We are not the body. It’s a vehicle to experience this reality.

— David Icke

It Is Only a Test

MARY: We’ve explained on numerous occasions about how the Creator split apart, and how those split-aparts split apart, and those split-aparts split apart, and so on. And we’ve also explained that this was a learning phenomenon that took place in order for the Creator to learn and experience, and learn some more from those experiences. Therefore, within each and every one of you, resides a soul that comes directly from Source. And this soul is in the process of experiencing, so that the Creator might learn from those experiences. And each of these souls chose to come in to learn specific lessons, those things which we have referred to as your Life’s Lessons. Does any of this ring any bells? Good! And as you walk through the life that YOU chose, and as you learn the experiences of those Life Lessons that YOU chose to learn, you develop new and intriguing situations along the way. Now, we have also told you that this is something that you might refer to as YOUR Game, and along the way in this learning process, you establish YOUR rules to YOUR Game.

In human concepts, when you go into a schooling situation, what is the best way to prove to yourself that you have learned what has been taught to you?

JANISEL: A test.

MARY: Oh, very good. Now, in a structured educational system, you have teachers that give you tests, that someone, somewhere along the line developed to prove to the teacher and the school that you have been taught, you have learned what that school within that society has deemed necessary for you to learn. Well, in this Game, in this learning experience that we talk about, you also have tests. You have many tests, and YOU wrote the tests, for you wished to give yourself tests in order that you might prove to yourself that you have just learned and retained an excellent lesson… or a portion of a lesson. Or, perhaps, even you found another lesson that was not yours but you found it intriguing, so you decided to learn it also. For, perhaps, you figured that you could learn it better than the one that you saw was experiencing it as a Life’s Lesson of their own. So you take it upon yourself to prove to yourself, and perhaps even to that other person, that you can learn that lesson more efficiently or better than they do. We call this ‘ego’. I won’t tell you what you call it… it would not be appropriate… the language, that is. I will let you guess as we go along the way.

Do you remember our example that we gave last week of the automobile accident? We shall refer to that one again, just to make sure you received it correctly, to see how well you can test yourself to see if you learned it to its most efficient. Now, you have an automobile accident that is not a bad accident, no one was harmed physically, however, there was a lot of damage done. Perhaps you did not have appropriate funds or resources behind you to pay for the damage that was done, to not only your automobile but also to the participating ‘lesson learner’s’ automobile. Therefore, you have learned a lesson. You have learned a lesson that YOU have the capacity of inflicting financial harm upon yourself. We shall say that is Lesson – Stage 1.

You might rant and rave at the other person, when clearly you were the one that was at fault, and in the middle of your ranting and raving, clarity comes to you. You stop, you think, “I am the one that ran the red light.” Perhaps, you even apologize to the other lesson learner in this scenario. You have just accepted responsibility for your own actions… Lesson – Stage 2.

Now, you do whatever it is that you need to do, whether it be borrow, whether it be sell something, whatever it is that you need to do to pay your debt, as far as this lesson scenario is concerned, to the other person. Of course, it is appropriate to take them into consideration before yourself, especially if you are at fault. Thus, you have taken care of your ‘responsibility’ to the other person. Remember responsibility? That was last week’s lesson in this scenario. So this we will call Lesson – Stage 3.

Then, perhaps, you have fixed your automobile and you find yourself in the same scenario. You are ready to run that red light again and you stop, and you think, “Ah, this is the situation I was in last time. I think I will reconsider.” Lesson – Stage 4. Putting yourself in the same circumstance to see if it ‘fits’, to see if you learned that lesson well in the same scenario.

Something about you… consciously, sub-consciously, or on a soul-level… decides, “Lesson well-learned. Now, let’s put it to the test, shall we?” So you accept the fact that you are ready to be tested, and you decide to put yourself in a different scenario with different scenery, with different players, to see if you learned all facets of that lesson. Let’s say that this time you have a cherished object… an antique vase. And this antique vase was given to you from your great-grandmother, who passed on, and it is the only thing that you have of hers, so therefore it is a cherished object. Now, you go to visit a friend who also has a cherished object… perhaps an antique vase… and you are speaking to your friend. You become very dramatic in your speech, and you swirl around and it falls to the floor and breaks into a million pieces, beyond feasible repair. Would you equate this situation with your automobile accident lesson? For they are the exact same lesson. They both have to do with how much energy you put into material objects and their worth, as compared to a friendship, as compared to an obligation or a responsibility, or as compared to ‘just doing the right thing’.

