resort to analogies and metaphors in order for your mind to grasp this idea.

This channel’s guides, the Arcturians, used an analogy that is particularly appropriate, although we apologize in advance that it involves mathematics. You are, perhaps, familiar with the idea of fractals. They are spirals representing the growth of organic life forms, and they can be generated artificially by feeding a certain type of mathematical equation, known as a “recursive function,” into a computer program. This channel can guide you to websites that portray beautiful, colorful fractals, and you can see how they continually expand (and contract) into an infinite variety of patterns and forms. Yet, within those patterns and forms, there is a constant set of parameters, and these are based on the changeless aspect of the fractal function itself. For although the fractal expands and changes into infinity, the function remains the same.

Such is the case with time and eternity. Although the past, present and future are continually changing, the changeless backdrop (eternity) remains as it has always been and will always be.

Since the past is not really set in stone, even though your mind perceives it thus, every time you move outside the fabric of time/space and into the changeless eternal state, you are able to see the whole of time/space, and you can choose to enter the time/space at any point within its continuum, whether it be past, present or future as your world sees it.

From the present vantage point, you can see places within your soul’s infinite series of timelines where there has been trauma or negative imprinting. In essence, you can see realities where the soul appears to be stuck and unmoving. Therefore, it is possible to enter into those stuck places in the timeline and “unstick” the aspect of the soul residing there. As a part of your Infinite Self enters into a particular region and timeline to help the stuck aspect of Self, the entire fabric is altered.

In your sci-fi movies, you have the idea that if you change the past, the future changes radically and in paradoxical fashion. For example, you are familiar with the idea that if you were to go back into the past and make a change that causes your mother to die before conceiving you, then you would cease to exist. We assure you, dear Creators, that it is not like that in reality.

When you make a change to the past (or any part of the timeline), you actually generate a new fabric within the tapestry of time/space. In other words, you enter a new timeline for every incident in which the original timeline is changed. The channel calls this “jumping timelines.” Although the original timeline still exists in the Akashic records, it is no longer “your” timeline. You now have a new past.

When you go back in time and give one of your past selves a healing, you now live in a new timeline that includes the experience of having your past be healed. Your psychologists have a process called “reframing,” which is similar to what we are talking about, but more on a mental level. When the past is changed on a purely mental level, it simply changes your way of viewing the past, rather than actually changing the timeline.

In order to actually change the past, you must access what is commonly called the “causal body.” This is the aspect of the soul that remains aware during and between lifetimes, and that carries experiences forward from lifetime to lifetime. To make a change in “real time,” it is usually necessary for you to enter a deeply meditative state (a Theta brain-wave state), in order to remove as many distractions as possible. A brief technical explanation of timeline healing follows. If you want more information, we suggest you contact the channel.

The Akashic medium is an electromagnetic stratum that records all possible and probable timelines. When a soul journeys back in time and changes the past, the original past is recorded in the Akashic records and is available to be explored, along with all the new timelines generated as a result of the journey. There are an infinite number of timelines, but there is what you call the “dominant timeline,” or the one that receives the most energy and attention, for lack of better terminology.

You have an infinite number of past selves, both in this lifetime and other lifetimes. Every moment of Creation generates another self, and there are an infinite number of moments in Creation. When you choose a particular past self (particular moment in Creation) and decide to bring your awareness there (by traveling through time), that past self may or may not have an experience of being visited by your “future” self. If the past self is quite aware and clairvoyant, he or she will likely experience a visitation, often in the form of an angelic image.

In this channel’s work, he often advises the client to tell the past self that he or she is receiving a visitation by “an angel of God.” This is because that may be the only way the past self can relate to the experience. On rare occasions, the past self can be informed that the visitation is by a future version of itself.

Some clients are able to recall, when reviewing their past in a linear manner, having a visionary experience in the past that exactly corresponds to the time period being reviewed by the future self. The channel calls this “closing the time loop.”

There have been a number of UFO/ET experiences by humans in which the humans have concluded (or have been informed) that the beings that visited them came from the future. Some of these contactees have concluded that the beings from the future were versions of themselves. Because the past and future are not fixed, these beings are helping change your anticipated future by making these visitations. Therefore, they cannot say with certainty what is going to happen in the future because that is dependent upon your free will. You can accept or reject their advice.

