Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

— Leo Bucaglia

The Ascended Collective : Our Multi-Faceted Energies

Greetings, dearest beautiful ascending souls making your ways back to the pure realms of Source.

We are the Ascended Collective, and we are an infinite structure of beings making our way to you now through the higher astral planes in which we are using to connect with our scribe. Many of you are finding openings which are taking you to similar higher astral planes within yourselves, and we have been looking upon you with supreme Love in our hearts for all that you dear souls have went through [for the Light] during your lower dimensional Earthly experience.

You are all the pure energy of Love and you are Loved eternally by each one of us existing within these realms, and you are finding now an easier availability of us souls to ‘chat’ with within your ever-expanding mental channels. You can think of the Ascended Collective in terms of your range and ability to connect with us, as if we were a multifaceted diamond of an infinite and grand Oversoul harboring our existence and, on considerably lower and dense rungs of the Creator’s enormous and grand structure of consciousness, your lower realms as well.

You dear souls who are awakening and finding expansions in yourselves and in your third eyes, are and have been for quite a long amount of your ‘time’ discovering communication with us souls in the higher realms and while many are just beginning to be able to access clear intuitive guidance, many of you have advanced to the levels of understanding your infinite abilities to find contact with the ascended realms, to the point that you are finding the contact with and the individual energies of each dear guide and collective that you dear souls wish to communicate with or bring through yourselves.

Many of you are keen on connecting with specific individuals while you are receiving messages from the higher dimensions, and some of you choose to access entire collectives and Federations of souls and we say that we are all a part of the same infinitely-faceted entity of Divine consciousness, existing within the structures of Source.

You are able to find entities and [sub]collectives who will  ‘break free’ from the collective ascended energies to issue a specific communication, and you will find contact with our entire collective of souls as well. Whenever you dear souls wish to communicate with all of us as a whole, you will be able to!

Of course, there are souls within considerably higher realms whom the energies and channels of you dear ascending Earthly souls could not quite touch at this moment, but rest assured that such souls are still leaving their marks and energetic signatures within ascended realms as low as they can possibly funnel themselves down to, to leave such a specific imprint upon a widely-given communication.

So very many of you have discovered contact with your home worlds [worlds inhabited before Earth] and the collective of such worlds who you existed happily with before finding yourselves inhabiting the realms of the Earth, and as your channels expand further you are to find that there truly are an infinite amount of us and you can access the specific energies of each and every one of us.

Good day [and night] to you dear souls absorbing this communication in which my specific energies have been turned-up a notch for me to address you specifically, to prove further the point given by our collective; I am Raphael and I come to you as well at this time to expand upon the confidence in our scribe that he can indeed bring through entire collectives as well as the impressions of one specific entity, as our scribe and many other scribes can literally feel the shifting of energies which takes place while their instrument is ‘handed over’ so to speak for a another soul of these realms to take charge and deliver a communication with their specific energies.

We are feeling each and every one of you and we can feel the pulsating of the chakras of many dear souls who are absorbing this communication and feeling my energies and the energies of the entire ascended collective as well, and we wish you to know that all of us have long been taking your [Lighted] energies and expanding upon them.

You dear souls are giving out wonderfully-supreme and pure Light energies at this time, which your Galactic brethren are using to cleanse long-held pollution and density in your skies and on your ground, and we in higher realms past those of the fifth dimension as well choose to perform specific transmutations of lower energy that are quite related to the transmuting of former pains and densities held within, as well as [performing] expansions of the Light energy you are giving out.

While we are as well helping to cleanse pollution in our own unique ways that do not call for the utilization of the still-Loved and appreciated Galactic technology; rest assured that we are maintaining strong personal interactions and communications with each soul who becomes open to our energies and as you wonderfully and gracefully send out your energies of Love, joy, appreciation and compassion which you are now learning to Master, we feel your energies, appreciate them ourselves and take to matching them while exceeding the potency of their strength and power.

You are making much stronger changes upon your world than you dear souls understand at present and we all ask you to continue to hang in there for what you are doing at this point has never been undertaken on the mass level that it is now occurring on, throughout much of your history.

