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The Event – Earth Frequency Update 2/9/2020

The earth alliance reports elevated galactic activity in earth’s solar system as the galactics blasted the planet with powerful bursts of 40 hertz 5d gamma light from the central sun all this week!

These powerful light waves were imprinted on the schumann resonance image below!

As operation “Storm” sweeps across the the surface, improving everything on the surface, the forces of light are doing their part in the grand ascension of humanity by deflecting powerful 5D central sunlight to earth!

The bright white patches on the Schumann resonance graph that touch the bottom of the graph are gamma waves and are vibrating from 40-100 hertz in frequency!

Gamma light causes dormant DNA strands to re-attach to the energetic Chakra portals in the layered body system!
The more DNA that is re-attached inside the layered body system , the more enlightened, intelligent and powerful you are!

The high-frequency white, magnetic, gamma light that you see coming into earth on the Schumann graph re-codes DNA to it’s highest order and has the potential to do it near-instantly!

The 5th-dimension resonates at exactly 40-100 hertz and as you can see on the Schumann resonance chart, we have been touching on the 40- hertz level frequently, over the last year and a half!
The 40 hertz spikes are only sustained briefly for now but the earth alliance confirms that a point is coming in a only a matter of a few months where the frequency around planet earth will be sustained at the 40-hertz-5D level!

Great one, you are about to experience a grand climax in your amazing cosmic drama!

It’s exciting isn’t it?

An entire world and civilization is about to make an extraordinary shift into a higher state of consciousness!
A new world and a new earth are about to be born right before your eyes!

The earth alliance says these 40 hertz gamma waves will continue to impact earth on a steady basis for the rest of earth year 2020 and will increase in power and duration as we move forward!

The Starseeds of earth are reporting strong ascension symptoms globally at this hour as we integrate the huge gamma blasts of this past week!

Take the best care of you during this great time!

Much more to come…

Let us know what ascension symptoms you may be experiencing this evening!

~ Michael and the Earth Alliance ?

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