Now, in the second scenario, what do you think would be the best way of solving this problem? Giving your friend YOUR vase? Asking your friend what a fair energy-exchange would be? Technically, they are both right. However, where are your ‘stages’ of your lessons? Stage 1 – acknowledging that it was you that did it. So many people would, shall we say, immediately flip out the checkbook without acknowledging responsibility. This is an important stage. Offering your vase would be nice, however, it would not replace that person’s grandmother’s vase, for that person did not know your grandmother… it is not the same thing. Do you wish to know what the full fair energy-exchange would be? How about if my suggestion were to be for you to take your vase to that person and offer it to them… not in exchange for their vase, but to offer them the opportunity to break your vase? For you see, no amount of money could replace their grandmother’s vase.

Replacing YOUR vase with their vase will not replace their grandmother’s vase. And whether they feel it was by accident or by design is of no consequence to you. You have just put yourself to a test. You set up the entire scenario to knock over and break their grandmother’s vase to prove to yourself, if nothing else, that the memory of your grandmother does not survive within a vase, it survives within your heart. Do you not think that you offering her that recompense would not show her that you not only are willing to take responsibility for your own actions, but you are willing to show her your responsibility to HER, as ‘her brother’s keeper’? And if she is a good friend, and politely says, “No, you keep your vase.” One of the best ways to live the example, to prove to her that you ‘walk the talk’ would be for you to ‘accidentally’ drop your own vase. This could prove to her that not only can she learn this same lesson, but she can then put herself to the test, and pass the test.

There are MANY that are going to read this lesson and completely disagree because they have yet to learn that ‘things’ are just ‘things’. The only energy that they have is the energy that you give them. You could go out and purchase a brand new vase, and you could put your ‘intent’ in your heart and in your head that that vase is the vase that you received from your great-grandmother. And every time you looked at that vase, you would remember your great-grandmother… if you needed something to remind you of her. However, the other ‘intent’ that you could have is that every time you looked at that new vase, you could remember that you tested yourself and passed with flying colors… thanks, in part, to your great-grandmother who gave you the original vase anyway.

Now, which would be the better lesson to pass on to your children? “This was my great-grandmother’s vase. She went out into her garden and pulled pretty weeds to stand in this vase to make her house look nice. And then they would die and she would throw them away, and she would go out and pull more pretty weeds to stick in this vase. Oh! And at one point in time my great-grandfather mistakenly took it to be a holder for his walking stick and it chipped it, so it was not perfect, anyway. BUT, it belonged to my great-grandmother. So, therefore, my daughter, it belonged to your great-great-grandmother and is to be cherished as such.” Now, your daughter does not even know of the person of whom you speak. She has no memory of this Being. She has no connection to this great-great-grandmother. And, if the truth were to be known, she probably thought the vase very ugly! Or, you could buy a new, beautiful vase and you could teach your daughter… “This is the vase that I proved to myself that I learned a lesson concerning ‘things’.”

Perhaps share with her that lesson so that she, too, may have the understanding so that, one day when that vase becomes hers, she can look upon it and she can think, “My mother was a wise woman. She broke the ugly chipped vase that belonged to her great-grandmother because she accidentally broke the vase of her friend, that belonged to her grandmother. So, my mother returned the energy fairly and accepted responsibility, and was an excellent example. And then she went out and brought this new beautiful vase so that I might have a remembrance, not of ugly weeds that died in the vase, but of the beautiful wisdom that this vase contains.” Now, which is the lesson you would much prefer to pass on to your daughter?

