To defend oneself is but to conform to the Spiritual Law of the Protection of Man.

— Richard Boylan

Ego: The Two-edged Sword

The double-edged sword: one edge being ‘ego’, the other being ‘humility’. You see, all that have decided to come in at this time, on this planet and in this dimension, all have the biggest veil that there is, contracted to come in with them at the same time. And this veil has a name… it is called the ego. The ego is nothing more than a veil. The ego is the filter that is the choice between your freewill choice and my beloved brother Ashtar’s “Prime Directive”. So you see, the ego has developed through this human freewill choice in leaps and bounds and, in some, it has gotten quite ‘thick’, shall we say? Whereas, in others, it is quite thin. Now, there are going to be those who may not agree that the ego is nothing more than a veil.

This is for THEIR discernment… as is all the information in these classes. Shall I say, just because it comes out of this mouth does not mean it is to be accepted ‘blindly’, as are any teachings? We wish for all to use their own heart and their own discernment in the information that comes through in these classes. For you see, the heart of your soul is what speaks to each individual. Now, we would hope that our time here is not wasted, and that at least SOME of what is in these lessons is taken in, however, we do not insist that anyone take these lessons in blindly. Take each lesson into your heart and discern it. Now, you do realize don’t you, that the biggest lesson in doing that is “are you discerning through your heart or are you discerning through your ego?” For, you see, the ego tends to makes its presence known more fully and completely than as does the heart of the soul.

The ego is a part of who you are. You cannot completely erase the ego, nor would you really want to. Neither can you destroy the ego. You would not wish to do that, either. Now I do realize there have been some, who are taking this class who have gone through a process known as the ‘ego ascension’. This is good. This is not guaranteed to work, however. For you see, there are a lot of egos out there who do not wish to ascend. The ascension of the ego does not destroy the ego, nor does it invalidate the ego, however, it puts the ego in it’s proper perspective. This does not necessarily mean that this is what the ego wants. So you see, a lot of those who have taken the ego ascension process have been having a very difficult time. They are very tired, they wish to sleep, they are having nightmares, and they are having nervous energy. These are methods that their ego has been retaliating with. The ego can attach itself to your dreamstate, the ego can show its ways through the physical-ness of the body. The ego is so ingrained in this body that you’re contained in that it can touch upon any aspect of your Being, except for your soul. Your soul is located on the other side of the veil of the ego.

What would be the best tool for ‘proving’ to the ego that you wish for it to ascend into a higher manner so it does not interfere with your ‘destiny’… your ‘mission’? This is the act of ‘humility’… the other side of the sword. For you see, the ego wishes recognition. The ego wishes accomplishment. The ego feeds upon energy given to it as a personal accomplishment for a job well done, whereas humility does not require nor ask for recognition.

But you see…you know how we have discussed the words and the power of words… there are so many that have refused to honor the act of humility because it reminds them, on a subconscious level, of the word ‘humiliation’. One does not have to go through humiliation to be humble. One that is humble does not experience humiliation. For where does the word ‘humiliation’ grab its roots? If you feel humiliated, what part of you feels that humiliation? If your answer is, your ego, you are correct.  Humiliation, or the concept of humiliation, is a concept that has been birthed directly from the ego, and it is a word and a concept that the ego has given birth to, to counteract being humble. So you see, we wish for all of you to be the true Ascended Masters that you truly are, but here comes the double-edged sword again.

The ego says, “I AM an Ascended Master… therefore I KNOW it, I AM it, therefore I AM!”. Being humble, the other side of that sword is, “Yes, I am an Ascended Master, and yes, I DO know it, however, my ego veil prevents me from remembering it. So therefore, I need to be reminded.” The humbleness of the soul realizes that each individual soul is truly nothing without the Source of its Being.

The soul feels the separation from Source. The soul yearns for separation to be over, to be joined back into Source. And the soul recognizes that anytime two individual souls can come together it feels more energy from the Source than just by standing alone. Then if three souls come together it’s even MORE energy, and with each additional soul that comes together each of those souls feel the closer emanation of the true Source that they all come from. For the more of those souls that get together, the more unity and closeness they feel to Source. However, the ego is not a part of the Soul.

The ego does not wish to come together and combine energies because the more that come together in that combined energy, the less recognition the ego gets. Therefore, we look at ourselves as independent Beings who are nothing, without our Source, and our Source is ALL of Us. In the great teachings of the past, when we were told to love our neighbors as our selves, the ego immediately clasps to the concept of “love our selves and our neighbors will love us also!”. Well, we love our neighbors as we love ourselves because we see their soul, and in their soul we see our Source. And if we love ourselves, it is not our ego that we truly love, it is the recognition that our Source is within us.

