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Start From the Inside

Message from Lord Shiva, Hindu God
Channeled by: Julie Miller
November 08, 2012

There are many who share your Earthly community that only think merely in terms of pieces of ideas or concepts instead of incorporating full ideas and concepts. Many still look at their body, mind, emotion and soul as if each part is completely separated from the other when in truth all is interweaved. It is not ideal to isolate parts of a concept or idea; this is how imbalance occurs. It is necessary to understand how your emotions work and how repressed emotions cause detrimental effects to your overall health. Your body is a temple filled with an intricate system that works for you, with all organs, vessels, energy fields, thoughts, emotions, and much more is working together providing you with optimal health and well-being. Yes each part that makes you who you are requires you to value and appreciate its role in your everyday life.
It is now time to stop making tiny little boxes for different parts of your everyday life. There is no need to have your spiritual life in one box, then your personal life in another, and your parental one in another and so on. It is more than possible to integrate these into ONE being – an organized being of spirituality and wholeness. To be spiritual my dears, you are not required to follow any particular religion. It is the choices that you make that bring you great peace not only to yourself because as a spiritual person you are not selfish. This great peace is felt by all that are close to you and to whom you may encounter during your busy day.
Understand my dears, your whole body, all of your feelings and emotions, your precious mind, your energy body, and spirit altogether form a whole and dynamic person. By working with each part of yourself of your whole precious package of your Self can you have true vitality and health. Believe it or not my dears there are many that do not understand their body, or how one area can affect another or how the chakras can indicate health issues if they are imbalanced. Awareness of your whole self and the connectedness with every particle is truly essential.
You are encouraged, each of you to realize that every organ, all internal systems, thoughts, feelings, all have their own specific energy. Knowing and understanding that each part of you vibrates at its own unique frequency. Even the food and beverage you choose to consume all has its own vibration. Your emotions and feelings also holds vibration that can be felt by others that are sensitive to energy waves. It only makes sense that what you feel, think, eat and drink, even where your imagination may take you during a delightful daydream all carries a vibration my dears. And these vibrations can have an effect on your overall health.
You already know what certain organs are doing for you and this is understood because you can touch these, like your skin. Sometimes if you are listening really quietly you can hear your heart, and if you are in-tune you will know sooner than later what needs to be done if you are sensing an imbalanced rhythm. You are also learning to appreciate the necessity to care for your bones. Again these are picking apart different areas, but you are building knowledge that will eventually bring you to understanding the WHOLE picture of your loving Self.
When you learn to integrate instead of separating every aspect of your life including your inner body that contains your organs, tissue, muscle, various interworking systems and many more wonderful anatomic parts then you will really understand what it means to be whole. How often have you paused for thought my dears when suddenly you yearn to eat certain food? Do you understand that it is your body that is demanding that food group? It is understood that some cravings could be a signal of an oncoming disease or illness, and some foods you crave will bring comfort. These cravings dear ones are encouraged by emotional reactions that trigger chemical reactions to want a certain and specific food. Understand your body dear ones; it is okay to question its intricate wonders. It is your body; it is up to you know yourself inside and out. To be truly whole and living in truth is knowing who you are my dears and this also includes knowing your body as a temple that holds so many wonders and amazements.
There are a few precious ones who are beginning to understand how the body responds to various thought forms and emotions. Understand my dears the chemical process your body creates can change depending on what you are feeling and thinking. Each of you does understand that when you are thinking about ideas that are comforting and filled with pleasure, feelings of hope is felt and expressed. Yet if you feel frustrated, other reactions will definitely occur throughout your body causing stress to be a result and can be felt on various organs within your physical body. If too many negative and angry feelings are present and don’t diminish over a certain period of time indeed sickness can be an outcome.