There are some checks and balances on this process. When you make changes to various timelines, especially in the past, you cannot violate the free will of the souls residing in those timelines. For example, you cannot journey back in time and prevent the sinking of Atlantis, because a tremendous number of souls chose to have that experience in order to learn from it, and you are not allowed to deprive them of that experience. Nevertheless, every time you journey back to Atlantis and make changes there, you are creating an alternate timeline for Atlantis.

As an example of how souls receive healing as a result of time travel, a lot of you were in embodiment during the time of Atlantis and many of you carry guilt regarding the events that transpired there (in the dominant timeline). Some of you knew that the continent was about to be destroyed, but felt powerless to prevent it. Others felt directly responsible for the death and destruction that ensued. As stated in an earlier transmission, the main lesson of Atlantis involved reaping the consequences of being out of balance within the levels of Self. Atlanteans were extremely mental and intellectual and had largely suppressed their emotional bodies. This imbalance between the mental and emotional bodies was the primary cause of the destruction of Atlantis. The invading Orions and the resulting explosions of the crystal generating stations were secondary causes. Had the Atlanteans developed their intuitive faculties sufficiently, they would have become aware of the true intentions of the Orions before it was too late. In other words, the Atlanteans would not have been hoodwinked into believing the Orions had their best interests at heart.

In Lemuria, you had the opposite issue. The Lemurians were highly developed emotionally and intuitively, but lacked the mental and intellectual knowledge necessary to protect themselves from the sudden change in climate precipitated by the comet that brushed the atmosphere of Earth. Had they been open to technological ideas, they could have built shelters capable of carrying them through the ice age that followed the comet.

In the present age on Earth, you have an opportunity to come into true balance between the “head” and the “heart,” thereby completing the lessons that were partially learned during Atlantis and Lemuria. Going back in time to help your past selves is most effective if you bring the knowledge you have now with you. You are then planting seeds in the consciousness of your past selves, seeds that will grow and flower in the present age.

The changes you make are usually related to the past self’s experience of the events taking place there, and the changes to the events themselves are usually very minor, since major changes would violate the free will of souls that have chosen that experience. For example, you can help a soul leave the body during an especially painful death, but you are almost never allowed to rescue the soul from that situation or prevent the death. You can give a healing to the soul to make the experience less traumatic. This is sometimes what is taking place when souls see “angels from God” coming to take them home during the death experience. (This is not to say that angels do not actually come and help during the transition.)

There are many possible future timelines for your Earth. The “dominant” timeline is the one chosen by the majority of souls, or the one that has the most energy placed within it. As stated earlier, there are three dominant timelines occurring on planet Earth now, corresponding to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th density versions of reality. There are other possibilities as well, but only a tiny percentage of human souls will choose a timeline other than these three dominant ones.

You could say that the Earth is splitting into three different versions – a 3rd density Earth with a lot of death and destruction, a 4th density Earth with enlightened self-sufficient spiritual communities, and a 5th density Earth of physically ascended masters living in paradise. While these three timelines are existing simultaneously in truth, to the linear mind they will seem like a three-pronged fork in the road of time/space. Most souls will experience only one of these, although with enough awareness you can experience all of them at the same time.

Another aspect of time travel involves the ability to expand and contract time. As you grow in awareness and enter into higher dimensions, you will learn how to manipulate time in order to maximize your experiences and be of the highest possible service. For example, an ascended being can assist many thousands of Earth souls within a very small amount of linear Earth time. Such a being can visit each of those individual souls, carry on a conversation with them, give them a healing, and then return to his or her own dimensional continuum while only a few seconds have passed (in Earth time).

Generally speaking, time in the higher realms is more compressed, meaning that a day in the life of a 12th density being might correspond to a million years on Earth. However, the experience can be reversed, depending on how time is to be utilized.

Therefore, the beings that visit you, whether directly or in spaceships, might be spending an “afternoon” of their free time exploring the past of Earth and visiting various souls there in various time frames. As they do so, the fabric of time/space expands and changes. New timelines and new possibilities are created. And the Creator’s Universe continues to unfold and unravel.

As you can see, dear Creators, we have only touched the surface of this vast area of study. Your linear intellectual minds cannot fully grasp the subject of time, and so do not worry if this section has been a bit difficult for you. In the next section, we will come a little more down to Earth and document some of the specific changes you can expect as your world undergoes the shift.

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