Now… we will clarify here. Some call it ‘spirit’, some call it ‘God’, some call it ‘Goddess’, some call it ‘Creator’, some call it ‘Source’… It is all the same. We just wish to have all acknowledge the fact that we are ONE. We still ARE One. It is only the ego that keeps us from fully incorporating into the One. We will now ask the first question… and this is more along the lines of a rhetorical question. This question is not to be answered. This question is merely to be incorporated into one’s consciousness so the ego may have something to mull over.


If you were offered a choice between leaving this third-dimensional existence and becoming a truly great Ascended Master, that will come back and assist others, would you choose that? Or do you think you might choose leaving this third-dimensional existence and losing all identity that separates you from Source by merging, once and for all, completely into Source?

Hard question to begin with. Bear in mind it is a rhetorical question that you need not answer. It is no big thing. We just wish to put your ego in turmoil just a little bit, because we know, what the ego will choose, yes? Is there any doubt what the ego will choose? So… we will also ask…


If you had a choice between being an Ascended Master and KNOWING, consciously, EVERYTHING, or being just a Being who WISHES to know everything, which would you be?

This one, too, will be easy for the ego to answer, will it not? Do we not ALL wish to have all the wisdom in the Universe? Well, it is like this. There is NO “all the wisdom in the Universe”. This is going to put some in a tailspin, yes? There is new wisdom and knowledge coming in constantly, because things are in a constant state of change. Therefore, if you wish to have all the wisdom of the Universe, the best way that you can accomplish this, is to pick that first choice that your ego would not wish you to have. This is due to the fact that the only One who has all that wonderful knowledge is Source. If you gave up all of your ‘identity’ that kept you separated, and completely melded into Source, then you would HAVE all of that wisdom, and you would be the one true Master that all came to. Does that not mean that there is a ‘price to pay’? As far as an ascension class is concerned, we wish for all those taking this class, to know there are ‘options’.

Yes… you have a certain specific idea, and yes… some of you DO know, or it has been hinted to you, as to where you will go after this reality. However, at any given time, you are always given a choice. You CAN know it all. You CAN be it all. You CAN lose all separateness and all individuality, and incorporate yourself back into Source. So, you see, even the rhetorical questions are not simply to just ‘think’ on, because they are available. However, very, very few are willing to completely lose themselves to go back to Source. For you see, some do not do it to be of service to those that still need guidance and assistance on a different level. Some do not do it due to the fact that they have not felt that they have learned all that they can possibly learn from being separated from Source. Some do not do it because they do not feel worthy enough to become One with God. It does not matter, the reasons for your choices, and it is a very personal choice. AND the Creator must approve it! So even if you wish it, it may not be your time because, as we have said before, only the Creator knows your entire Contract.

The Creator is the One that caused separateness… because the Creator wished to know what that feeling would be like… and for whatever Higher Ideals were involved in this. But, you see, it is all… perfect. This is one of the hardest concepts for anyone to recognize in a third dimensional world. There are those that say they do not believe in God because God causes ‘wars’, or they cannot believe in a God that allows babies and children to suffer. But, this is all a part of God’s learning. Gifting those here in this reality with the gift of ‘freewill’ choice has been one of the best lessons that the Creator has ever given to Itself. Humans have become so vivid with their imaginations that freewill has become such a glorious concept at times. Even the ego itself originally came in as a very thin veil, however, over the course of time it has become very thick through all these imaginings of the humans and their freewill choice that came long before you. Of course, you were a part of it at times, and this, too, is part of the price that you pay, is it not?

Have I digressed here, or are we still on track? Being humble is a wonderful way of thinning the veil of your ego. However, in order to do this, there is a battle that takes place. The ego has a firm grip on all of your realities. There are some that claim that they have no ego whatsoever, because due to their childhood, due to prior programming in this lifetime, they are not a prideful Being therefore, they have no ego. But, some of them do not realize that boasting of having no ego is one of the BIGGEST egos of all! The best course of action is simply to accept that you do have an ego. Everyone came in with one… everyone came in with a THICK one! So, once you can say, “Yes, ego… I acknowledge you. Now, let’s see what I can DO with you,” a good portion of the battle has begun.

Now then, how does one follow the footsteps of being “humble”? Hmm… I wish to do this without trampling too many egos here. We shall take ‘healing work’. This is one that most that are taking these classes have had some experience with. We will use this one as an example. This one (Debbie) is so empathic that she can be in the same room with someone that needs healing, and this one’s entire body gets hot, especially the hands. And IF this one were to lay her hands on the one that needed the healing, there would more than likely be enough healing energy in these hands to offer at least a respite from what was wrong with that person. In some cases… a cure. However, who did the healing? This one’s hands?

JANISEL: I look at it as “Source” doing it.

SANANDA: Exactly! Now see, there are some out there that are willing to say, “I do not do the healing, Source does the healing. I am nothing more than the tool.” Now, are they saying this because this is what they truly feel, or are they saying this because it sounds ‘right’?

JANISEL: God only knows.