Before I explained the ‘testing’, how would you have felt about me telling you immediately, ‘Ah! You break your friend’s vase, run home, grab yours, put it in her hands, and force her to throw it on the floor and break it?’ You would have thought it was to ease your conscience. Perhaps. Why can we not look at that as a way to ease the souls involved… to allow them the opportunity to truly have the fair energy exchange? Somewhere in the back of your mind, you have a little tickling sensation, and you’re thinking, “This reminds me of another lesson.” It’s called the lesson on ‘Perception’… how you perceive a specific thing in your own manner, or in a manner that is suggested to you in a different form. Correct? We are hoping that all who read these lessons take them as ‘a whole’ instead of forty-one separate parts, that they see it, instead of four separate books, they see it as the ‘whole’… the whole that it truly is. For we give you pieces within these lessons that, when put together, make a beautiful picture.

Now, I wish to state a few ‘facts’, if I might. We… anyone not in a 3D body… NEVER test you. The Creator tests you probably twice, maybe three times, in the whole of your life. All of the rest of the trials, tests and tribulations that you find yourself going through… congratulations, you have just found out that you test yourself quite often to prove to yourself that you have learned your lessons well in different situations. You are covering all of your bases as far as your lessons-well-learned. We… those not in a 3D body… have a responsibility where you are concerned, and that is to be here when you call upon us… sometimes… as a support. For confirmation occasionally. But I will tell each and every one of you right now: the reason that we do not make ourselves known to you… if we have not… or the reason we do not always come when we are called, or when we seem as if we are playing a game to you, please realize it is because we are playing YOUR game by YOUR rules.

We are following the scenario that you are now testing yourselves with. Not only that, but each and every one of you WILL go through a test, a self-imposed test, that once you DO come in contact with us, you’ll find yourself testing yourself by denying yourself communication with us in order that you might prove to yourself that it is not really US but YOU all along. Or, to prove to yourself that no matter how many wonderful hints and wonderful, marvelous love that you receive from us, you can just still do it all by yourself! Without guidance, without confusion. And where does the confusion come in? Your ego does not wish for you to take responsibility for YOUR actions. If we are your guides, if we are those here to give you assistance, why can’t we just spell it out for you and quite playing the game? Just spit it out so that you can go your merry way and not have to test yourself any further? Well, we’re playing by your rules. We can only do what you allow us to do, and just speaking the words, “I want to hear it all. I want to know it all.” is not enough.

Do you wish to know why? Because YOU are the ones that accepted this human body contract, with full knowledge that the human body contract comes with veils and has freewill choice. So, therefore, WE are playing the game by your rules, and we are abiding by your rules by NOT sharing with you anything that deprives you of your freewill choice.

GUEST: If they’re OUR rules, can’t we change our rules?

MARY: As soon as you can change that human body that has the freewill choice contract with it. It is the body that carries that contract. And, please, also remember… just in case, we shall cover all bases here. You DO have a contract with your Creator that says that that body will continue breathing in and out until the Creator tells it to stop. And you have accepted that contract. Therefore, to be rid of the human body that carries with it the freewill choice contract, is yours to keep until it’s time for the body to quit breathing in and out by the Creator. We are making sure that all bases are covered here. Just please realize your soul is not tied to that body contract. The soul has its own contract… different from the body contract. Just remember that anytime the soul leaves the body, and the soul gathers information, the filters within the body will question that information quite mercilessly every time you bring it back in, because that’s the body’s job.

This is a test. It is ONLY a test. Only humans that speak English call it a four-letter word. Testing can be the most definitive way that you can grow spiritually, if you allow. Testing is the proving ground for lessons learned. It all depends upon your perception of how you look at a test as to whether you see it as good or bad. That is your lesson. It shall be a hard one for many, but I do not know if they will openly admit that. All that is necessary is to acknowledge that it is, indeed, a test.

GUEST: Would we be able to know if the test is one that is self-imposed as opposed to one of those few times that it would be a test from God?

MARY: Does that matter? If you are testing yourself for a lesson learned, would that not be for God anyway? It’s all the same then, isn’t it?

GUEST: Somehow, the import of a test that God would give you would be something that…

MARY: You are perceiving your own manner, yes? For if God resides within you, and you are testing yourself, would that, then, not be God testing you also? Everything that you do in your life you do for God. That will really make you stop and think, won’t it? Everything.

[End of lesson]

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