To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.

— Emerson

How To Achieve Mental Health

The absence of health is caused by the mind. This is because the mind links into other components in reality and existence that we are not aware of. In this article, i want to explain a few guidelines and tips we could use, to make sure we protect our mind and brain.

1. The relationship your conscious mind has to its root is responsible for everything which happens in your life.

The root is a fancy name for the subconscious and unconscious minds. So what you have in the subconscious and unconscious levels is what will manifest in your life. In basic terms, this means that you need to have the correct beliefs about a situation because what you believe is what is going to come about in your life.

2. You need to focus on health, fitness and strength.

What you focus your attention to, is what you are going to attract. If every time you speak, you talk about disease, you will end up having it. However, if all you talk about is health, fitness, strength and suppleness, you will end up having and keeping that instead. Also, focus does not mean just what we say or put our mental attention to. It is also what we put our physical, behavioural and attitudinal attention to.

3. You need to treat your brain the same way that you would treat your body to stay healthy.

In other words, what is good for your body, is also good for your brain. That means consuming a variety of nutrition foods which are full of vegetables, fruits, vitamins, minerals, staples etc. If we ever suspect that something is bad for the body, know for a surety that it is also bad for your brain.

4. Remain mentally active throughout your life.

You don’t have to get 10 doctorates to stay mentally active. Simple things like doing crosswords, playing chess, going to the bingo, writing, learning etc will all have their effects over the years.

5. Get a good nights sleep every night

A few nights of missing sleep or having a disjointed sleep will have serious effects on your mind and morale. Sleep is an essential tool to ensure that your mind stays in good shape. When your sleep is disjointed, you remain drowsy and open the subconscious mind to influence. Therefore, any thoughts you have whilst drowsy will automatically enter the subconscious and affect your actions. Even more dangerous is if the thought enters your unconscious mind where it will be charged with the intention to therefore influence major aspects of your life. Sleep is therefore a factor which is always to be respected and never to be played around with. Always opt for an early night than a late one. Remember, it is not what and how much you do in a day that counts, but it is how you do it. The correct how includes a good nights sleep.

6. Exercise your body

As said earlier, what is good for the body is good for the mind. Therefore, take the steps to go out and keep fit. Even if it is only once per week, do some form of exercise. This can even be as simple as press-ups, going up and down the stairs or going for a brisk walk.

7. Stay away from high stress lifestyles

For example, careers that take up huge chunks of your day and require early morning starts, are not the best option for your brain. For example, sales and investment banking type jobs. In any case, you should always make sure that the lifestyle you are living is always the desired life. If you are ever unhappy about anything in your life, you should know for a fact that you can change the situation to suit your mental and physical desires.

What To Expect

If you follow these basic guidelines, you are much more likely to live a life full of mental stability and health. You will also find that you will have greater control of your mind, in terms of the types of thoughts which you will have. The thoughts will be geared towards health, strength and mental fitness so this is what you will get. Even then, for serious mental health problems, it is best if you see a medical professional. Our advise is simply our opinion, and is not to be taken as professional medical advise in the slightest.

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