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The power that created your body, is the only power that can heal your body


Today we would like to focus your attention on the powerful healing abilities your body already possesses. There are those of you who are suffering from various forms of illnesses. These range anywhere from the “common cold”, all the way to “terminal” illnesses. Know that nothing happens on the physical plane before it happens on the spiritual plane of existence. What do we mean by this? We mean that nothing can occur to you in the physical before it is manifested first within your minds and therefore on the spiritual plane of existence. Our objective today is to discuss what you can do to heal yourselves from any ailment that you are suffering from, big or small.

We will start at the beginning shall we? We want you to think about how a human body is created. It begins with just 2 tiny cells and it grows into a fully functioning human body in just 9 months time. Really it is quite miraculous to watch. Your bodies are so ingeniously designed that they can break down your food and determine what it needs and what cannot be used by your body immediately upon birth. It innately knows what each one of your trillions of cells need each and every moment. It processes a tremendous amount of tasks at any given time, from the beating of your heart which allows oxygen filled blood to be replenished throughout your entire body all the way to deciphering a multitude of chemical signals in the brain created by your emotions thousands of times per day. Do you really think that a being that is capable of doing all that without so much as a conscious thought would not also be designed to heal itself and bring itself back to a constant state of balance?

This is where our true focus for today’s discussion lies. Your bodies are designed to keep your body in a constant state of balance at all times. So why do people get sick? When your beliefs become unbalanced, your minds and therefore your bodies all become unbalanced which allows for weaknesses to appear where there should be impenetrable strength. Know that there really never is a contagious virus. There really never is an illness that you can get when your body is in a state of balance and harmony. In the highest state of balance your bodies remain at ease and in harmony. It is only when you allow toxic beliefs to enter your minds that disease and sickness can penetrate your body temple.

So what should you do if you are already sick? You need to bring your body and mind back into balance. Humans have become incredibly busy and never allow themselves the time the body needs to reset. Sitting outside in nature, or going for a walk among the trees or sitting on the shores of the ocean are fantastic ways for your body to come back into alignment. Another method that works well is to sit quietly and listen to peaceful music. You can also allow yourselves to envision all tension being released from your minds and bodies while you sit in a peaceful state. Yet another suggestion that we have is to spend time with the animal kingdom. Many of them are wonderful healers and are incredibly in tune with the divine. You could also do things that bring a smile to your face or make you laugh. The act of laughter alone brings a higher vibration to your body and is tremendously healing for this reason.

Many times your illnesses are a very literal translation of the beliefs that you are holding onto which are out of alignment with your true higher self. Let’s give a few examples: when a person’s back “goes out” it is usually directly related to their beliefs and actions being out of “alignment” with their higher self; they are creating resistance in the form of their spine going out of “alignment”. When a person experiences a sore throat it is often times directly related to their need for communication, or that they are resisting the communication that they need to make with either their selves or another. When a person experiences kidney or liver troubles it usually has to do with the resistance of processing their beliefs, because remember the kidneys and the liver are responsible for processing waste for your body. When a person experiences cancer this can be due to cancerous or toxic thoughts that have been allowed to take root in the mind for so very long that it creates cancerous cells within the body temple. Now we know that this is a sensitive subject because there are many who will read this and they themselves or a loved one have been affected by cancer or a terminal illness. It is one of the leading causes of death among the human race. But we say this not to flare tempers but to direct your attention to the cause so that it can be eradicated. You are powerful creators of your own reality; if you do not take responsibility for the experiences in your reality then it is impossible for you to be able to change your experiences for the better. Know that the cancerous thoughts do not necessarily have to be your own. Sometimes those who are suffering from illnesses such as cancer are very sensitive souls and are often empathic and they are taking on the toxic thoughts and processing them for others. But this, none the less makes no difference, your bodies are still more than capable of restoring balance back from any state regardless of the cause.

There are some instances where the soul has agreed to incarnate with a certain defect or illness. This is always for the purpose of soul growth and never as a “punishment” for another life lived in “sin”. Often times the illness allows for opportunities for tremendous soul growth that otherwise would not have presented themselves if it were not for the illness. However the illness can still be overcome and this may be one of the reasons why the soul has chosen to incarnate into the physical with the illness; to overcome the challenges that it has put purposefully in its own path.

When an illness is experienced in your reality it can be seen as a benefit. How so? Any experience, whether you see it as good or bad is only a reflection of your beliefs. The illness has manifested in your reality to show you what is out of balance, and you therefore can pin point the belief that is responsible for the ailment and then choose to remove the belief if it is something you no longer wish to experience.

The power of the mind is tremendously effective and very influential in the outcome of the ailment. There have been those that have died from nothing more than a mere paper cut because they believed so strongly that they were not going to recover. And there are many others who have literally come back from “death’s door” against all odds because they believed so strongly that they were going to overcome the ailment. We are sure many of you are familiar with the placebo effect. For those of you who are not it is when a group of patients complaining of the same ailment are split into two groups. One group receives a sugar pill with no medicinal properties and the other group receives the “medicine” that is thought to cure the ailment. Neither group is informed of which pill they are given. Really what is curing the ailment is none other than the beliefs of those taking the pills regardless of the properties of the pill taken.

Many look to medicine to cure their ailments; but know that the medicine is only the vessel that allows the mind to be convinced that the ailment will be removed successfully. There truly is no medicine that can heal your body if you do not believe that it will. Your beliefs are that strong. Yes some forms of medicine can change the chemical composition of your physical vessel however the effects are governed by your beliefs. Two patients with the very same illness with very similar immune systems can each take the same medicine; one patient can do fantastic and heal rapidly and the other patient can take a turn for the worse. The only difference is their overall beliefs.

If you cannot or do not take responsibility for the cause of the sickness then how can you ever be responsible for healing the sickness? Your minds are more than capable of healing any illness that you are suffering from provided your beliefs are in alignment with the healing of your body. You are approaching a time when there will no longer be sickness experienced on your world. The higher dimensions do not support such experiences.

We hope that this discussion has served you in some way. Be well!

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides.

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