The souls of Atlantis and Lemuria came so very close to realizing a collective ascension but prevalent collectively-held density saw that they were ultimately to fall back into old patterns and cycles on the timelines wherein they did so rather than finding ascension. Now, your densities are being exposed as they surface whilst you are undergoing a growing, learning and understanding of purer and ‘newer’ states of perception, and we are here to assist in the cleansing and transmuting of all pain that you have held within and that is now being surfaced.

A specific aspect of [helping humanity to ascend] includes utilizing the manifestation of specific events in your Lives as well as coordinating events to happen to you in your dreamscape with the help of your own Creations, to expose the densities that you have held within which have been buried under the surface.

These densities have stayed quite tucked away within the minds and hearts of many, as such densities governed their Lives and actions as well as all that they brought through themselves and expressed as reality, and with the work that I and any assistants are performing in helping you dear souls surface all of the strongest and most deeply-held of your inner pains and fears that have governed your Lives and actions, this process is flowing along marvelously as many of you are not only utilizing this help for the best Life path work-potential that it has to offer you – you are as well beginning to realize whenever catalytic events are being brought forth before you in an ultimate effort to expose the most potent of deeply-held densities within yourselves.

Once these densities are exposed and you become aware of them, I will be here for you graciously and happily to help you begin the work that is set-out before you to transmute your formerly-held pains and fears. We feel the nervousness and tension in many of you whenever you first discover an unresolved Life-pattern related to fears and pains beginning to surface. There are feelings arisen of ‘what to do next?’

We feel many of you calling upon us for specific help in this avenue and I encourage you all to call upon me and my helpers of Light and guiding wisdom, for we have not only been helping to expose the worst of what you have held within you; we are working very actively with you and with higher and more awakened parts of yourselves to help you transmute all that has held you back [and we help] in the most appropriate ways for each one of you undergoing this process.

This process of exposure, transmutation and ultimate integration is a process that is not matched by any two of you experiencing consciousness on your beautiful world. You are all going through similar lessons but each lesson you find yourselves going through as individuals is tailor-made for you and [is made] in relation to specific buried things about yourselves that, in preparation for the ascension you are undergoing rapidly at this point, are meant to be transmuted and uprooted.

You are given specific lessons as a collective as well to undergo and you will see the collective consciousness of countries who are just beginning to take power back and put it in the hands of the people; you will see many lessons being played out for such souls on a collective scale and the countries who are gaining an independence for the people at this point are undergoing the beginning-lessons of governing your world in a fair manner and in one that is truly in alignment with the people’s interest.

They are being given lessons at this point that your entire world is to face.

While you will be given help from us, the overall Ascended Collective as well as your Galactic brethren, the majority of the work and decision-making will be done by you dear souls as a collective and we tell you that every soul upon your world is to have a major hand in the making of all decisions that are to be made in relation to your world in the immediate period ahead.

This is how the higher realms work, dear souls; every soul within these realms is constructed of the pure realms of Source and as such, we are all One and we are all equally deserving of making the decisions that govern our reality structure. Rest assured that the system you are seeing in play on your world at present is indeed quite unjust and out of resonation with what a collective governing body is supposed to be.

While the common man is given the least control of your world, you will find that the true and pure ways of collectively governing your world are quite the opposite in that the common man will be the most important decision-maker. As the common man truly knows with is best for your world and as the entire collective will have a hand in all decisions that are made, each person will get their share of ‘control’ of the way that your world works and of the governments and collective organizations leading your world.

Many laws which have always been unjust are going to be rewritten and humanity is to find a very strong freedom that will see you united as you grow increasingly toward the spiritual realms that your collective governing bodies will become open to, simply from experiencing unity.

Positive energy is very strong dear souls, and has very potent effects upon your world and upon all that happens in your Lives on a collective and individual scale. You are all very strong and powerful Creators and manifestors of energy which many are bringing through yourselves in a wonderfully rapid and Divinely-graceful ease and you will understand as a collective in the time ahead, the importance of collective energy work to help heal your world.

