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A Great Secret to Life. October 6, 2012

Heavenletter #4334 A Great Secret to Life , October 6, 2012

God said:

When everyone takes responsibility, blame will not exist. What is all this blaming others for responsibility that belongs to you? Taking responsibility is a freeing thing. It is not a burden. Take responsibility, and there is no burden. You fulfill it, and burden is no more. Taking responsibility is like washing dishes every meal. Otherwise, the dishes pile up. Responsibility becomes burden when responsibility is foisted off onto someone else.

When you come from the point of view that you are responsible, you take care of what is on your mind, and, then, it is no longer on your mind. When you take responsibility, no longer will you accuse. You will not accuse yourself either. You will simply take care of what needs to be taken care of, and you will be free.

When you blame others, life becomes coagulated, and difficulties compound themselves.

Taking responsibility is like proofing what you write. When you make a typo, you don’t blame anyone for it. You don’t blame yourself. You take a pencil and erase the error and replace it with the correct spelling. An error was made and corrected. There is no guilt trip. There is nothing to feel guilty about. An error was made, and an error was corrected.

If you do nothing, no error is made. And, yet, when you do nothing, there is accumulation, and then there is too much for you to do, and you may assign blame to yourself or to others or both. Blame is trespass. Taking responsibility helps you to keep up. In fulfilling your responsibility, you keep up. There is no baggage.

What is wonderful about taking responsibility is that you change the world. Just think of a world without blame.

When there is litter scattered around, you pick it up. You did not leave the litter there, yet you take responsibility for cleaning it up. This is taking responsibility. Blame is a waste of time and energy and resources. To not take responsibility is a burden.

Beloveds, it is necessary to sort out the difference between blame and responsibility. Affixing blame leaves you stewing where you are. Taking responsibility moves you forward in life.

Not taking responsibility is accumulative. Not taking responsibility blocks your energy. You don’t get rid of responsibility by foisting blame on another, or on the world, or on fate, or anything at all. Contrary to what you may think, taking responsibility is a great key in the world. When you take responsibility, you do not blame anyone. Taking responsibility is not blaming yourself. It is not blaming anyone. It is taking responsibility. Taking responsibility moves life right along.

This is a marvelous thing to take responsibility. It is a great discovery. It is a great secret to life. No one gets away with anything.

Blame comes from fear. Responsibility forges ahead. Blame refuses responsibility.

If a child in school doesn’t learn, the teacher is responsible. The child is responsible. Each child in the class is responsible. Responsibility is perhaps another word for sharing. Certainly, responsibility is something shared. To say that the child who doesn’t learn is lazy is a way of foisting blame. The child may be lazy, yet there is more to his learning or not learning than laziness. Consider that everyone is responsible for the child’s laziness as well as for the child’s learning. Life is lighter when everyone takes responsibility.

When someone carries a heavy package, and you help, the weight is cut in half. When someone carries a heavy package, and you pass by the opportunity to help, you also carry the weight. Better to go the distance. Help others on your way.

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