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A Carrier of Peace


by Rebecca Skeele

Because I choose to be a carrier of peace I practice the presence of peace daily. My inner toolbox includes self-acceptance, observation, compassion, self- forgiveness and loving kindness. If I am quick to respond irritably to a phone call, I take a deep breath, step back and observe my reaction. Then I might accept that a part of me is in disturbance.

Reminding myself that everything outside is really taking place inside, I begin my investigation with compassion for myself. If my disturbance is a judgment I forgive myself for that judgment knowing that self-forgiveness opens up my heart to see with new eyes. If fear has crept into the background of my day, I choose loving-kindness to comfort my upset and ask for truth. When I practice liberating myself from everyday stresses, global concerns become opportunities for greater and greater mastery.

The following list is suggested for your consideration:

*1. When you read the morning paper, read with the eyes of your soul. Send light, compassion, loving-kindness or a “God bless you, Peace be still” instead of upset, worry or negativity.

*2. Place the world leaders that you have an issue with on your altar. During your daily meditation, prayers and spiritual exercises send your light/love/compassion/good thoughts to them. Begin to look for a growth opportunity to accept a disagreement rather than judging it.

*3. Visualize places of terror, war, destruction and killing filled with light. Send light frequently when listening to the radio or watching the evening news. Practice seeing through the eyes of the inner Master – with great compassion and loving for all.

*4. Closer to home, take inventory of your own place of inner war, devastation or terror. Make a commitment to weed out those limiting fears and beliefs that create destruction in your everyday relationships and career. If you choose to carry peace then use the daily practice to liberate and strengthen your mastery of your SELF…even waiting in the grocery store checkout line.

Peace-sharing, no matter how it unfolds, reveals what we have been searching for all along: our magnificence and the ability to improve our life, our neighbors and help build a peaceful world. Turning away from the headlines for a moment to reestablish our intention and calm, becomes a sacred responsibility.

As the French novelist Marcel Proust so wisely observed, “The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes but in having new eyes. ” These are eyes that see beyond illusions forged by a limited understanding of who we are—eyes that see beyond the dots, eyes that see as God sees.

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