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Translation of Perception

You feel alone

You feel rejected

You feel displaced

You long for home, a place you’ve never been.

You cannot fit into this meaningless society as you recognize its greed, superficiality and hypocrisy and your efforts to try, result in sadness and defeat.

You are repelled by the followers.

You feel rage while striving so hard to love

You are ridiculed often for your disconnection to the “norm”.

You have an understanding that is far superior to the lower level thinking of society, yet you are shunned with disrespect.

You feel what people think and know their agendas.

You cannot conform.

You are highly bothered by technology.

You find peace and refuge in nature.

You crave sleep, although your state of anxiety prevents it.

You feel a connection to those who are like you without even having to speak to them.

You want to wake up.

You are connected

You are God

You created these challenges to know the full spectrum of human life… your creation.

Your creation is your perception.

Create and react with Love, insight and remembrance. When you fight, hate or resist you are fighting, hating and resisting your own creation

The more you fight the challenges you create, the longer they exist. The more you understand and master them with your ascended wisdom, the faster they will pass. You must embrace these challenges and all that comes with them.

You have entered into an agreement with those who you have created through your perception. These “others” are the dynamic manifestation of the lessons you need to know to master the great façade of being human. You must cherish and learn from your responses and rise above the victimization and self loathing that you experience when you feel defeat. It is then and only then, that you can continue to ascend with victory.

Know that you are Always in the Moment of Perfection.

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