I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.

— Anonymous

New Decree – God exercises His Free Will for our Free Will


Blessings and greetings dearest one of the Light. We are overjoyed to see you speak with you and bring you good tidings of joyful news if you will.

Much is happening not even known until these recent moments that special decrees and dispensations from the Holy Realms, The Elders and The Throne of God himself are putting into place and action to dispense immediately to have waves of further incoming energies of every increasing intensities of love and purity and benevolency to wash away any remaining discordant energies. Much dispensation has been given to those not yet “awakened” and heart energies are going out directly to those of a certain vibration and lower to ensure they too “wake up” to a level of awareness and activity to pull themselves forward and together in community and like minds. Moving into the monadic state is now a given and as more humans move into oneness it will further enhance those now awakening to a threshold of instant knowingness of love and ones god connection. This is unexpected and was not planned until after February or March and at the pace of man on his own. God has come into make good,if you will, with His will and Decree to bring ALL of His children home. He is a loving God and therefore wishes to be in that space of good of showing and being that which he radiates and emulates out to all!

It is a grand day. Much to change. The cleansing on the coast and around the world will continue. It is not punishment and in fact is much less than it could be, people must prepare for these things as they live on the edge of the land and can now only expect any places that land meets water will be of a threatened state simply because the water must be dispersed and land mass rearranged to some degree.

Time to prepare and stock up on water and provisions only for the short term as this is only in preparation of what is continuing to occur as Gaia is now in the birth canal and will only gain momentum as she releases old energies and those of 3rd level densities. The heightening state of man’s consciousness will help and all usage of the Violet flame is highly encourage and in fact is critical in healing man and Gaia for the path of ascension ahead. This is a grand feat for all to happen in the alchemical manner it is and Heaven is coming to Earth to aid in this grand transition to a higher octave. Many are here uniting even further behind the scenes to brings forth swift action to Earth and humanity to ascend in grand order. The goal is to have all humans ascend to the New Earth and not to leave ANY Laggards this time. We want all to meet if possible a minimum vibration so the New Earth will be created and enjoyed by all human beings who have earned this right. Much karma is being balanced, spoken for and erased. Many dispensations are being given, much energy is being balanced and many Divine Decrees are being put into place. Send gratitude; ask others to send gratitude to all of the Angelic Realms and Spiritual Hierarchy for the diligent efforts and service to bring humanity across the bridge in totality. Beings from far spaces are here to help, every kind, every nation, every species is represented. This is pulling together in the cosmos a whole new series of events of gathering, of community, of cohesion, of loving effort to help those who have suffered and endured for so long to make themselves known back into their God Self. Every being is honored in seeing this occur. Hearts are opening in places outside our galaxies that we thought would never. Light is coming to the dark in ways that God himself is pleased and in grand states of joy. It is in this state of joy that He is also reaching out to help humanity help itself…even over and above free will. He is exercising His free will to help man back into their knowingness of who they always were before. All will come home. This is now the New Decree. No man will be left behind. No layered earths will exist. It will be One New Earth and One New Earth alone in her pristine condition and restoration to her beauty and elegance as a glorious being, a star, a bright Light. Earth is now a Star of brilliance inhabited with loving beings who will soon know their God Self and coexist in a love union. It is a grand and glorious moment.

All hands on decks for all Light Workers. The Clarion call goes out again. All times lines have changed. All portal dates have changed and accelerated with new ones added in short order. It will come fast and quick and a new level of instantaneous purifications will begin in 3 to 4 days. Humanity will succeed. Financial order is coming. Freedom is at hand. St Germain leads the way with Sananda, Jesus, Sanat Kumara and the Lords of Light and Lord of the Rays. It is quite the space and place for all to see how in short order and through the mercy of thy Father, all has changed. The Divine Mind has created such to be. And so it is. Ring the bells, sound the horns, play the bowls, sound the whistles, hear the music of the spheres singing the soul songs of all on earth as a new day is truly coming for a new day is the New Earth and it will begin shortly.
Be prepared. Love one another. Be in joy…be in joy! Be in joy!
And so it is!

“The One and the Company of Heaven”
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