Spirituality can be found in a simple loving smile, act of kindness, scent of a flower. Spirituality is you, it’s everyone, it’s everything.

— lightworkers.org

Living from your Heart

Living from your Heart

When you start living from your heart you stop living from lock, you are abundance. When you are awaken to your true self there is no such thing as insecurity or good versus bad; there is only life, change and growing. You don’t have to depend upon other people making you feel good, because there is no room for that in your eternal spirit, intransient soul. When you live from your heart you are shocked and amazed at how brilliant you are.

Trust your heart, it speaks to you. Love yourself,  you are an eternal Being. Unconditional love must be given to you first.

Live like a master. A master is one who leaves no foot prints, it has no past. It lives in the present moment. It is the ultimate freedom. Don’t dwell on your past, on your imperfections. Start each day new and live in the present moment trusting and knowing that you can do and be anything when you trust yourself and live from your heart.

We are not victims; we are Creators. That is our natural state of Being. Create a life that is worth living.

Source: PrepareForChange

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