The choices you make, from the food you choose to consume, the beverage you choose to drink to how you choose to respond can all be related to either positive or negative effects on your precious body. It is understood that dieting can be utmost difficult with so many delectable distractions. It is okay to sample my dears but moderation has always been the essential key. Each of you have the power within you to ensure healthful care of your physical body by making choices, being aware, listening to your body, and loving yourself. When people speak of mind, body, heart and spirit; they don’t usually include the inner physical body in all its glorious detail. There is so much working within you right now, allowing you to do this or to do that. Take the time to show appreciation for the journey your body has taken you. The more aware you become the further you will go, as other learning paths will become available.
Here is a concept for you my dears; your feelings are neither good nor bad. They are just there. They do not become good or bad until you apply their label. What is it that determines a good feeling or a bad one? Do you try to find a resonance within your spiritual heart? Your feelings are your own personal feedback system that tells you how a specific situation and/or person has affected you. Many times my dears the emotion you are feeling at that moment has a connection to not only the situation in front of you, but one that you have also dealt with in the past. Understand my dears, any repressed emotion remains within your body; yes in your tissues, organs, vessels, etc. They do not leave until they make themselves known to you again and you learn to release them.
It is well understood that there are two fundamental emotions, love and fear. They help you to decide on how you feel and react to desire, happiness, free will, peace, assertiveness, confidence, and charity are a few examples of love based feelings. Nervousness, frustration, sadness, indifference, resentment, passiveness, and hopelessness are examples of fear based feelings.
Before you try to understand specific emotional responses first educate yourself on what is an emotion or feeling in general. Understand the emotion is a reaction to a person, possibly a situation, even an object in your life; real and even imagined. Your emotion is a reaction to what has developed or a memory that has resurfaced from a past situation. Do not be afraid of your feelings. Do not deny you have feelings because they are there no matter how hard you try to subdue them. Comprehend the realization that if you have not permitted your feelings to be expressed, those feelings will not go away. They stay with you, threatening to surface at a moment’s notice. Accept all feelings. They are a part of you. To be thought as whole you must my dears accept each and every part of your Self. You are not comprised of only good and positive ideas and parts; you come with a balance of both. Through self-discovery, you will come across many positive and negative character traits that you may have forgotten. Accept these as being a part of you because they are. If you do not like something you have learned of yourself, then understand my dears you have the power to change what you do not like. You do not need to submit to what you could benefit from positive change of attitude, only surrender to improving yourself; to become completely whole as you began many, many moons ago. Following the Light of God that fills all hearts will guide you. Trust in this Light my dears. This breathtaking light connects you to the Source of ALL Creation, to God who is known by many as the supreme father. However you call Him, or look to this divine being is individual and based on your own beliefs that are deeply respected.
It is widely known that there are many ones who share your Earthly community purposely supress their feelings by smoking, drinking alcohol too much, allow the use of recreational and hard drugs, some over eat, and there are more activities that express a fear based need to supress emotions and feelings. Some dear ones have allowed themselves to become so busy that they cannot fully concentrate on things they once did, even meditation and reading is interrupted because the truth is their inner-self is uncomfortable with a feeling they are trying so hard to avoid. Repressed feelings and emotions my dears will eventually cause you to misinterpret your current behaviour, thus creating an illness or disease within the temple that is your physical body.
You do have the adaptive ability to change, to reason without being biased, to think honestly and truthfully regarding any situation, even yourself. Learning to listen to where your dear heart is trying to lead you will come if you Will it to happen. You must want to change before change can occur. Then you must make the change happen. Your intent being pure, and love filled with always bring your closer to your goal.
Look at yourself carefully. Be totally honest and learn my dears. Integrate each and every aspect of YOU into all you do. Seriously, no matter how hard you try to compartmentalize all your different parts and ways, at the end of the day, each day you are you – all together with all your various working parts working as one magnificent creative being. Take the time to identify any shortcomings, make changes that will increase your vibrational energy and propel your spiritual journey to a wider sense of understanding of Self. Your FULL understanding of Who you are will bring you to so much joy and contentment and raise your level of consciousness.  
Be all you can be my dears, starting from the inside.
Hindu God, Lord Shiva through Julie Miller


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