Student says ” I am very discouraged. What should I do?” Master says, “encourage others”.

— Zen Proverb

How to Have Fun. If It Feels Good, Do It!

SANANDA: I prefer to come in and have fun. *smile* My brother Ashtar, however, prefers to get the job done first, then we can have fun. *sigh* This week’s lesson is going to be just that. It is going to be fun. We pondered what this week’s lesson would be about, since you are going to be leaving and you will not be available for several of the class times. If you will recall, we had a lesson called “If It Feels Good, Do It!” Well, you might call this one “If It Feels Good, Do It! – Part 2”. And the subtitle to this shall be “How To Have Fun”. This is the week that I wish for everyone to have fun, vacation time… so to speak.

This is not one of those times that you would plan to go elsewhere on a vacation. For many realize that you usually have to come home and recuperate from a vacation. Therefore, this week you are being asked to find out what it is, that will allow you to have the most fun. What actually brought this to our frame of mind is the extent that this one (Janisel) went through to attempt to go to an amusement park. So we got to thinking…

In the course of thinking of an amusement park, what within the amusement park, to you, would mean more fun?

Would you think of the rides, would you think of the food, would you think of the Fun House, would you think of the arcade? What is it about an amusement park that sounds the most fun to you?

If you are living in a place where you do not have an amusement park handy, what do you have near you that could fit the criteria of what it is in the amusement park that you find the most fun? Whether it be cotton candy, whether it be candy apples…excuse me *sigh*, I am thinking of some of MY favorite things! Whether it be the roller coaster, whether it be the haunted house, or whether it be the arcade. How could you adapt such in your life, if one is not handy? Well, if it is the ‘games’ you go to the amusement park to play, could you not do the same thing in your home, for instance, the ring toss or the dime toss? Throw the darts at the balloons? Now, if the favorite thing is the roller coaster, what do you have near you that could suffice for a roller coaster?

Maybe it could be a helicopter ride, maybe it could be driving on curvy mountain roads, perhaps it could be renting a movie that has a roller coaster ride… and imagining yourself on this roller coaster ride. For you see, it is all a part of manifestation of a different sort. For what you could do is, sit in your chair and close your eyes and think of the sounds that you hear at an amusement park. Think of the smells that you smell. And if your favorite thing is the roller coaster, you can close your eyes and you can imagine how your body feels when you hit the big dip! And the art of manifestation can actually allow you to feel the physical sensation of that favorite dip on the roller coaster, the favorite smell of the arcade food, the smells, the tastes, the sounds, the excitement.

This is something that you can do! If going to the amusement park is not your idea of having fun, perhaps swimming is what you call fun. Find a place to go swimming! Painting? Then paint! But we are looking for “excitement”, “fun”, “thrills”, something completely out of the ordinary, the things that you deny yourself because you feel that you are an “adult” now and that is for children. Or… “I’m busy now. I don’t have the time!” Whatever it is, that your brain and your ego has you programmed to believe, to leave the thrill and excitement out of your life. We want you to expand to find that boundary, and push it, and push it, and push it way out.

You are to have fun. You are to feel excitement… even if it means streaking! Imagine yourself on skis… the wind in your face, the cold, the excitement, and the breathlessness! Water-skiing perhaps. Bungi-jumping, perhaps! There are many, many things that you have available to you in this time, to cause the heart to pump the blood just a bit faster, to cause the breathing to go just a bit deeper and faster, to take you completely out of yourself, even if it’s just for the length of the bungi cord.

We wish for you to spend, not the ENTIRE week, but at least part of it, just leaving everything behind to have fun; however if that is your inclination, please do so! We wish for you to do this at least once. Do not do it at the ‘beginning’ of the week. Build up anticipation! Think of the best fun that you can have, and then maybe in the MIDDLE of the week, you may have your fun. Then, for the rest of the week, you can dream up the NEXT adventure you wish to have. You take things much too seriously. Have fun! Laugh! Enjoy! We’ve talked much about the ‘textures” and the “tastes” and the “sounds” that you have now.

Perhaps what we can do is begin expanding ALL of the senses. When you have your fun, whatever that excitement tends to be, stop and smell, see what it is that you smell within the excitement. Taste, taste the moment, and see what that moment tastes like. Listen, and I will tell you now what to listen for; for, if it is truly excitement, the one thing that you are guaranteed to hear is your own heart beating, very quickly! Then, take that moment, or those moments, the length of that bungi cord, and see how long you can make that last. Let’s say it takes ten seconds to reach the end of the bungi cord. With manifestation, and with intent, you could make that last ten hours, or ten days, or ten years, perhaps even ten lifetimes.

If it is a precious moment, if it is a moment in time where you allow all your senses to be wide open for full enjoyment, it becomes a part of who you are and can never be taken away from you. It becomes incorporated into your Being, into your Soul, and becomes a precious moment for the Creator’s existence.

Put yourself, for just a moment, into the mind of the Creator. We shall have you pretend, for one moment, that YOU have created All That Is. Who would you prefer spending the most time with, the one that leads the very mundane life, that follows the same routine day in day out, that does nothing more than keep thinking in their minds, “It must get better tomorrow.” “Maybe it will get better tomorrow.” “Maybe I will be happy tomorrow,” or, as the Creator, would you enjoy spending more time with the ‘daredevil’?

There is no true choice, because the Creator is within All, the Creator experiences All. What we are asking you to do is, perhaps, show the Creator a little bit of excitement in your life, to prove not only to the Creator, but to prove to your own Being that you don’t have to wait until ‘tomorrow’. You can enjoy everything that there is, that the Creator has provided for you, right now, whether it be the joy of anticipation, whether it be the experiencing of the excitement itself, or whether it be the relishing of the moment or ten more lifetimes. It is the joy, it is the act, and it is the fulfillment of “Who you Are”… of “Who the Creator is”. For you see, if “I” were the Creator (smug grin on the face), I would wish to create a creation that was constantly and consistently stimulating.

Never a dull moment, to be able to experience just about anything! I would LOVE to jump over the Grand Canyon. I would LOVE to hang glide off a Swiss Alp. I would LOVE to be in a hot air balloon across the Pacific. I would LOVE to walk barefoot in the sands of the beaches of the world. I would LOVE to sit in the natural hot waters heated by the earth’s beating heart. I would LOVE to touch the velvety-soft skin of a newborn babe, to smell the flowers and mountain meadows, to see mountain goats climbing mountains. Heaven forbid that all I would see is four walls, all the time!

Unless those that are within those four walls tell good jokes! (Laughing out loud) Even if Your circumstances You have manifested within your life keeps you within those four walls, you can still find excitement!

You can still enjoy the anticipation of the All That Is, and the act of discovery of what a whirlwind outside the window is truly about, of the marvel of looking up to the stars and seeing something that isn’t a star.

Now… go forth! Have fun! Experience excitement! *smile*

© SanandasEagles

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