Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.

— Mary Kay Ash

Finding Your Bliss

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by Lailah Moridzadeh

Finding bliss in your life requires you to understand the workings of the mind. We encounter stress and depression when we allow our thoughts to take hold of us. When we become liberated from the mind, we experience bliss. To become liberated, you must stop connecting thoughts.

NATURE OF THE MIND – The true nature of the mind is to create random and independent thoughts. We don’t know they are random because we have become accustomed to connecting them. Test this out. Sit for 10 minutes watch your thoughts and write each one down as it occurs. One second you’ll be thinking about what you had for breakfast, the next you’ll focus on work, and finally you’ll remember something your friend said to you two days ago. You see how they are un-related?

Once you begin to build upon a thought, you are connecting separate un-related thoughts into what you believe to be a truth. We connect independent moments of sadness and convince ourselves our life is full of suffering.

We connect thoughts from the past and the future, but rarely enjoy the present. As soon as you find yourself connecting two thoughts, STOP. Allow thoughts to come and go with ease.

We create an image of ourselves based on things others have said to us. After a few people compliment us on a certain trait, we believe ourselves to be that. For example, we connect all the times anyone has complimented our gardening skills then label ourselves a good gardener. The minute the garden dies, we become sad. The same holds true when we are repeatedly insulted. We take that as our truth. The reality is that those instances are completely unrelated and independent. We continue living and existing without a certain label.

PERSPECTIVE – Our outlook on life works in relation to our perspective. We choose to gather and connect positive moments in our lives and believe we have a great life or we gather and connect the negative independent moments in our lives and believe our life has been miserable. Neither of these is true.

Take for example the person who is recently promoted in his or her job. This person’s outlook on life is marvelous! He’s in a wonderful mood and everything seems brighter. Now imagine this person getting laid off. How do you think he’s looking at the world now? He’s probably miserable and convinces himself that life is full of suffering and nothing good ever comes to him.

The world hasn’t changed from one instant to the other. Only his perspective has changed. He begins to connect all the negative instances that have occurred in his life to build his argument that the world is cruel. In reality those instances have no relation to each other.

Keep your thoughts separate and simply watch them as they come and go. Don’t connect two thoughts. You’ll find resistance at the beginning as your ego will do its best to convince you otherwise. The greatest Masters and Gurus live blissfully and in the moment. They have discovered and shared this proven method to blissfulness.

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