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The natural Law of the Universe

The New testament of New Testament II, as it will become in the year 2500, includes no man made laws. There are rules to live by in the new but the only laws to follow are natural as defined through scientific study, as the laws of gravity are defined. The new understanding finds that human completion is the advancement into, and comprehension of, virtual reality. This application will lead to a world government where boundaries will be non-existent and the resources now put in to the arms will be invested in improving the human condition.

We are just beginning to recognize the perfection within and some earthlings are attempting to live a life-enhancing true form of self-discipline. But to be successful, the masses need to gain true spiritual enlightenment. Many realize that new set of positive ‘commandments’ are overdue. We need to make a complete reversal and rid ourselves of negative thought frequencies. Rather than what we should not do, we need to know what we should do. New Testament II is a positive transition from the negative Old Testament. This New Testament is the basis for our Universal Ethics – a global ethos. This list of ethical suggestions are rules and by no means laws, and we consider adherence to them to be life enhancing. The difference between natural laws and written laws – in natural laws there is always a consequence when not followed.

> You shall know that consciousness is the Prime Sense and it is the Spirit’s presence in all humans. It is that which assures immortality.

> You shall sense the Spirit within and It, first, shall you sense, worship, and enhance.

> Know that universal energy (first cause) dwells within everyone. It is the one unified energy field and the prime mover of mortals, earth, sea and universe. Learn to accept the responsibility for its use.

> You shall glorify the Spirit which is real, and realize that perceptions are graven images.

> Know that Spiritual energy exists in all human beings, and encourages Its flow in others.

> Trust the sensed Spirit – center within so that the body can attain molecular symmetry.

> Honor your caregivers who nurtured you while you were discovering the “silver cord” of energy.

> Help others discover and develop a deep sense of the Spirit that dwells within them.

> Love the Spirit that inhabits others as you love It in yourself.

> Demonstrate authentic love for self and others and put forth only life-enhancing frequencies.

> You shall always consider anther’s well-being and develop an unhostile sense of humor.

> You shall fulfill the Original Creation Principle by intentional discovery, creativity and sense of the vital flow.

> Know that when you live by the Universal Ethics, you shall enjoy the rewards: kindness, love, understading, caring, honesty, honor and peace.

The most critical bit of information which can be gleaned from the study of the First Force in general and bioenregyinformatics inparticular, is that all of ones’ actions are cataloged in the holographic etheric cells of that individuals energy field. When the biological virtual reality body refolds (dies), the energy field survives and begins to resonate in the real world at the level It gained or lost while in the virtual. Those who identified with the virtual reality of ego will find the old saying to be true, the ego is a noble sevant but an ignoble master. Ego (five sense or 5s) is not the problem, it is a necessary ingrediant in traveling the virtual reality world. The problem arises in allowing 5s to become dominant over First Sense (1s) in one’s virtual life.

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