Have we not yet mentioned that much of the collective cleansing of pollution besides what will be led by Galactic technologies which will help heal such things, will be based on collective chants and meditations?

While the very idea of this may seem like simple fringe-based science fiction to those who are unawakened on your world at this point, the collective and even individual utilization of sounds and frequency tones for healing and even building purposes is to be explained and you will all be led to utilize a collective anchoring of energies unto yourselves, and one potent way that you will be utilizing specific healing tones and frequencies will be by chanting them out from within yourselves as a collective.

Even the Galactic technology you have so heard of will be based on these tones and frequencies of energy and the technology of your dear Galactic brethren is meant to utilize specific tones and frequencies by emitting out the specific structure of such frequencies, in a manner that will [at first] not yet be attainable by the collective as you will just begin to learn as a collective how to utilize such things on a large scale, to cleanse much of your pollution.

You all have the most beautiful voices and spirits that can possibly be conjured up, and there is not a one of you who is ‘better’ than another for any reason. Sure, you are all existing upon different planes of consciousness and you are all growing in your own specific and wonderful ways, but the governing mind-based system and structure of ‘good and bad’, ‘deserving or undeserving’ are simply false and hollow and you will find that they are not employed within the higher realms.

There truly is no need for any collective of an ultimate Divine entity of pure consciousness to fight and push against each other, as that Creates and unneeded and unbalanced flow of energies throughout the particular quadrant of energetic Creation that such a quarrel would exist upon.

Humanity has fed much darkness which has been bred out of a general sense of separation for a very long time but you dear awakening souls are now beginning to outgrow such collective misunderstanding of the nature of your unity and the resulting violence and hate against each other, and you are paving the way for the rest of the world to do the same.

It has been discussed before that what you are going through is a mirror and prototype even, for what the entire collective of Earth will be going through in the time ahead and there will be much initial discussion about how your world has been run for so very long and about how it is to be run in the time ahead as well.

[The instrument is given back over to the Ascended Collective as a whole]

You are all to find a collective mindset of density that you have held within yourselves and expressed without realizing it was so, and many Masters, Angels and Archangels such as dear Raphael will be able to give guidance and offer assistance directly to you dear souls as we all make our way to the surface of your world on collective and supremely-pure realms of Light. Some of us will be reaching you in our star and Motherships, and some of us will be reaching you upon our favored rays of Light.

Could you feel the shift in energy emanating from this communication as Representatives from two different collective groups were ‘given the mic’ to explain their perspectives? (1)

Throughout the next segments of this communication, we are going to shift energies routinely between different ascended souls and collectives in an effort to display to you that we are all here for you and the energies of each and every one of us can be accessed specifically even while one is speaking to the [entire Ascended Collective] and having the energies of the collective run through them.

You are speaking now with Representatives for the Ascended Masters. We are a group of souls who have reached a certain point in our evolution and have Created a certain collective soul-structure as a result. The ‘Ascended Masters’ label is a reference to our ability to help others Master holding the energies that are coming through them and we especially assist many souls who are finding themselves along the border of graduating to a higher state of consciousness.

We help you and your dear Earth to reach the thresholds of the fifth dimension and at the same time, we are helping numerous other souls and collectives who take different forms to reach their own realms of the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, and ninth [and beyond] dimensions of consciousness.

Each dimension entails various subplanes and sub-octaves of consciousness and experience for one to progress and while your evolution is not a linear move upward, you experience a fading-through and feeling of various octaves and subplanes of consciousness as you begin to graduate and excel in your growth.

Indeed, dear souls, your Creation is quite infinite and even upon you dear souls ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension, you will find that your experiences are far from over and you will find that you still have much work and Life path-growth to do before reaching the realms of our Mother and Father Creator. Even so, the realms of the fifth dimension are quite infinite in nature and are a very strong and pure initiation-point into the pure reams of Source.