SANANDA: Exactly, and their Soul, which is their connection to that Source. Therefore, if you are being humble, it has nothing to do with anyone else. For, if you feel like you have to ‘say’ it, is it FROM Source or is it from your ego? Now, being humble and thinning the veil of your ego is a very personal battle. It is very private. It’s as private as your prayers to the Creator. So, the next question is:


Is teaching this lesson on being humble a humble act in itself?

There are those, whose egos will find any excuse whatsoever to say, “I don’t have to listen to this”, or “I do not have to take this into my Being due to the fact that, if it’s so personal and private, it would not be taught about in this class.” Well, yes and no. For some of you taking this class, your ego has so much control, you have probably missed this… and it is time to hear it, to give your Soul the chance to say, “Yes! This is what I have been asking for!”, instead of your ego saying, “You don’t need to read that. I’ll help you forget. It’s not important.” Since the ego is a veil, it DOES at times tend to have a life of its own. When some take a class that calls itself “ego ascension”, some egos can accept it and some egos can’t. And no matter what your highest intentions are, when the ego is told that it is ascending to a higher and better place, in some cases it feeds the ego.

JANISEL: Another two-edged sword?

SANANDA: Exactly. This is why this is so private and personal, because it is something to stay OUT of ego. You cannot share what you feel, because if you shared what you truly feel, you would be feeding your ego. Now, this puts us in a bit of a spot, as far as what those can talk about in the online classes concerning this lesson. What we would suggest, as far as the classes are concerned, is if there are questions concerning being humble, we will make ourselves available to answer those questions. However, we wish for those reading this lesson that we will not answer questions as to ‘how to thin the veil of the ego’, because this is your personal, private battle. I CAN say, for a fact, that the best weapon you can use in achieving being humble… to thin that veil of the ego… is, of course, what we taught last week. Say your prayer to the Creator… ASK for being humble.

Now, this is not the end of the class yet. However, we are going to change the subject just a bit. We are going to throw in the word ‘pride’. Pride is that same double-edged sword… just in a different name… just a different word. There is a source of pride that your soul feels in accomplishment. It is more along the lines of the difference between ‘personal’ anger and ‘righteous’ anger. You see, there is ‘ego’ pride, and there is ‘righteous’ pride. If you have pride in your accomplishments, it is something that the Soul feeds on and vibrates higher towards. It is something that, when it is reached, the gratitude to the Creator is so ‘automatic’ that your ego, your brain, your consciousness, doesn’t even have a chance to try and prevent that gratitude from coming in because it is so “heartfelt” that it bypasses the ego altogether. So, you never have to stop and think, “Is this ego pride or is this righteous pride?”, because there is no choice. Righteous pride and a job well done are simply known. Pride in any other concept is nothing more than the ego feeding the ego.

Back in the ‘old’ days, we had ‘sins’. We had vanity and we had pride. They are all nothing more than food for the ego, which is not necessarily a ‘sin’, but every time you feed the ego that veil gets thicker and thicker. If it were taught to be ‘forbidden’ in the old days… a long time ago… people would shy from it because it was forbidden. Now there are circumstances, and a time, and a reality, that if something is forbidden most want to try it out just to see what it’s like. So, it is time now to bring these things forward because if you do not know it ‘consciously’ then you cannot change it ‘consciously’. For those of you that are wishing to ascend, one of the best ways to accomplish this, is by thinning the veil of the ego, because once the ego veil is thinned, then and only then, can your Soul speak freely to you.

We are to the last question, I believe, for this lesson. You see, last week we asked the question of whether you would like to deplete your soul’s energy or your wallet’s energy, yes? So this week we will ask another question along those lines.


Would you rather ascend or feed your ego?

It is that simple. For, pride and the lack of being humble, or having the thick ego veil, is one of the biggest hindrances to ascension itself. The thicker the ego… the denser you become. There are going to be those that question this fact. This is fine… because like I said earlier, please do not incorporate these teachings into your Being simply because we say it is so! We WISH for you to use your discernment. We BEG for you to use your discernment. Please allow your Soul to tell you if this is a teaching to take into your heart or not. However, make sure it is your SOUL saying it this time, and not your EGO, yes?

JANISEL: What about those who mistake a “lack of self-worth” as ‘humility’?

SANANDA: Humility is not ‘lack’ at all. Some would see ‘humiliation’ as lack, but the art of being humble does not contain ‘lack’ anywhere.

JANISEL: It is just a recognition of “who” you are, but you know WHO is the Source of it…

SANANDA: Exactly! This is getting your ego, your brain, and your heart to separate in distinction. The art of being humble and the act of humiliation are nothing at all alike. Being humble IS the art of recognizing the most self-worth that you can possibly have, that being… YOU-being a part of the Creator. The distinction being, you recognize that, as a part of the Creator, you are very limited until you become MORE with the Creator. Yes? Now this is done. End of class!

© SanandasEagles

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