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High Council of Orion message for 25th Jan 13


Greetings dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support as many are now calling to their higher SELF and aligning with SOUL purpose. The energies of the new earth will now heighten and expand as the human race now prepares to heighten and expand at SOUL level. Many of the changes that are now flooding into your waking conscious life experience are there to help you make the shift from the old earth energies into the new supportive energies of the universe.

Many are still holding on tightly believing all that their human eyes and ears can see and hear and ignoring the deep calling from their SOUL. Dear ones the calling from your SOUL is TRUTH for it comes from within the heart space. The human vehicle is not equipped to interpret the new earth energies for the human vehicle is now being asked to go beyond where it has ever gone before. Many are now searching logically for a reference point and we guide there is not one. In an energetic climate that moves you beyond where you have experienced in your human form there is no logical reference point. This is being exploited by many within the old earth energies, as many are now stepping forward trying energetically to hold back the tide of the new earth energies.

The dreamtime landscape for many is now becoming fluid, as you work within the new earth energies and begin to harness the power that is contained within SELF within the dreamtime landscape then dreams are created in your waking human life experience. For those who try to keep their dreamtime free from dreams we ask why? Why would you incarnate on this planet, in this timeline and dimension and cut off the heart space from FEELing? For the dreams that are contained within the core of your very BEing are TRUTH dear ones and many are now trying to justify their dreams within the context of the old earth energies. This is not supported by the new earth dear ones for the dreams are seeded within the new earth not the suppressive old earth energies. The codings that sit at SOUL level will embellish and harness the energies of the new. We ask dear ones for you to process our words through the heart space for the heart knows TRUTH.

The answers to your hearts calling are not found in those around you, those around you are now in the process of moving into the newer earth energies, even those who may be termed asleep are moving in vibration dear ones. This is represented by the chaos that is now unfolding as they prepare to unleash their deepest fears upon a world that is now moving to a new vibration. The dreaming of the new earth pioneers, the new earth architects and the new earth master builders will see the new earth seeded in TRUTH. We ask ALL to become mindful of that which they think for the thinking may drive the manifestation. This will not create from the heart space and will create the smoke and mirrors of the glitter and gold without TRUTH. Many shining appearances are now being placed in front of SELF dear ones and we guide for you to FEEL the vibration of ALL. The vibration will show TRUTH not the words, nor even in many cases the actions for the human race now moves beyond language.

To FEEL TRUTH is to align with SOUL purpose and the calling has now gone out across the universe. Many are now aligning with SOUL family and are preparing to move to the new earth in TRUTH. We ask for you to FEEL TRUTH at all times dear ones, do not allow the smoke and mirrors to show you “impossible”, “not able” for these are not TRUTH. YOU are energy, that energy manifests and anything that resides within the heart space is not only possible it is attainable, all that we ask is that you process through the heart and that YOU have FAITH and TRUST in SELF. For the FAITH and TRUST are the sails to the boat that you are now sailing across unchartered territory. The map for this voyage is contained within the heart space.

Now as many reach the ascension process and begin the journey through and into ascension in TRUTH then the patterns of the old will be broken and dissolved. We are here to guide in relation to the jumping of timelines that many are now attempting but many are also now ignoring. This is TRUTH dear ones to a level that has not been accessed or attempted within the human race prior to this new golden age. These timelines were denied to the human race for the human race could not elevate their vibration to the levels required. ALL is vibration dear ones, you need only align your vibration with TRUTH to reveal miracles to SELF.

As the human vibration is elevated then the shifting occurs, the timelines and dimensions are crossed and the lower level timelines are sealed off. There is no slipping backwards dear ones for that is not possible within the new earth energies, the expansion and growth always upwards. For many are now residing within the timelines of their dreams yet they are not harnessing the new earth energies to fuel the dream into the waking conscious life experience. Dear ones the teachings of distortion will place you in a holding pattern that keeps the dream just out of reach, to manifest the dream into your waking human life experience you must dissolve the teachings and harness the FEELing of joy and expansion that is offered within the timeline that you reside. Reach out to the dream etherically, pull through the FEELings of the dream and breathe life into the dream. The universe will then work to deliver the dream to SELF in the waking conscious life experience.

Many are realising the dream exists but are then placing conditions within the landscape of dreaming, this is the logical human mind searching for a reference point dear ones, as we have guided there is no reference point for you have never reached this level of consciousness in your human form in a waking state prior to this golden age. Do not allow the smoke and mirrors of the old earth energies place you into a holding pattern. Work to dissolve the teachings and pull through the LOVE that IS so that if flows through YOU and around YOU for in TRUTH dear ones it IS YOU.

We work with ALL at this time in order to show TRUTH and to help with clarity of vision. There are many miracles that are now on their way to the human race and we guide for ALL to anchor and acknowledge the power that is contained within, for YOU are vast BEings of LIGHT, as you anchor and acknowledge this TRUTH then more LIGHT is able to be anchored from cellular level outwards. As you change your cellular structure then TRUTH is revealed at deepening levels.

We ask for ALL to dream their lives into creation, the power is found within, it is not found externally and it is not something that happens to YOU, it is birthed THROUGH YOU. We ask for you to ignite the heart space and watch miracles unfold around YOU and through YOU for as you dream your dream into creation the human race expands and grows as YOU expand and grow.

We are the High Council of Orion and we are here with you as you read our words dear ones. The human race is now aligning with the power that it is in TRUTH. To harness this power we ask that you breathe and that YOU BE for YOU ARE. We are your brothers and sisters from the stars and we hold you in the LOVE that IS breathing joy into your waking conscious life for in TRUTH joy is YOU, for YOU are LOVE dear ones, anchor, acknowledge and accept for ALL JUST IS. ALL ARE ONE.

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