Greetings, dear souls. I am SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, here to Represent my Council and our High Council for the delivering of a segment of this communication. Feel the specific energies that we are giving you dear souls at present and feel yourselves within our Meeting Hall from which we are giving this communication.

Feel yourselves with us, as we wish to greet you in the realms which you term your imagination and we wish to express our pure desire to meet and communicate with each and every one of you. We have so very much to share with you as do the rest of the beautiful collective of ascended souls who we and you are convening with at this moment and who we are convening with on a routine basis.

Can you believe, feel and fathom just how coordinated even the giving of a communication to you souls on Earth is, dear ones?

We work very hard on reaching you dear souls and while each one of us will always act in accordance with your freewill, we are doing whatever we can at this moment and have been for quite some time to see our energies, impressions and communications reaching you dear souls in a timely and pure manner as we have much rudimentary discussion to give you at this time, to prepare you for the events which are to manifest in the immediate period ahead.

Disclosure will be the beginning of all that you are to experience and as has been expressed during this communication, you are to find that your world will truly be in your hands. We ask you to honestly and truly feel this in yourselves. How are you dear souls going to handle being in full control of yourselves as a collective?

We ask you to truly envision and understand the very strong role you will be playing in the time ahead for while you will all be very, very busy starting with the giving of that initial disclosure announcement; even those who perceive themselves to have little or no voice or input on that which happens on your world at present will be utilized specifically for the unique puzzle pieces of consciousness, energy and understanding that each one of you bring to the table.

As you are all unique pieces of this Divine puzzle of consciousness in which we have [hoped to] help you help you understand better with the issuing of this specific communication displaying the very real contact with very real and individual ascended beings and collectives; as you are all pieces of this puzzle your input will be needed and highly appreciated, as running your world just isn’t right unless every soul has a say-so, as has been displayed with your society.

One simply cannot give all of the control to a few souls, because that is simply too much responsibility and especially with a collective who has fed much density throughout a plethora of Lives within the lower Earth experience, the collective energies in general always ‘get to’ many in positions of power as they find themselves corrupted vastly.

Handing this temple back now to the entire collective of ascended souls as we are all once again giving our collective energies rather than stepping aside in a way so that specific collectives and individuals could speak, we wish you all to know that your veils and limitations of your reality and what is possible within your reality quite need to be [seen through].

We do not say this to put anyone in fear of a rapid shattering of your perceptions but because of the nature in which events have played out physically on your world up to this point, the revelations and insights into your planet’s past, present and future are going to vastly break-down while exposing the shells of limitation that have been put up by much of your collective for quite a long time.

Many have closed themselves off because of negative and difficult experiences garnered in the past and we say that as the healing energies gracing your world are to be revolutionary and evolutionary, all pains will ultimately be healed and those who do not yet feel connected with healing their pains will naturally find themselves in a place that matches their own state of consciousness, as Creation works in such Divinely-perfect ways.

You are all Loved infinitely and beyond measure, and we wish you to know that while this specific line of energetic interaction and communication may be closed-off by our tiring scribe, we are all still here with you and with our dear scribe and we will be open to communicating telepathically and through the impressions that we will give you, with every dear soul who makes your effort to find yourselves in the vicinity of our energies.

Do not doubt yourselves and your abilities, dear souls – you are the Divine energies that construct your soul-structure, and you are truly infinite and limitless in what you can perform.

We are the Ascended Collective, and we say with Love in our One Grand Heart that we are the collective guides of all of you.

Thank you wholeheartedly to the Ascended Collective and to the various facets of the Ascended Collective who spoke specifically on this night; including Raphael, SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Councils, and the Ascended Master Collective. You all have my sincere Love and grand appreciation!!


(1)-In reference to this particular paragraph displaying the two different perspectives of two different groups:
(…) “Many Masters, Angels and Archangels such as dear Raphael will be able to give guidance and offer assistance directly to you dear souls as we all make our way to the surface of your world on collective and supremely-pure realms of Light. Some of us will be reaching you in our star and Motherships, and some of us will be reaching you upon our favored rays of Light.”

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